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That Last Deep Breath: Georgia Christmas 2016

Happy Holidays and Happy in-between week! I can’t wait to share with you our trip to Georgia to see my family for Christmas number 2! It didn’t go 100% to plan, but what in life does? Still, a fabulous, delicious, trip.

Last week, I was a bit off. More than just a bit off, actually. To the point that, by the end of the week, I needed to retreat, honestly. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of my malaise, actually, but I just couldn’t… engage with social media, with the blog, with expectations. This post is actually the first time that I have sat down to write anything other than comments replies since last Wednesday. I just had nothing. So I decided to honor those feelings, and I went largely radio silent for a few days. I’ve got a few more updates for you, but today, I want to focus on the gift of this weekend and Alex’s and my trip to Georgia for Christmas with my family!


Thursday was a bit of a go-go-go because I woke up, took Ridley to boarding, headed to the gym to train 3.5 hours of clients and then left to go straight home to finish packing, take the car to the repair shop, and jet to the airport, where we arrived 50 minutes before our flight and somehow managed to get lunch and eat before we got on the plane.


Mom picked us up at the airport, and we drove out and met Dad at a fantastic Italian restaurant that they recently discovered. The food was DELICIOUS, the wine so good that we got another bottle, and even though my stomach started kicking in, it was a fabulous meal that I couldn’t stop eating. And yes, I ate this entire pot of mussels. Which probably wasn’t the best decision with questionable stomach, but YOLO.

The night’s excitement didn’t stop there, however… apparently I’m not allowed to ride in cars at night, because a huge doe decided to get involved with our car, and let’s just say, between my car and our van, I now know the sound of bumper dragging on the ground. We were safe (the doe didn’t make it), but Mom and Dad are now going to have their own insurance discussions. (No other cars were harmed this weekend, thought)

And we needed some pie to soothe our nerves when we got home. Pie #1 of the weekend, taken care of. 


I woke up feeling ok and ready to run, or, at least to slog. The weather was perfect, and it was time to get out there. Alex and I ran a few miles together (he is still bringing himself back from a weird calf injury that has been plaguing him for nearly 2 months), and then I branched off for a few of my own. The miles were slow, but steady, and I finished the run feeling like myself again (as I posted on Facebook). My excitement was a bit premature, but I felt solid for a few hours!

My bro joined us that afternoon, and not long after we went to see Rogue One and follow it up with dinner! I thought the movie was solid, I thought they did a beautiful job of the tie ins and continuity, but I wasn’t blown away. I just didn’t connect with this one in the same way. But that said, I didn’t connect with Empire Strikes Back originally, and now it is one of my favorites. Popcorn, peanut M&Ms, and fountain Coke Zero made the celebration real (though I paid for those later too!)

We went back to Silver Moon, a fun, no frills (seriously, they don’t have the restaurant name on the sign!) but packed to the gills restaurant that we went to a year and a half ago. Delicious food (as always) but I took half of mine home and had it the next day for lunch (due to my stomach acting up). Then it was time to go back home and lay in front of the fire with my legs up and a heating pad on my stomach. But at least I was lying in front of a fire with my family!

Saturday – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was our Christmas! I got in a run, a chat with my mom, a walk with Alex, some football watching, some Scotch tasting….

social time with old family friends and nibbles that turned into dinner number 1 (ps, that beef was amazing).

Then it was time for dinner number 2!

I made pork tenderloin with onions and apples (roasted in the pan with the pork). We ate plenty at the social gathering, so I just finished things off with croissants Mom had picked up from a local bakery and a salad. 

Then we exchanged presents by the fire! My brother bequeathed us with his old PS4 (which we are SO excited about–we are going to try to get rid of cable!), and Ridley got a new bed for her crate! I gave my mom a cook book and a healthy eating and living book, my dad tequila sipping glasses, and my brother a gift car to Uber Eats. Afterwards, we/they got to digging into pie. I “helped” Alex and mostly ate Reddi-whip. 

Sunday- Christmas Day

Christmas morning was totally different this year! I had planned to run, but I forgot the time for the sunrise, and without my headlamp, let’s just say I wasn’t getting far! So instead, we fixed breakfast and hung out for a bit before my brother drove us into Atlanta to the airport. 

I have to say, I was TOTALLY impressed with the outfits that I saw at the airport. People COMMITTED to the day! 

Something I wasn’t impressed with? 


Otherwise, the day went quite smoothly. We didn’t have time to go to the grocery store (we had to pick up Ridley!) but we got in quick workouts and had an easy early dinner of our favorite Trader Joe’s Alsace tart before exchanging gifts.

I also won a pretty awesome new toy from A Sweat Life 😀

I gave Alex rocks cocktail glasses, ProCompression socks (both for running and for work!) and us both Road ID shoe tags to keep us safe (not that I’ll be running much, but I figure it will last, lol). He splurged and got us tickets to Phantom of the Opera! I knew that we were going, but he kept quiet how he searched for good seats and his plans for us to go to a nice dinner beforehand. 

Then, I Suzicorned and snuggled with my puppy.

This Week

I feel like this last trip of the year, this last gathering with our family, this last round of celebrations of the holiday season, and our retreat from social media and the pressures of life… this was our last deep breath before the start of so many new ventures and adventures.

This week between Christmas and New Years is such a wonky one–do you ever really grow out of the childhood understanding that you have this week off? And yet… you work and you need things done! And some businesses understand that, while others don’t!

I am meeting with and having phone interviews with various people throughout the week on topics regarding running/coaching/blogging, then meeting with friends or having phone dates, I am going to try to get in for an emergency appointment , and Wednesday…. Baseline ultrasound and shots start!

Oh, and Alex goes back on service an attending physician. And we don’t have the car because it is in the shop. Which means it is just me to keep the pupster entertained this week. 

Because the historic “week off” should have you doing #allthethings, right?

But at least we have now gotten to see all of our family, share presents material and immaterial. No matter how weird 2016 has been, I am glad that it is drawing to an end with the most important people. 

Suz's 2016 is drawing to an end with her life's most important elements #holidays #family Click To Tweet

Also, I am writing this in unicorn onesie. #Suzicorn with a side of Baileys. With a Ridley in my lap. 

I’m not sure if I will be back everyday this week, but don’t count me out–plus, you know that I won’t miss Running Coaches Corner!

How were your holidays?

What are your thoughts on this “in-between” week?

Many thanks to Katie for Marvelous Monday!

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