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#Goals and #LifeGoals


We all have seen #goals next to some picture or description of something completely ridiculous. Hell, we’ve probably all said it at some point or another. For today’s Thinking Out Loud, I thought I would share some of my #goals with you all (both serious and in jest).

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So let’s start with the more serious #lifegoals:

1) To have a healthy, happy, and fulfilled family. And, to prevent the occupation of my other five points, let’s just say all that goes along with having a healthy, happy, and fulfilled family for a long, long time. That means happily growing old with Alex, being good parents to good kids, and not futzing our lives up.

We all know that I will be the end of him.

We all know that I will be the end of him.

2) To empower others mentally and physically, directly and indirectly. To have a greater positive impact on this world than I might know. And to be able to live my passion and make a living from my passion, even as those passions evolve.

3) To be a mom. And to be as amazing a mother to my children as my mom has been to me. 

TCMarathon mom

MOMMY and Me at Twin Cities 2014

4) Not be so serious all the time. I have a wicked sense of humor, but sometimes, I forget to be goofy. I used to be goofy. I feel like somewhere along the line, I was able to quiet parts of my perfectionism, but with it, I forgot how to be silly and “hyper.” I would like to get some of that back.

crazy face suz

5) To be better about keeping in touch with people. Sometimes, I feel like I rely too much on my blog to do the informing for me, when I know that many of my closest friends don’t read my blog. Writing a post is no substitute for picking up the phone and calling them. Though they know I would be by their side in a second, I also want them to know that I am interested in what they are doing now. 

Alright, alright, now let’s have some fun! #goals

1) Regularly clean, organize, and keep up with my house. I am not a dirty person, but I’ve gotten a bit too comfortable with the status of our current place, and I’ve kind of let it go… largely because I dislike our apartment and just want to get out. Or so I tell myself?

This is what we are dealing with currently.

This is what we are dealing with currently.

2) Explore Europe. I would love to go through Bavaria, the French Riviera, Tuscany, and the Grecian islands. Our honeymoon and my trip during school only whet my appetite, and I don’t think I will ever be satisfied! But first we need to win the lottery and then get Alex a heck of a lot of vacation time. 

Paris Rue Clare

Neither of those things are likely to happen!

3) Get a Corgi. This is happening this year, but it still is a #goal. 

4) Drive/be driven in an Aston Martin. Any make or model. Also a Tesla. That would be fun. But I’d prefer an Aston because that is what James Bond drives. 

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 2014. I would be a Bond girl for one

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 2014. I would be a Bond girl for one

5) Run the Boston Marathon. I know that I will do it one day, if it still matters to me. I don’t know if I will every really try to qualify again, but I would like to run the race, to experience the fight and the spectacle. To be able to wear that jacket (whatever color it may be) and get the stuffed unicorn and wear the unicorn medal. 

I'm not a gym rat, I'm a gym unicorn! How amazing is this shirt! @suzlyfe

I know, I know, not perhaps not the most outlandish, but I am a pretty practical person, by and large. And I guess I wanted to pick some things that might have a chance (cough except for the cleaning bit cough) of happening. 

Oh, and the wearing a sari life #goals? will be achieved this weekend!

Also achieved? Becoming a Powerpuff Girl.

I am now a Powerpuff Girl! Powerpuff Yourself from Carton Network is the best thing ever, and Coach Suz is now a Powerpuff Girl :D @suzlyfe

Have a great weekend, everyone! I am going to go gallivant (I made it a verb, go with it) about in NYC and tackle hug my old friends. And try not to embarrass myself in traditional Indian dress. You know how highly unlikely it is that I will be able to keep my comportment about myself….

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Tell me some of your #goals and #lifegoals!

Are you a fan of NYC or not? Have you ever lived there?

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