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My Greatest Running Challenge Right Now

Just what is my greatest running challenge at the moment? It might be a challenge just to answer that question!

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I was thinking about bringing back a few of my marathon prep posts back up today, but then I saw that the Tuesdays On the Run topic for today is “The Most Challenging Aspect of Running Right Now is___.” And I had to be involved. 

What is my greatest running challenge at the moment? What is my next running challenge? What is causing me FOMO?

My Greatest Running Challenge Right Now

There are a few ways to look at it, so I am going to parse it a little bit. Also because that will allow me to talk more, and you know I love to talk about myself. #bloggertruth Ok, for everyone out there, I am not a totally egocentric megalomaniac. Just slightly.

Let’s look at this question a few ways:

  • What am I struggling with currently with running?
  • What is my greatest running challenge at the moment?
    • Mentally?
    • Physically?
  • What is my next running challenge?

What Aspect of Running am I Currently Struggling with?

I am loving running at them moment, honestly, but that doesn’t mean it is all hunky dory. One of my current struggles is figuring out how to deal with early morning runs. Um, for one thing, the bathrooms are closing on the Lakefront Trail, and you know what that means for this Crohn’s girl who just had a flare. Secondly, I don’t really like striking out into the darkness unless I am going to coaching. It is a weird thing. Third, I like cool running, but I’m not ready for it. I don’t want to give up my summer clothes yet! I want to be in shorts and a singlet forever!

Picture perfect morning for a run along the Lakefront Path! Love summer running in Chicago! Movement is such a gift.

What is my Greatest Mental Challenge with Running at the Moment?

FOMO. Yup. I’ve written about dealing with it in the past, and I am not exempt from it right now. We are about to enter one of my favorite seasons: Marathon Month aka October. I love this month, and for the past 3 years, I have had a race during that time that helped me feel a part of the marathon mania. Before that, I wasn’t even paying attention to marathons, so it didn’t really affect me!

But this year is the first October in 3 years that will see me not run a marathon. I have clients running, of course, and as awesome and amazing and gratifying as that is to experience… you know that I wish I was running one. 


I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I wasn’t a bit grateful that I’m not going to be here in Chicago the day of the Chicago Marathon. And that isn’t just because it is THE Chicago Marathon. Honestly, it could be just about any marathon–if I saw someone running it, I would want in. The fact that it is the Chicago Marathon and all the pomp and circumstance of it just makes it more in my face. I am glad that I will be getting back the night of the marathon so that I can celebrate with everyone but not have the temptation to do anything stupid, lol.

What is my Greatest Physical Challenge with Running at the Moment?

Continuing to work on my cross training. My back feels much better than it did about a month ago, when I think I had a little flare up in the ligament and from last week when it was a little bit like HEY CHILL OUT. I can still feel the area in my SI Joint when I do certain movements. I can feel the tightness in my hamstrings when I do certain lifts. I want so badly to do my unilateral exercises for runners, but sometimes, I don’t know if it is the best idea. I think I am going to go to my first yoga class in goodness knows how long on Thursday. It will be in a heated room, which I think will help. We’ll see how it goes. 

namaste right here

After I feel more comfortable with yoga, I am going to try to get back to strengthening my legs. I was doing better with that until my back flared a bit, so now I need to find out how best to get back to that.

What is my Next Running Challenge?

That is, honestly, a very good question. I think for now, the greatest challenge for me is to be ok with not pushing the limit, but to find ways to improve my running nevertheless. I would love to get a bit faster–I don’t need to get totally back to my old paces, but I would love to be more consistently at my old comfort zone of a comfortable 8:30/mi.


That would allow me as well to get a few more miles in per week (because I typically run by time as well as distance, I can get more miles if I run a little faster!). That will mean doing some speed work as well, which will test my pelvis a bit. I think my issues from earlier/mid summer had a little to do with my hill work and some speed work that my pelvis just wasn’t ready for.

I don’t have any races on the docket other than the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving. Though I would love to have some, I know that I need to not sign up for any as we figure out the next steps in our fertility journey. For now?

I’m just happy to run. If I work on challenges or if I just have fun with it. 

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Just happy to run.

Answer the question yourself!

Not a runner? What is your greatest fitness challenge right now?

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