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Great News, Great Friends, Great Moments (6 Months + Weekend Catch Up 7/30)

This weekend was simply great: I got great news, I got to spend time with one of my best (adult) friends, and there were some great moments. I’ll get you all caught up in the Weekend Catch Up!

I would DEFINITELY suggest checking out my last post, the Friday Catch Up, for background on Emmie’s week and what is setting her up for this weekend and background on the news that I was waiting on (my hip situation).

Weekend Catch Up 7/30

1) Ok, so let’s start with the news that we were all waiting on, my MRI results. I was on the bus coming home from Remicade when I got the call from the doctor with my results…


and they were clear! Nothing is wrong with my bones! In fact, the femoral head and pelvis look great! There is some athropic changes in my pubic bone, but having just had a baby, that was no surprise. There is also some wear and tear in the labral area, but no tears or really anything worrying. So basically, I have some soft tissue damage that is impacting how my femur interacts with my pelvis. 

GREAT news from a bone standpoint. I’m not broken! 

The short and short of it: I am still going to be on crutches and light weightbearing for the next 2 weeks. How I am going to be dealing with that is crutches when I leave the apartment alone or don’t have Emmie with me, still taking Uber’s to places, and keeping my actual steps to a minimum. Not having a bone injury means that I don’t have to be scared about putting weight on the leg, which is a big help. But I still have a soft tissue injury, and I need to let that heal. 

So, I should be elated, right? 

This is elation.

Well, of COURSE I’m happy to not be broken. Not being scared for my bone health every time that I step is magical! 

But I’m having conflicted feelings because my doc doesn’t really see this changing anything for my running prognosis. I’m going to come back to that in another post dedicated to those feelings. Because right now I’m negotiating in my mind, and that is a dangerous place to be. And surprising, considering how I had felt going into the appointment!

I want to say thank you to everyone who reacted, commented, reached out, or in any way thought positie thoughts for me. It meant so much to me. And you got to have some fun with filters with me!

2) What has Emmie been up to this weekend? 

Well, let’s just say that formula isn’t going so well. As in, complete rejection of it. She’s taken breastmilk from a bottle before, so we know that she will take a bottle. But when Sarah (our sitter) tried to give Emmie some formula on Friday, she was NOT having it and got downright angry! 

I tried later that day with a little bit of formula mixed with breastmilk (about half and half) in her bottle while she was in her high chair, and I got a similar reaction. It wasn’t worth the battle, so we moved on.

I wondered if maybe she might want to just skip the bottle, so I ordered some sippy cups and picked one up when we were grocery shopping. Formula did NOT go well in that, either.  But I did have some success Sunday with water in the sippy cup! 

I’ve had it suggested that she might try a straw (and skip the sippy cup stage), but she is having a bit of a contentious relationship with straw things because her vitamins are in an eye dropper and taste DISGUSTING. I’m trying to give her gross formula and and gross vitamins. I’m the worst. 

She got her payback by drawing blood with her incoming tooth while nursing. That was fun. And also another reason that we need to get her to drink formula.


This is going to be a bit of a long road, lol.

Something that changed for Emmie this weekend was her sleep habits! Her positions (she slept on she side and her stomach for the first time) as well as going to sleep (she had some difficulty with it (one of the longest going down for a nap experiences yet), but also successfully got herself to sleep several times.

3) This was also a bit of a farewell visit with my old friend Courtney, who is moving to the UK for Oxford business school in a little under two months! I’m so proud of and happy for her–she has worked a long time for this! But I will miss her so much. With Alex not being a guaranteed presence this weekend because of call, it was mostly  a girls’ weekend for us, and we had a great time!

Even though I totally put her to work and made her earn her time with Emmie, lol. Court had to man both the stroller and Ridley during walks, I made her carry groceries (while pushing the stroller), she had to be super flexible with Emmie’s schedule, and we even had to do some take out Friday and a fast casual place Saturday rather than going out, etc. But she is a champ, and I hope she had a good time (she seemed to). Luckily, as usual, I have amazing people in my life!

We got caught up on #allthethings, played with Emmie and got some lovely outside time in the gorgeous weather (sunny and 77*!), and though not fancy, some delicious food! We went to Yolk for brunch and a new to me place, Chopo Chicken, for our fast casual dinner. Chopo is Peruvian, and it was delicious! 

Not much to look at here, but massive and delicious!

I got the ceviche bowl, which was fish (marinated (in front of me!) with fresh lime juice, aji amarillo (spice), onion, cilantro, and salt) with spiced sweet potato and roasted and soft cooked Inca corn. It was huge and delicious and I will definitely be going back and getting it!

I also got some yucca fries (OMG SO GOOD) because they were cooked in canola oil. Alex had stayed home because although he was able to come home, he had gotten a ton of pages and was going to be going back around 9. We brought him home the remainder of Courtney’s Creamy Chicken and quinoa bowl and I also got him a 1/2 chicken with 2 sides (black beans and sweet plantains).

The food was delicious and a great price, and fantastic size portions. YUM!

Courtney headed out midmorning Sunday and left me to deal with the children 😀

4) This was Alex’s last bad call weekend until December! He has a few interventional GI weekends, but those are a bit lighter, so it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel for him after 6 months (exactly) of craziness. We knew that the 6 month period following Emmie’s birth would be hellish at work for him, and it really has been. Alex is totally burned out–not from doing regular work, but definitely from having to stay extra and wdoing such long hours–and it has been hard for him not seeing Emmie, particularly as she is making such amazing leaps. 

One of the best Daddy-Daughter activities that they are currently enjoying is bath time. Emmie has fallen in love with her baths over the past few weeks! She loves splish splashing and kick kick kicking, and while she didn’t like getting her head and crazy hair shampooed and rinsed, now she thinks it is a game! She does her big open mouth smile and laughs with enthusiasm. I hang out in the bathroom with them, but I take a back seat and watch. This is their special time, as I know it is for many dads and kiddos! 

I wish he could do more feedings with her, but until she is taking a bottle/taking her formula, he is really only going to get to feed her solids on the weekends. Can’t spoil her dinner! 

5) This week is going to be playdates for both Emmie and me! Today (Monday) we are going to take Ridley to the park via Uber. She has been so good and putting up with me not being able to take her for walks, and she needs some play time (she got walks but no play time this weekend). Tuesday morning, Emmie and I are going to uber up to Wrigley for Wiggleworms music (free) and then a Fit4Mom playdate at the movie that they show right after, so we are going to stay and play with friends before meeting Erica for lunch! Wednesday we will have another playdate with a friend from Fit4Mom and her daughter! Thursday, I don’t think we have anything planned, and my Mom arrives Friday to hang out for the weekend and watch Emmie while we go to a wedding. 

I’m still going to have to keep my walking to a minimum this week, but I should be able to start introducing more weightbearing and some movement to the mix. I also need to get back to my pushups/plank/dips–I took a break this past week!

Have you ever gotten good news and had conflicted feelings about it?

Tips for transitioning Emmie to formula and encouraging her to use sippy cups etc?

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