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He Did Good (Fourth Anniversary Weekend Snapshots)

If you ever wondered if I was high maintenance, I think that our anniversary proves that I am NOT. So when Alex took really good care of me during a day with ups and downs, it meant so much! Also, CAKE.

Friday (Our Anniversary!)

I was greeted by a card when I woke up, then headed to park and for a long long walk with Ridley. We found a giant stick aka a branch and stumbled over ourselves carrying it. 

Unfortunately, I discovered something that shook me a bit and started to derail me and light my anxiety pilot flame. I texted Alex that I was having a issue (aka a panic attack) but then my shift at the restaurant started to I had to try to put on my professional face while feeling like my insides were crumbling. 

But once again, Alex pulled through for me in a big way and surprised me at work with a small bag of bulk candy (you know that I love that) filled with sour gummies and all the chocolate + a box of Pocky from Dylan’s Candy Bar! 

I needed to see him so badly. It was the best possible thing that anyone could have done for me at that moment. The best possible thing. It meant so much to me that not only did he come to check on me, he also went and picked me up a “pick me up” and went straight to my weakness (aka sugar). Plus, the hug was awesome. My shift got better, but it ran over, so I had to attempt to hightail it home to pick up the car to get to the gym to train two clients before our anniversary dinner. 

Oh, and it started pouring down rain.

Alex was the best, though, and decided to go to the gym with me and prepped the car so that we could get on the road ASAP when I FINALLY got home! HE ROCKS.

After the training session, we headed back home, got cleaned up (he took a shower, and I took all of 5 minutes to get changed and have a quick snack (I was starving). Some people take 30 minutes to an hour… we were out the door 15 minutes after walking inside. 

Oh… did I mention that I was greeted by a bouquet of multicolored roses!! I love that he had them delivered (aka planned it ahead of time), AND chose the vase because even though (as he said) the vase doesn’t really go with the flowers, he was thinking about how much I would love the color and that we could use it for the future!

Le sign 😀

Then it was time for Oyster Bah!!!

We did the lame couple thing and sat side by side 😀

And then it was time to eat and drink! 

We started with a fun rum drink (that wasn’t my fave, but it would be really great once summer returns and decides to remain).

Then starters! We shared roasted broccoli with garlic oil and parmesan (the photo was totally blurry) and then maybe one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth (yup, said it).

Sweet corn Jalapeno Hush Puppies with a Cilantro Dipping Sauce

I JUST DIED. Sweet and herbaceous and chunky and smooth and crunchy/crispy and fluffy.

The seafood salad at Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park is awesome! Definitely must get!

I got the Signature Seafood Salad (another blurry picture, so here is the picture from last time). It is a massive salad with giant pieces of crab and lobster and shrimp and hearts of palm and kalamata olives. Maybe one of my favorite salads in the city, especially now that the Del Mar seafood salad is not longer at Hub 51.

Alex got the Oyster Bah Roll with Old Bay Fries. You know I helped with those! Perfectly crispy shoe string fries that paired perfectly with the malt vinegar aioli!

We brought the whole shebang home with their famous coconut cake. 

GOOD GOD PEOPLE. Cake number 3 in 7 days (chocolate wedding cake, chocolate decadent good bye cake, and coconut cake), and this one TOOK THE CAKE. If you like coconut at all and if you like cake at all, get yourself here. We were stuffed to the brim, and we used our fingers to take all the icing off the plate. Also, I took advantage of Alex finishing his beer to take most of it. It was amazing. 

It was a simple, perfect night. Just the two of us, talking about everything, nothing, and the things in between. Sharing our dishes, taking care of each other (hey, I gave him the last bite of cake), and thinking about why our marriage works so well. 

He really is the easiest part of my life.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday we made up for the first half of Friday being a little wonky by taking Ridley for an epic walk in GLORIOUS weather and then making a delicious brunch. I made us turkey bacon and loaded omelets (here’s a picture of Alex’s because his flipped better). But we ate a full thing of turkey bacon in one go…

Then it was time for relaxing and a nap before Alex left to meet friends. I went to Petco, called my mom, and then headed to work, where I had my best night yet, natch!

Sunday I let Alex sleep in after a very late night (we arrived home at the same time, and Ridley actually tackled me when she saw me, which was adorable), and my body didn’t let me sleep in. Another walk with Ridley before a 2 hour nap and grocery shopping. 

Alex had to work, so I had pizza and ice cream for dinner while reading and then watching the new season of Grace and Frankie.

Suz doesn't need fancy, just bulk candy + @oysterbah coconut cake for her anniversary! #love Click To Tweet

I don’t need fancy. I just need someone who gets me. Thank god I have someone who does! I truly, truly hope the same for all of you. 

What are your favorite bulk candy bin items?

What was the best part of your weekend?

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