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The Good, The Bad, The Sleepy, and the Rungry! #MIMM

HUGE Congratulations to Erica and Travis on the arrival of their baby boy! Huge Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend as well—I know there were a lot of you! I’m really excited because Caitlin got her BQ and just in time for us to go to Boston together!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

My Weekend: The Good, The Bad, The Sleepy, and the Hungry!

Friday, I finally got a date night in with Alex, and we went to Seasons 52 so that we could have a lovely dinner without feeling gross (especially because I had a big run to do the next day). No pictures because I wasn’t happy with the lighting, but let me just say that I totally recommend their filet and the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread! That filet was as good if not better than any filet I’ve had in a fancy steakhouse, and the sauce was insanity. As were our 2 desserts: s’mores and apple pie. I really wanted a picture of it for you, but let’s just say that OM NOM NOM.

I was, to be honest, pretty damn tired this weekend, and I fell asleep on the couch around 9 (I barely made it, haha) and slept like a rock that night (in the bed, luckily). And it was a good thing I got my rest—I needed it the next morning!

Running in the rain quote

After admitting my distaste for running in the rain, and then finally bucking up and proving to myself that I could indeed do it, apparently Mother Nature took that as a challenge! We had our last run (an 18 miler for all the training groups) before the big 20 miler next weekend (when all the groups in all the locations get together and run together in a sort of mock race without the pressure). We are officially 1 month out from the Chicago Marathon, and for many of our runners, this was the longest run they had ever done, as well!

Back to Mother Nature. Well, after the constant rain 2 weeks ago and the thunderstorms and hail of last week, this week we got cold downpour, then wind (there were some insane swells out in the lake! The water was crashing into the seawalls, and the path was flooded in many places), then total clear and sun, and then back to downpour.

After the storm, the sun came out for a little bit!

And we ran. Like drowned rats, we ran. So proud of everyone.

My legs and body felt great the whole time, but now I’m a little worried because the last 3 miles of the run my left foot started to ache, and since then it has continued to do so.  I’ve gotten more than enough mileage in to, if necessary, not be able to do the 20 miler (though that would realllllly suck because I want to be there for my crew!) and let it rest, but I’m hoping that resting my foot completely will do the trick.

Suz on the boot on the recumbent bike.

That means…. I’ve brought the boot back out. When I say total rest, I mean it!

Post long run healthy brunch with a giant egg white omelette and cabbage slaw

I made a huge omelet that some of you may have seen on IG (after also having an Oatmega bar—Blueberry Crisp!—right after the run) and then a Justin’s pretzel and maple almond butter snack pack as well with lunch. Then it was legs up the couch for a nap, and waking up to a perfectly clear sky! I wanted to go out and walk around, but I wanted to rest my foot as much as possible, so instead I watched a movie (Sunset Boulevard) on Netflix and did random things. I wasn’t totally useless though. I DID scrub the kitchen floors! I FREAKING HATE GROUT. A big ol’ snack was followed not too long after by an early dinner (let’s be honest, I was bored) and it was glllllorious.

Trader Joe's Tarte Alsace pizza is amazing and a great long run day dinner for Suz!


Then I classed it up even more by going to the nearby Whole Foods and buying a $5 four-pack of Sutter Home Cabernet and drinking straight from the plastic bottle. My former wine-bar-server-self could have been snobby about it, but I’m also cheap and I know that this wine is pretty good, so I don’t care 😀

Sutter Home cabernet in a plastic bottle. Classy


And yes, I ate again.  3500 cals for the day.  LIKE A BOSS. And for the first time in many Saturdays, I slept, LIKE A BOSS.


Sunday I actually slept in… to 600. WOOOOOO. My foot still hurt a little, so I iced and booted, and then spent an hour on the phone with tech support because the site was down due to a cyber attack of bots or whatever. Stupid.

Red sky at morning sunrise in Chicago

Made me sad that I had to deal with that and also the foot, because it was so gorgeous outside, and I really wanted to go out there! My legs felt totally fine, but my foot was/is the limiting factor. It kind of sucks because we are starting the BosuStrong challenge this week, so I’m going to have to modify until I feel like my foot can carry its weight (literally).Working out in a boot, compression socks, a dansko, and appropriate running attire.

I spent the rest of the day working on some projects, baking a FANTASTIC savory biscuit recipe that I’m totally excited about, and then just kinda hanging out. I did go for a brief walk to do some work at a coffee shop, but got really annoyed because the internet was such a flibbety Gibbet.  But I did get to have dinner with Alex!

Today, I will keep my foot on the boot and tough it out. I’m supposed to go to a Soulcycle class with the Windy City Bloggers Tuesday morning, but I would really like NOT to show up to this one in a boot! Other foot or not!

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How was your weekend? Everyone feeling healthy as you enter peak training?

Who did something FRIGHTENINGLY productive this weekend?

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