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The Great Diet Shake Up (Weekend Catch Up 3/5)

It is time for the Weekend Catch Up! Today’s Feature? The Great Diet Shake Up. And a few other things to discuss!

Since I know that most people are going to be looking for the GDSU, I am going to go through a few other things first.

Weekend Catch Up 3/5

1) Alex FINALLY had a weekend off, so we tried to make the most of it by taking Ridley (who was on something akin to speed, crack, or goofy juice) to Wiggly to let her raise hell. I wore the peanut (who was dressed in her penguin suit), and then later we met for groceries. Emmie did great and slept the whole way through! 

She got hers back the next day, though, and unfortunately, Alex had to deal with that, by and large. 

That afternoon, I went to FlyBarre (part of the Flywheel studio), and while I thought the class was pretty good and the instructor was fantastic, I just felt like I wasn’t ready for it. Weights make you work a certain way that you can’t really deny or resist. A barre class makes you work hard in a different way–it is a very mindful and focused tension that then increases your strength and makes those muscles shake. And I just felt like I couldn’t get low enough, focus on keeping my core engaged, etc. It is something that I would like to revisit later to see my progress, but for now,  I think I need to wait.

I returned to a kiddo having a meltdown and a husband needing a break, especially because UVA was playing.

Tarascas and a shared giant marg were needed, but honestly, more just for fun then because Emmie overwhelmed us. I’m getting to the point where I just roll with it.

2) Sunday started off fine,–I got enough sleep, Emmie seemed to be cruising–but she lost her marbles when I left to walk Ridley. I got things under control (the boob works) and  left for my yoga class. Another gorgeous morning to be outside! The yoga class was the same as the weekend before, but the teacher was different, nd boy, what a difference that made. If you take Pre/Post Natal Yoga at Yogaview, try to take from AMY. She is amazing, and worth the wait.

I got Whole Foods salad bar on the way home a) because it is delicious and makes it easy to accomodate my new diet (to be discussed) and b) the Nugs (nugget) was melting own and had been doing so for about 45 minutes… sometimes, you need mom (or the boob). Seeing a theme here? 

No mas cupcakes

3) Except, well, the boob is also part of the problem. I mentioned on Friday that I thought that Emmie was having some acid reflux problems (well, that the doctor had said so and I agreed, but that we would likely be needing to do something about it in the near future. Thursday night, Emmie had a really rough go of it. She had a fine feeding the first time, but her second feeding was just full of back arching (indicating pain) and popping off my chest during feeding and screaming, as well as latching an unlatching. She had gone from 2-3 dirty diapers a day earlier in the week to 6-7 a day by the end, and all of those signals, plus the change in her cry and the fact that it wasn’t relegated to just one time of day (like the witching hour) told me we were dealing with something greater.

Because her doctors had said to call if there was an escalation in her symptoms, or that the mechanical treatment of her acid reflux wasn’t helping, I called, and we were able to get an appointment for her later that day.

She fills out her suit now!

I took in a dirty diaper so that they could test for microscopic blood (which would indicate digestive inflammation), and it tested positive. Luckily, she was still gaining weight, so she isn’t in danger there. But all other signs point to a Milk Protein Intolerance.

The fix? 

4) A Dairy Free Diet for Mom. That’s right, folks, I’m giving up all dairy in my diet while breastfeeding her. That means no Greek Yogurt, English muffins, toast, butter, beer cheese, string cheese, pizza, nachos, chocolate, cookies…. basically, my diet. And no more eating Alex’s food, by and large (the most tragic of all).

Don’t worry, I’m already buying #allthedairyfreechocolate.

I knew something was up, and I am glad that I was able to watch her and also that I followed my intuition. Also Tthe he fact that I, my brother, and my mom all had the same intolerance as infants… !

But I can have sushi!

Alex feels really sorry for me, but honestly, if it helps her be more comfortable, I couldn’t give flip. Helping her will be the greatest benefit, but really? Everyone benefits from this: the dog (who will be able to go outside more and play more and not be driven crazy). Alex (who will be able to sleep better and might not think that the child hates him), me (sleep as well as being more productive). Plus, it should make her acid reflux better as well.

Giving up dairy doesn’t seem to be a big deal in that light.

If this is what we are dealing with, we should start seeing improvement today (today being 3 ish days later), and the blood should be gone from her system in two weeks, with a healed gut in 2ish months. And she should have grown out of it by 9-12 months!

And hey, I still get to have all the chips, fries, salads, and dark chocolate (well, if I know it is dairy free) that I want 😀

If it doesn’t help, we will also remove soy from my diet, and just keep eliminating things or run further tests. 

5) Just for funsies, this is Ridley’s new fave way to sleep on the couch.

She thinks/knows she is a humans. Yes, the s is necessary.

Today, I have Remicade and Emmie has an ultrasound to see if she has tethered spine. She has an asymmetrical gluteal fold (basically, her bum crack doesn’t look like a capital Y but rather a lowercase y, and that can indicate that something is up at the base of her spine. It is rare, but we want to make sure!

Alex is working nonstop until next Friday. He had call last night and then will be on call this weekend. And likely another call thrown in there. So I won’t be taking a class this weekend, but that is ok–I am trying to do Sun A and Sun B flows every morning and walk throughout the day, So I know I will stay active!

Would you be all that cut up about giving up a part of your diet?

Help me not be so focused on me!! Tell me what’s up with you!!

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