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Getting Intimate: Podcasts and My Colonoscopy Results

This posts might be a little bit more hilarious than usual as I have just had a medical procedure, but you know that I had to give you my results and also the exciting news about my podcast! Thank you, Amanda, for the chance to Think Out Loud!


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My episode on the Diz Runs Podcast is L I V E. Or google Susie Lemmer Diz Runs and you will find moi. You can play it directly from there (it is just under an hour) or from your favorite podcast player. And PLEASE let me know what you think! I hope that you will check out Diz’s site and his other podcasts (though of course mine is the best, lol) because Denny aka Diz and I had so much fun with the episode that we are currently discussing future collaborations! Stay tuned for an upcoming guest post from him! He also has a great facebook group (Diz Runs Tribe) that I’ve already joined. 

My Colonoscopy Results

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Thank you so much to everyone for all the support leading up to this procedure. It was a huge moment for me, for a few reasons. Firstly,  I had undergone HORRENDOUS preps the past three times, and I was really quite anxious about this one. Secondly, even though this was my 8th (yes, 8th) colonoscopy (and yes, I am 27 when I am saying this!), this is perhaps one of the most important scopes for me:

  • I needed a clean (and clear/well prepped) scope in order to not have to do it again in the very near future
  • I have now been off of the Methotrexate for 4 months. This was my “all clear” that I can stay in remission on the monotherapy approach (rather than the dual therapy).
  • If I got a clean scope aka showing that I am still in remission…. I get the all clear to start working on starting a family with Alex (sorry, Zoe, I am talking about a human family).

Mizuno Wave Enigma Fibish Line is more about the Start

Annnnnnnndd…… drumroll…. I got a “perfect report card”!!!!! I have stayed in remission, with no active (or even signs of old) inflammation, and my digestive system looks, and I quote, NORMAL. And that isn’t just the lower end, but ALL THE WAY THROUGH (they did an endoscopy, which goes from your mouth, to get into the stomach as well). I AM IN REMISSION EVEN OFF OF THE METHOTREXATE. 

I know that I seem to be a bit overly excited about this, but you have to understand that this really is huge, HUGE news for me and my family. 

But please understand: while I am in remission, I am NOT cured. I will be on Remicade, potentially, for the rest of my life. I will need colonoscopies to monitor my disease for the rest of my life. I will need to be concerned for my health and maintaining my health for the rest of my life. This doesn’t mean that I can eat whatever I want without consequence, or that I won’t have Crohn’s Disease related issues from time to time. What remission, in this case, means is that my disease is managed to the point of being relatively asymptomatic. 

megara im awesome fabulous meme

But, this does mean that, at the moment, I can work towards that life goal of having my own family. Whether or not I end up being able to get pregnant is up in the air, but at the moment, Crohn’s won’t be the limiting factor in that pursuit. 

2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials Jared Ward |

How I feel

Also, shout out to Erin for picking me up from the hospital while Alex started CCU today. I owe you so many donuts, my friend.

I Go For My First “Let’s Get Going” Fertility Appointment Next Week

Alex may or may not get to go because of the 2 week CCU coverage he is doing for our friend. We have scheduled it so that there is the best possible chance that he can go, but it is up in the air. But I am going to go, and we are going to start this.

I Am Super Excited, But This Ish is Getting REAL

Say all goes perfectly: I might have a kid by this time next year. Cue the HOLY SHNIKIES.

crazy face suz

Also, I am saying this as Zoe is literally laying across my hands. I wonder what she would think of a yelling sister or brother. Homeskillet can’t handle a blender (she was NOT impressed with my weekend of Green Blender, even if I was!). Too bad for her, we are planning on getting at least a puppy this spring/summer. So even if she doesn’t have a human sibling, she is going to have a canine sib. This is going to be hilarious.

I Could “Run” Forever

Every time that I get to run at PT, even if I am running on essentially nothing and get the biggest wedgie and even windburn from the Alter G, I get off of the machine with the biggest smile on my face. Anddddd, don’t tell anyone, but I may have put it to 70% of my bodyweight when they weren’t looking last time. 

pateick stewart winning

I have so much to do to catch up on after a few days of not being at my best as I prepped for my test, so I will leave it at that. Thank you all so much for sticking with me through all of my hilarious adventures, thank you for the good juju and the sweet support you always show me. I wish I could buy you all (virgin or real) margaritas. With chips and fresh salsa and guac. In Mexico. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, but please take a moment and pretend that it is. Or at least make the marg part of it happen.

That's a bit better. Margarita without frills and a Modelo Negro make for double fisting, Mexico-syble |

Have a great Thursday!

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