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Georgia Birthday Weekend and Spring Suz! (Smile Brilliant Review)

Don’t forget! Last few days to use SUZLYFE on orders from Jessica’s Natural Foods!

Whewf, and I thought I was behind on comments before? Suffice it to say, I let myself go a bit this weekend. And it was gllloooorrriiooous. Old School, anyone?

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Other than spending 5+ hours at the airport. Not so glorious.

But when I got off the plane, I got to have a sensational dinner with my mom and brother (#nationalsiblingsday and all) AL FREAKING FRESCO in short sleeves. Making it even more special? This was the same restaurant (4th and Swift) that Alex and I had our rehearsal dinner. I’ll wait to fill y’all in, but it was WORTH THE WAIT. 

suzlyfe birthday 4th swift family

The rest of the weekend was really just about being…. period. Not about DOING. But about being.

georgia azaleaI just kind of shut myself off from the world and cocooned myself in a Georgia paradise of 80 degrees, sun, (except for some rain on Friday, but whatevs), birds chirping, and all of my blossoms. Remember that post that I did on the 5 things I love most about the South in Spring?

dogwood Yup. It was all there: pink and white dogwoods, azaleas, magnolias, air that literally smells of flour and Easter and soccer games. And that light that is just golden


Other than that first dinner, there was nothing “fancy” about my trip. Hell, I think we did the South proud! (more to come).

atlanta crest georgia spring

I went out to the farm, and for the first time in a very long time, I felt a connection with the horses again. I didn’t mention it when I was home for Thanksgiving, but I’ve had a kind of bizarre relationship with the horses and riding since I last rode–I sort of have never looked back. Like a time that I think of fondly, and will always be so incredibly special, but one that I left in the past until I was ready. This past week, I’ve started to feel ready again, or maybe just curious.

brian horseBut this time, when I saw the horses, I still didn’t freak out and jump up and down and go nuts, but I felt that warmth, that connection again. and I rode for the first time in 2.5 years. And it was as if I’d never taken a break. I don’t have the same muscling as before, but it was pretty cool. 

ronan suzlufe horse riding

And you know that I ran. No music. 70 degrees. Perfection. But my phone was updating, so alas, no pictures. Just mental snaps. 

And now, I want to talk about my birthday treats and how I’m doing a spring cleaning of ME!

Birthday gifts from Alex were funny and personal and cost about $8, just like my gifts to him. 

Birthday gifts from my Family

  • Chicago Marathon Entry (This is a tradition now that I get a marathon for my bday haha)
  • Plane tickets home and birthday dinner 
  • Mama’s getting me a new pair of shoes! As she said, “any type I want,” and as I have no use for Louboutins, you know there is another Kismet in my future

So, it has been a full year since my last weed whacking, and goodness, was it necessary. We took about 4-5 inches off, and I would even have liked a bit more, and maybe a bit more layers like last year’s. But the color is everything.

suzlyfe haircut artistry buckhead

We don’t do much–just give me back some of the light in my natural color that I would have I still lived in the south and didn’t have to wear a freaking hat all the time or hide inside! It’s subtle, but it just makes me feel springy.

Birthday Gift to Myself: Teeth Whitening

Smile Brilliant Review

It is no secret that I drink a lot of decaf coffee and tea. A heck of a lot. And though Alex and I use a whitening toothpaste, I have long been unhappy with the increasing staining of my teeth. A few times I have considered going in and getting whitening done, but then you hear such horror stories that I’ve never done it (also, $$$$$), and I don’t really trust the OTC stuff to get it done (less $$ but still). But then I heard about Smile Brilliant from Erica, and after her experience with it, I knew that was my way to go. 


Smile Brilliant brings customized, professional teeth whitening to your house (or wherever you want to get involved with it). In all, it is a 3-step process: a) mold creation b) whitening c) desensitizing that honestly couldn’t be easier. I seriously let the box languish for an extra week because I was so expecting it to be such a process, but creating the molds (using the putty, activator, and trays) took 5 minutes to make, 24 hours to dry, drop them in the prelabeled envelope, mail them, and 8 (or so) days later, custom whitening trays are delivered.

Next road block: hmmmm whitening trays. Isn’t that going to get in the way of my life? And then I’ll be all sensitive and stuff. Hmmm I guess I’ll put that off another few days until I’ve got time to deal with it, and I won’t be at work. 

Oh, wait, you hardly even know that you have them on. The first time I wore the trays was in my apartment, but the next time? WHITENING AT THE AIRPORT, YO. 

smile brilliant review results suzlyfe

I wore them for about 1 hour each time, and could have gone for longer (instructions say up to 3 hours), but girl was getting hungry. 

After? I didn’t feel sensitive at all, but thought that using the desensitizing gel would be a good idea, regardless. Plus, this secondary gel also help to re seal the teeth to protect against future stains and replenish vitamins and such. Clean off tray, dry teeth, reinsert, 20 minutes later remove, then wait 30 minutes (minimum) before going about your day–like getting a fluoride treatment at the dentist. 

A week after my first treatment, several days after my second, and my teeth feel 100% fine. I didn’t see as huge a difference between my first and second whitenings, but I was in the airport, so, there you go, and I would like to do one where I do the treatment prior to bed so that the teeth can really seal before I eat or drink again. 

Right now, the entire system is available for $120, which is completely worth the price, if you ask me–custom trays for your teeth for optimal whitening, professional level results, and (in my experience) NONE of the hassles — time at doctors, sensitivity, appointments, $$$$??? You better believe I recommend it! I’ve used the whitestrips before, and they never really suited me, but this is easier, more comfortable, and more effective, in my opinion. I love that such personalized services are becoming so accessible to us all, but without losing quality and attention to detail!

I was provided with my Smile Brilliant treatment in exchange for a review, but my opinions are my own. I would spend the money to purchase the system, and I look forward to even greater results!

Have you done professional teeth whitening before? What was your experience? Would your rather go in and get it done or get the same results at home (or at the airport, natch)?

Have you ever had to just walk away from something that once meant everything to you, take some time apart from it, and then warm back up to it? Did you fall in love with it again? Or is it still more of a fond memory?

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