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Glam Squad Weekend #WeWearPink

SO MANY CONGRATS to all the finishers of the Marine Corps Marathon. It was the first marathon that I ran (in 2013), and it (obviously) changed my life. Read my recap here, but so many congrats to you all! Use my discount code SUSIEXJHILL at Jhill Designs to get 15% off sitewide so that you get commemorate your experience!

I kind of want to roll around in all of the pumpkin recipes that you all posted along with myself and my cohosts for Pumpkin Week. If you missed my post on Friday, do yourself a favor and check it out–you will know what you are eating for the rest of the season!

Today, I am looking at my weekend, when Alex and I started his vacation by traveling to Virginia Beach for a wedding! Joining Katie for this Marvelous Monday, and make sure you stick with me to the end–there MIGHT be something in there for you!

Shockingly, I wore real clothes this weekend. Like, REAL real person clothes. And heels. TWICE.

Starbucks coffee explosion.

Obviously, coffee was needed for that. But my coffee apparently wanted to get that party started a bit early….

Alex and I traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia, this weekend for a wedding, and that meant that I couldn’t get by on just my usual clothing selections (which don’t always involve underwire, lol). We ate (omg sooooo much), we danced, we drank, we had a great time. Today’s post is going to go against my usual grain–pictures and few words!

Rehearsal Dinner University of Virginia Cookies and Centerpieces for Fall Wedding

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE COOKIES?? wahoowah! There were several other designs, including cheerleaders! Loved it. Also, the food at the rehearsal dinner was stellar. It was held at Rockafellers Virginia Beach, and I highly recommend them!

Susie and Alex wearing real clothes at Andrew's Rehearsal Dinner in Virginia Beach!

It isn’t always scrubs and sports bras 😀

The next morning, I went for a “long” run. My first double digits since the marathon. Things felt good, but my mental state wasn’t engaged and locked in. Still, it was a GORGEOUS morning, and I was finally clicking in by the end.

Susie out for a run in Virginia Beach in her "glam" sunglasses and Chicago Marathon shirt.

Also, I had to go a bit “glam squad” on my run–I didn’t pack my running sunglasses! I was a bit of running contradiction: everything else said business, and then I had these shade on. Ah well, they worked!

Later that day, we got dressed up again, this time for the wedding!

Susie and Alex before Andrew and Marie's Wedding, which was on the beach in Virginia Beach.

The wedding was right on a patio overlooking the beach, and because it isn’t high season, it was actually lovely. A little chilly, but not bad at all, and the bride was gorgeous, and our friend was positively beaming. Just the way you want them to be!

Susie and Alex dressed up for Andrew and Marie's wedding in Virginia Beach.

What we were wearing underneath! I was wearing major heels (same that I had worn the night before) and believe me, my legs and feet were a bit confused! 

Photobooth pictures from Andrew and Marie's wedding! The Burlap Booth was so much fun!

We had some photobooth fun. And a lot of fun with our table and dancing! Love when you get a table where you gel with everyone, even though you’ve never met before!

Sunrise in Virginia Beach. For more on our weekend away, visit!

I woke up the next morning to see the sun rise–my favorite time of day. Later that morning, before we flew back, we saw a pod of about 10-15 dolphins right off the shore!

Then we flew back (uneventful, but almost very eventful, lol), went to the gym for a brief period–does anyone else get super stiff legs when they travel? I feel dead when I travel, even though I wear my compression socks–then went to Whole Foods for beer, ramen bar, and salad bar. 

I didn't know that @suzlyfe owned real clothes... proved wrong! #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Today, we are off to Michigan for a few days! We just found out that it is supposed to rain for the majority of our time. Whelp, guess we’ll just have to visit more breweries 😀 ruh roh

Thirdlove #WeWearPink Instagram Challenge and Discounts for You

Last thing before I go! In my post on ways to support your girls and fight breast cancer, I mentioned that I had recently been introduced to a fantastic new underwear company called Thirdlove. Well, it is time for you all to not only get some Thirdlove’n of your own, but to do so in a way that will also actively support all of our girls! 

You all were talking about loving the incredible range of sizes–now is your chance to try it for yourself. Use code TLVIPSL10 to get $10 your orders of $50 or more! Make your purchase have an even greater impact by purchasing one of the incredible 24/7 bras (in pink) and 20% of proceeds will be donated to BCRF.

Ssupporting all my girls with discount code TLVIPSL10 for 10 off $50 orders from @thirdlove! #wewearpink Click To TweetBRCF Thirdlove Donation campaign.

Then, take it to the next level and join ThirdLove and the Sweat Pink community this October for the #WeWearPink Instagram Challenge in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month!

With the @thirdlove and @sweatpink #wewearpink contest, everyone wins! #thirdlove #sweatpink Click To Tweet

To enter, follow @Thirdlove on Instagram and regram this post. Then take a selfie in something pink, tag @thirdlove & include the hashtags #WeWearPink #sweatpink #thirdlovelies. The best #selfie wins! By joining this fun challenge, you’ll have a chance to win a box of #pink including pink goodies from @thirdlove@essiepolish, @burtsbeesus, @realtechniques & more! Contest ends 10/31/15 @ 11:59PM PT and is open to US and Canada only. 

So, technically, if my pictures from the wedding had been selfies, I could enter those! Dagnabit. 

Alex and I are off to Michigan! I hope you all have a fantastic start to your week!

Do you have a number of “go-to” wedding outfits? I feel like I always end up in the same things, lol.

What were you up to this weekend?

Anyone else zonk out on airplanes?

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