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Gifted and Talented

While I’m not a prodigy or anything, I am rather gifted and talented in a few areas, if you ask me. 

The theme for today’s Friday Five 2.o was gifts. But I already shared my Healthy Living Gift Guide for Fitness and Running Enthusiasts, and I am currently gifting you all with a Hello Fresh giveaway (US and Canada!). Then I thought, “Maybe I could talk about the Christmas gifts that I received in the past that I loved the most!” But I don’t have pictures, and I would feel bad if I didn’t remember (the pony, the marathons, and the trips to Cabo rank up there, though). Then I was thinking about gifts in a more serious sense–the gift of running, of starting a family, of family time, Ridley–and after yesterday’s post and it’s serious, contemplative nature, I decided you had probably had enough of such posts. 

So we are going to have some fun with this. Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

But first? Here are the posts from the week!

Gifted and Talented?

My name is Susie, and I have a few mad skills. Call me gifted and talented.

1) Color Coordination, or COMPLETE Lack Thereof

Love my new Mizuno Sayonara running shoes!

Not planned.

I have a bizarre ability to, without trying, show up in a completely color coordinated outfit. Literally, top to bottom. This started when I was in junior high/elementary school, and my jodphurs would coordinate with my saddle pads completely by chance.

Unicorn Running Team forever! The best way to recover!

On the other hand, if I’m not color coordinated, I look like a blind clown with a weird sense of humor dressed me. Aka Hot Mess Express.

2) I am the Most Awkwardly Observant Person Ever with the Memory of an Elephant… for Useless Information

That person who walked by with the weird thing? I will a) be the only person who noticed, and I will remember it for ages to come. But ask me your friend’s name–you know, the one that you have introduced me to a billion times?–and I’ve got nothing. And that is not for lack of trying to remember!

3) I Can Read on the Treadmill/Elliptical/You Name It

I need one for Kindle and Treadmill

I cute my teeth on US and People magazines, then real books, even Jane Eyre (yes, I read that big ole honking book on a treadmill). And then the Kindle came in and, when I finally succumbed, changed everything. I have read countless classics (free if they are out of copyright!) and now a bajillion other books on my Kindle/iPad in the gym. 

4) I Can Put on My Make Up Without A Mirror

When I do wear makeup, that is… I can correctly apply concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyebrow color, lash curler, mascara (even eyeshadow, though that can be a bit tricky) in about 5 minutes (or less) without consulting a mirror. Let’s just say that I’ve been doing it for a really, really long time. 

5) I Can Sleep Through Fire Alarms and Partying Boys… But I Can’t Sleep Past 5 AM

Suz loves naps

Asleep on the Eurostar.

When it is time for me to sleep, it is I have slept through dorm fire alarms (I hope that they would have woken me up if there had been a real problem?), drunken boys yelling all around me (seriously, I was asleep on the couch with them around me), I fell asleep during the middle innings of Game 7 of the World Series…. and once I’m asleep, there is no rousing me. Dead to the world. 

But try to get me to sleep in? HA.

Gifted and Talented, indeed! What are you known for? #sweatpink #nailedit #fridayfive Click To Tweet

This weekend, Alex and I are celebrating Christmas #1 with his family in Virginia! Last time we made this particular trip, I was on crutches. I hope that this time, I might finally get to run on the path by his brother’s house! It will be nice to leave the tundra that is Chicago for a little bit… and return to a high of 1F on Sunday (oh, and the low that night is -15. JOY). Ridley is going to be living the dream at daycare, and Zoe is going to be living the dream at home without Ridley!

What are your party tricks and “gifts”?

How do you get through treadmill miles? Do you read, watch, listen, or just run?

How do you split up the holidays with family?

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