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Goodbye Hubs + Hi Friends! (5 Months + Friday Catch Up 6/22)

We may have lost Alex to the innards of the hospital, but we had plenty of excitement this week! Find out in the Friday Catch Up.

Read up on how we capped off Alex’s vacation and first Father’s Day in the Weekend Catch Up.

Friday Catch Up 6/22

1) First of all, a Ridley update! My poor pup had a rough start to the week when she lost/broke/ripped off her toenail, and when we last spoke, she was in a world of hurt and hobbling around on 3 legs. The good news is that she has improved really quickly–she was still very owie to the touch on Monday and limping, but by Tuesday, she was much improved, and each day we have gone further and further on her walks (we started with just out and back in, then around the block, then a larger block loop, then around our pond). We kept a sock on her until Wednesday, when she showed me that a) she was going to gnaw through any sock I put on her (on gnawed through her winter boot) but b) she would mostly leave it alone and c) there was a good scab that was already there. 

She still walks with a limp, but the healing process is going much faster than I expected! She even wanted to play with one of her dog friends that she saw out on a walk, and she is starting to play with her toys again (which she wouldn’t touch because she has to hold them in her paws).

She’s starting to get some of her sass back, too, Which means the rain of yesterday and today needs to stop so I can take her outside!

2) I can’t believe that as of tomorrow, Emmie will be 5 months old. And what a week it has been for her!

She DEFINITELY made a huge Leap last weekend–she is a new girl this week! I don’t want to jinx myself, but she is calmer about eating (or I’ve just figured out how best to deal with it). We have major eating days and lighter eating days–apparently she is reading about diet trends, lol. But she is overall eating well, so I’m not worried. Not a battle worth fighting at the moment!

On the solid foods front, I’m going to start some Baby Led Weaning practices with her this weekend. I’ve ordered her a booster seat and chair, upper body bib, and a drop cloth (Edited to add clarification: YES we are going to wait until she can sit on her own before using all of these things! But this just makes it real. She has started grabbing for food when we are offering it to her, so I just want her to have the chance to play with it.).

She was not a huge fan of the watery pureed green beans, so maybe she just needs some help figuring the other foods out. Avocado? Always a winner!

If my resolve to stick to my strict dairy and soy free diet was waning at all, check this out, y’all-> this week, the kid who even 3 weeks ago was having 3-4x dirty diapers a day even SKIPPED a day this week! She is so, so much happier. Less gas overall, no diarrhea, rarely spits up… I am so happy that we were able to figure it out. And her slightly weird eating schedule means that I have started to pump for when we aren’t home and later, when we start weaning her off of me.

I’m going to miss these snuggles…

Speaking of, we have a babysitter! One of my friends from Stroller Strides introduced me to her SIL, and we met Wednesday and hit it off instantly. Emme warmed to her immediately, I thought she was awesome, and Ridley got over her usual new people weirdness and made fast friends. Even Zoe checked her out and thought she passed the test. This will be awesome because it means that I don’t have to scramble to find someone to watch Em when I have some extra infusions done in July (can’t take baby!). And if I have something else to go to, or if I ever see Alex for a date night again, we have an option!

I finally went through Emmie’s old clothes and new clothes and reorganized her drawer, and it made me super nostalgic to pack up her newborn stuff. She was so small in those bodysuits!

She has also developed her first true giggle. Not just a reactionary outburst, but a real giggle! 

3) Lots of people are around this week, which is great because Alex spent VERY minimal time at home. I only really spent one day alone–Monday, because of the heat. Otherwise, Em and I saw friends at Stroller Strides, Alex’s little brother Thursday morning (and we got caught in a deluge of rain), and an old friend of mine from my Virginia riding days on Thursday afternoon. And this weekend, my mom is coming! She’ll be here until Monday evening, and I’m PUMPED for her to have some one-on-one time with me and Emmie. It is supposed to be a good weekend in between rain fronts, so we are going to try to make the most of it! Alex will be on call, sadly, but we don’t like him anyway. GIRLS ONLY.

Sooooo shiny

4) Speaking of girls only, it has basically been girls only this whole week. Poor Alex went from no work to no play. He’d already worked a full workweek number of hours 3 days in, thanks to call, then he had another call night. But luckily I was able to keep Emmie awake Thursday long enough and he was able to get off early enough so that he could see her and help get her ready for bed. It was only ten minutes of time for them, but he got to hear her giggle, and I think it did him a lot of good. 

5) Alright, fitness updates! I took Monday as a rest day. The heat was too much to do anything outside with the baby Ridley didn’t have to go for her long walks because of her foot, so rest it was (and I had run the day before. I ran down to the hospital on Tuesday to deliver Alex lunch (because of call, he had stayed there) and then walked back with Emmie. My first run-mute to the hospital! I also used the Mother’s Room at Prentice (the women’s hosptial at Northwestern) and it was SO NICE! Wednesday was an active rest day even though I did Stroller Strides because of the migraine that I woke up with–I just couldn’t do full effort in the various exercises, and I walked and chatted with my friend during the class. Thursday was the torrential rain, but I got in a nice treadmill run while Emmie took a nap coma. Girl has been alternating between 3 hour sleeps and 15 minute naps, lol! Today, we shall see what happens–rain is in the forecast again, Mom is arriving this afternoon, and I ran yesterday. But Ridley REALLY needs to get out and be a doofus. Like, REALLY badly. 

OMG you guuuuuyyyysssss. hannnddssss — exhausted Emmie

I should also mention that I am trying to do 100 push ups (80 knee, 20 full) + 1 minute forearm plank a day. I rememer when those pushups were 10 + 3 sets of 30 full push ups on chest day, after doing bench and flies etc. Now it is hard to do, period. But it is good for me!

This weekend, I have a Pilates Reformer class scheduled and then Tone and Flow on Sunday! I’ll get a run in maybe tomorrow. We shall see. Alex will be working, so no family run, but I hope we can do one next weekend. 

Now, I’m off to get ready for MOMMY TIMEEEEEEEE

Have a great weekend, everyone!

What do you do when you are stuck inside ALL DAY LONG?

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