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Allergies, Shamrock Shuffle, and Exclusive Discount Codes!

Yet another jam packed weekend!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I definitely feel much more on top of my game and like I am getting my groove and life pace back by finding the balance between my comfort zone + me time and pushing myself a bit + getting out there more. Lots of random things to share with you (um, I kind of got addicted to a new Netflix show and watched the entirety of it on Saturday. And I’m ok with that), but I have a few special announcements to start of the week before giving you a preview of upcoming posts as a result of this weekend’s events! 3 important announcements first:

Happy Birthday, Alex!

susie and alex hammock

This kid is 28 today. Alex, I love you so much that sometimes? I don’t even realize it. I can’t and WON’T imagine my life with out you. You make me so proud to know and love you every day. Even when I want to slap you upside the head, or I make a duuuuuuuuh face (or say it), I remain amazed that you chose to share your life with me. I know just how lucky I am, and though I may try your patience, I hope you never question for a fraction of a second how much I love and admire you.

alex asleep

You may be an idiot (hello, Zoe had to get her nitwit ways from one of us), but you are MY idiot. Don’t ever forget it. Or I will hunt you down. 

Jessica’s Natural Foods Giveaway!

The next two announcements both concern Jessica’s Natural Foods! Which, coincidentally, is one of Alex’s and my favorite companies, so as a way to say happy birthday to ourselves (with my bday coming up!), I have a huge treat for my readers!

jessicas natural foods granola review (4)

First of all, check out this post to learn all about Jessica’s incredible gluten free, non GMO granola and the new organic, gluten free flavored syrups, and enter to win 2 of you will win a bag of granola and a bottle of syrup (each)! Butchay’all knew that, right? So what can I do to raise the stakes….

Jessica’s Natural Foods Discount Code for Suzlyfe Readers!

Has a very happy birthday present to me and Alex, Jessica has created the special discount code SUZLYFE for readers who just can’t freaking wait another second to try out her incredible products! Today (3/30) through April 15 (happy tax day peeps), you can get $5 off your order directly from their website. And that is for everyone!

cara alex bonfire dancing 2009

We are just going to continue to Alex it up.

That is basically a free bag of granola, people…. So whether you win it through the giveaway or use the discount code, everyone essentially gets Suz’s Favorite Granola FO FREE (but not with waffle fries, sorry. Youtube joke, jsyk. Ok I’ll stop now). 

I kind of want to use my own discount code. Is that cheating? Nah. 

Alllllrighty. Now for the weekend! 

Weekend Recap

Alex and I had a great date night at Sable on Thursday night–by the way, Meredith I found your Chicago Restaurant Equivalent of your Salad Soul Mate.

roasted root vegetable salad sable

I posted it on instagram, but all it was missing was some onion rings on top! Luckily, we had their cheese curds and sriracha ketchup to make up for that.

Friday was actually kinda busy for me at work. I won’t say that work itself was busy, but I was, lol. I rewarded myself (ok, and Alex) with Blaze, grocery shopping, and Blue Bloods. We party hard, yo. 

Saturday provided a perfectly CHILLY but crisp and fun run with my fabulous Saturday morning ladies, and then Erica and I got cleaned up and headed out for an Allergen Friendly Tasting Panel hosted by Now We’re Cookin’, this great little incubator company in Evanston! Erica already has a recap of the event up here, if you want to learn about things right now, but suffice it to say, this was a great event for the two of us. In short, we tasted, prepared, and provided feedback on the products–everything from taste and texture to packaging and price to preparation!

kitchfix paleo granola yogurt allergy friendly tasting panel

A HUGE thank you to Natalie and Now We’re Cookin’, as well as the companies that we tried out:

  • Bearded Bros Bars All- Raw, Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free, Non-GMO, Certified Organic and Compostable Package
  • Kitchfix Paleo Granola and Non-Dairy Cashew Yogurt Parfait (which I have reviewed previously but they are expanding their line! We also sampled this at Sweatworking on Tuesday.) 
  • D-Ology Gluten Free Baked Goods (available on Artizone (use code SUZLYFE HAS DISCOUNTS for 10% off your first order on the site!) and in some stores). We prepared and sampled their gluten free, vegan pizza crusts and pizzas.
  • Modern Table Meals Alternative Pastas (available in certain Whole Foods and Target, I believe.) 

More on Saturday later! Also, so many other new products to tell you about thanks to Erica (as always) and my first FitSnack Box!

Sunday was cold and breezy, so why not run a race! The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k passed without incident for me, except for the fact that my legs REFUSED to work the first mile because I was numb.

mermaid pants shamrock shuffle

Shoulda worn my mermaid pants.

I finished just under 40 minutes, but I think I’ve decided that my goal for this summer is to get sub 1:40 in the half and get a sub 22 5k. I’m a plug and chug runner lol. My legs don’t move fast!

shamrock shuffle track and trough

Also, you have no idea how badly I wanted to be in one of those blankets. And I’m now a part of Erica’s racing team, so I got buck up and stop tippy-toeing through tulips. 

running lake front suzlyfe

I take my work very seriously.

After the race, I headed home and GASP vacuumed. Except then I paid the price for my good deed by getting dust up my nose and having a complete sneezing and allergy attack for the freaking rest of the day. No good deed, right? By the way, still sneezing.

I did get to do a fabulous and so sweaty C2 class at Corepower. THANK YOU CLASS PASS (and Jeremy, who taught the class). We did a completely unconventional class working towards hurdlers pose (ie A LOT of arm strength and hip opening, both of which I need!).  I’m still very much redeveloping the upper arm strength necessary to further my practice, but because I did maintain my C1 practice throughout training (because I know the sequence by heart), I have maintained my overall flexibility. I think I will do a post about my non-marathon fitness and approach to exercise soon.

So much, I know, and honestly, more to say. But I won’t bore you any longer. Now, go and BUY YOURSELF SOME GRANOLA AND SYRUP with my discount. And then enter to win even more. I promise that you won’t be sorry! And I will gladly take what you don’t want! 

Have you checked out Jessica’s yet?

Are your and your significant other’s birthdays close? 

Have you ever been a part of a specialty panel? When was your last (non-threatening but super annoying) allergy attack?

Who else ran/raced this weekend!

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