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Get Busy (37 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 10/15)

What a whirlwind weekend! It FLEW by with so many events and activities that I can’t wait to tell you about in the Weekend Catch Up!

Did you catch the Friday Catch Up last week? Some great pictures and memories 😀

Friday Catch Up 10/15

I guess the biggest news is that I nearly stayed up until midnight… on purpose?? I’ll get to that in a minute, lol. We are going to take this in chronological order.

1). Friday started off gorgeous and chilly (feels like in the 30s!), but after asking what to do in my Friday post, I put my big girl pants on running tights (for the first time since I ran between rounds of IVF) and bundled Emmie up for a run outside!

Emmie all ready to go! Unfortunately, she lost that hat during the run even though I thought I had tricked her by having her in a hoodie as well. So I ordered her one that ties under her chin whahahahahahaha I WILL PREVAIL. We also have a new foot muff coming because ours is for infants…

Emmie and I had a great day with lots of trying to craw and finally a big ole nap during which we found out that Broadway and Me was canceled due to a scheduling snafu (on the venue’s end). Which was a bummer, but it gave Em a chance to sleep a bit more. She and I did our thing for the rest of the evening (Alex came home after she went to bed), and all collapsed when it was time.

2) While Alex finished up some work at a cafe, Emmie, Ridley and I retraced our steps from our run on Friday in the small chance that we could find her hat, but no dice. We also had no luck getting Emmie down for a nap, which had us a little worried when it was time to head for our first big item on the agenda for the weekend, Max’s birthday party!

We headed uptown to George’s Ice Cream in Andersonville and spent the next few hours playing with the kiddos, hanging with friends, and eating Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, which is some of the BEST.

We got Snap O Lantern, which is pumpkin ice cream with ginger snaps mixed in. YEAH. It was a great gettogether, and even after some fussy moments, Emmie had a great time playing with Ryan! Happy birthday Max

Emmie fell asleep on the way home…. just enough to not want to nap after I fed her when we got back. To be fair, I was trying to “poison” her by giving her both bottle and boob. 

That evening was another big event, Fit4Mom’s Mom’s Night Out! A big group of us ended up having a delicious dinner at Figo Wine Bar before having a blast at The Pump and Dump Show, a comedy show about the realities of being a mom and raising tiny terrors humans. It was a hoot and something that I highly recommend for moms in need of a laugh and a fun time!

Meanwhile, Alex was in charge of feeding Emmie and getting her down, and after her refusal to nap or take the bottle earliers, we weren’t sure how it would go. But they had success (after a few set backs), and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I know that I have said it before, but I will say it again: I. am. so. thankful. for. Fit4Mom. 

And, yes, I pumped with I got home, and, no, I did not dump. Emmie appreciated my glass of Nebbiolo.

3) Sunday was a beautiful day that started early and didn’t stop until I sat down to write this post. Alex and I ran with Emmie down to our old environs in Streeterville so that I could take a free(ish) yoga class.  It was a yoga+brunch event, but I skipped brunch there in favor of brunch #1 at whole foods and bunch #2 at home after I’d taken care of Emmie, who was overtired and over hungry.

My legs didn’t feel as footloose and fancy free as on Friday, but they still felt fine for the 3ish miles south into a not-so-bad headwind. (Alex ran the child home).

While Emmie slept, we finished the laundry and brought down my cold weather clothes, I showered and put on make up and then I went to the grocery store in full face but damp hair and sweatpants (chic sweats, but sweats nonetheless). I got home in time for Alex to take out Ridley while I watched Emmie (on the floor) and fixed his meal to cool in the slow cooker, then blew my hair dry. Then she started to fus so I wondered if she was hungry (she hadn’t eaten all that much yet) and then my milk dropped but she wasn’t interested… so I was walking around pumping and trying to finalize my outfit and her diaperbag. #momlife

Finally, everyone was put together and we were out the door for our professional pictures with Bella Baby (remember my experience workign with them for our newborn pics?) We met our photographer Carol near the zoo and spent the next hour getting what I have no doubt will be the BEST pictures of Emmie. She was a pro, the weather was great, and we were in full unicorn attire.

Goodness, I love that kid.

We headed to local place for dinner before coming home to finish up Alex’s food and put Emmie to bed!

And now I’m sitting her and the craziness and less sleep than usual is catching up with me. 

4) This week is going to be another busy one, but one filled with fun friends and visits. I also have Remicade (didn’t I just have that??). I need to start going through my clothes and cleaning out the things that I *really* am not going to wear. Like, come on, Suz. You REALLY aren’t going to wear that! I have already started another collection of consigment clothes, now with a bag of clothes for babies, winter clothes to take now, summer clothes to take in the spring, a bag of stuff for runners, and I’ve already started to donate coats etc. 

I have returns to take to the post office, too. 

And let’s just pretend that surfaces (that you can see) are clean. Because that likely ain’t happening this week, haha.

5) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Love you all, but I need to go to bed. 

Have a great week, my friends!

What is your favorite seasonal ice cream?

Chocolate Shoppe has a flavor called “Exhausted Parent,” which is bourbon spiked espresso ice cream with chocolate cookie. Which is your Exhausted Parent flavor?

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