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Get Over Yourself and Take the First Step


Ha, I just realized that this week, my posts are basically eschewing many of the criticisms unearthed via my survey. Monday was a long post about my life (not informational), Tuesday was about why I will continue to talk about food, and today I am going to start a post with an all-to-common running experience and then expand on that in order to connect it to life (apparently, sometimes this feels forced. It isn’t, I just am that ADHD, mkay?).

He doesn't help.

He doesn’t help.

I feel kinda bad, actually. My first reaction would be (if I were to read this admission), “well, why did you even ask me my opinion?” And, like I tell my husband: to give you the chance to agree with me 😀 I kid, I kid. I do take the advice to heart. But right now, I’m going to talk about something that is on my heart. And, honestly, if you don’t learn something larger about yourself through running and marathon training… well, I don’t know what that says about you!

No, I’m not going to start with a caterpillar run and end with a anecdote about perspective. Or how marathon training has brought me a new peace with my body. Or that the true test of the marathon is the training, and the race itself is just a victory lap, a perfect metaphor for learning to love the journey and not focus so much on the end result.

race is the victory lap marathon suz

Rather, today’s post is going to be very, very to the point and is going to take some cues from other posts that I have written.

Mizuno Wave Enigma Fibish Line is more about the Start

Take that First step

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I woke up from sleeping quite hard to a rainy morning. I wrestled with my computer a bit (it is seriously pissing my off right now) while I had my breakfast. I waited for the sun to come up or at least for it to get light enough to know what I was dealing with outside. I’ve discovered that I’m either a rise and go or a rise and wait for 2 hours, then go type of runner. That 1 – 2 hrs after waking up just is my nadir before I pop back up. But it is also the time that I have to get myself put together and convince myself to run.

Thus, I am making my decision to go run right when I want to run the least. 

Yesterday was no exception. I saw that the rain had stopped, I checked the weather–no rain again until much later. And good temps. I made excuses–should I just run later? But when would I? Should I run at the gym? Should I this? That? The other?

Really, we all know what I was doing–delaying the inevitable. I knew that I would feel better if I went for my run. I also knew that there was no way I was going to enjoy or get through a treadmill run, and there was no option for running later. It was now. Or it was not gonna happen. 

So I pulled on my Pegasus’s, expecting my run to not be that fast (also, my orthotics were in them from my run with Alex Sunday), and also not sure how wet the streets would be. MCM hat, on (what if it sprinkles?). Music on before I even left. And pump that ish and make it bouncy.

Deep breath, open door. 

Deep breath, little stretch, push elevator. A few more activations because I know I need to. Already thinking about how this was going to be a slog. 

Exit my building (btw, why is it a good idea to BLAST (like, hair moving) cold air??), check my watch for my starting time (ain’t gonna wait for my Garmin to try to find me among the skyscrapers), and begrudgingly go. 

And have a fantastic time, with zingier legs than I’ve had in a while. I had to make one bathroom stop (necessary), but I picked up right were I left off, and zoomed away. The music was right in tune with me, the air neither humid nor not, the air not warm or cool. Some sky, but really just that sky that you see as storm cloud move away. 

Rain clouds retreating over Chicago Harbor

The run didn’t fly by, but it was far better–each mile was the same as the one before, and each put a smile on my face.

I finished feeling like I could run forever.

Many of us have heard that anecdote that the hardest step for a runner is out the front door. For me, it is that shove off the couch, as well as the first step. And sometimes many other steps in between. The knowledge that it isn’t necessarily going to get easier can pull you away, make you less likely to start. 

You Can Beginning of Story Dealing With Anxiety Suzlyfe

Not too long ago, I found myself stagnant in certain areas of my life. What was holding me back? A combination of fears: that others wouldn’t follow through, that I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) follow through, that it just wouldn’t work out, it wouldn’t be the right time, or that something would go wrong.

But I started taking steps.

You can’t have movement without action. You can’t have an amazing run on a random Tuesday unless you get over yourself and just take that first damn step. 

I think that’s what it comes down to: It isn’t about strength of character, or a higher or greater perspective. It’s about getting over yourself, knowing that you can’t have greatness without putting it into motion, and, at the end of the day (or the beginning, as it happens), sometimes?

Get Over Yourself in Running and Life Suzlyfe

Rain is a good thing. 

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When was the last time you just had to get over yourself?

Have you noticed that you have a morning lull period? When is it?

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