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Fussy Baby Vortex (12 Months + Catch Up 2/8)

We may have survived the Polar Vortex, but it lead directly into a fussy baby vortex. Let me explain in the Catch Up!

Friday Catch Up 2/8

1). RIP Hopcat and burger places near us

I got “devastating” news on Tuesday as I had Emmie and Ridley out for our walk. Our beloved Hopcat, cite of many a date, many a beer and crack fries and burger, so many take out meals, and one of our favorite places to take Emmie, has closed suddenly and without warning.


With Dunlays closed at the end of the summer and now Hopcat gone, we are basically out of Emmie friendly burger joints in our area. We have great food around us, but we are now lacking a solid burger bar. Weiner’s Circle is fun but not amazing (in our mind), DMK is fine but too expensive for what you get (in our mind)… basically we are left with 5 Guys and McDonald’s. Also…. where are we going to get to try all of our different beers?

Like a death in the family.

2) Fussy Baby Vortex

Like I said, we survived the Polar Vortex with a fairly happy baby, but we went straight into a fussy baby vortex. She has been prone to some high highs and low lows (sobbing at the drop of a hat, being clingy McGhee, getting scared really quickly, not eating very well). Her naps have been off the past few days, and when I saw a bit of a rash, I thought we might be dealing with some post MMR vaccine fever, and it might have been that, indeed, or teething (her molars are coming up but haven’t broken through), but I also think that she is really learning some new things and going through a period of serious brain development.

A moment of happy between the meltdowns

And I think that is really what is going on (the rash went away within 48 hours). We are working on using new utensils (forks and trying to feed herself with her spoon), and she is interacting with us in new and exciting ways, such as “speaking” new words. She is also starting to match up her peg puzzle animals with the correct slots (she doesn’t always get them in, but that will come with more practice) and interacting in new ways with her walker’s play component (putting the circle frame around the circle button, playing with the keyboard keys).

Training her well

I think that much the brain develoment is focused on Emmie learning to walk–she goes between absolute hysterics if we ask her to walk by herself or she considers walking by herself, but then she has also pulled off to walk to me (or to various “bait” that I use, like cereal or a phone or whatever) a few times. I think we are on the cusp of a fully walking baby, but she just needs to trust herself enough to go for it!

3) Strides + Fitting Runs In

Because her naps have been so inconsisent (she will have a long nap ever so often, but the vast majority are 45-55 minutes and she wakes up inconsolable. She had a good midmorning nap on Monday, causing us to miss Strides on Monday (sorry, Maximus), and then on Tuesday, I ran us to Strides because I knew she wouldn’t give me time to do it otherwise. Thursday morning, I got up at 4:45 AM to get my run in, and I am so glad that I did. After that, regardless of what happened, at least I had accomplished that much!

She isn’t the only one who has been double fisting

Oh, and a shower. It has been a shower-light past week and a half, and I got a shower in TWICE by doing it late at night or early morning! MOM WIN

4) Fun with friends

Even though Alex has been back to full work this week, we have still had some great social time. Monday, I went to a late dinner with Ali and Holly for some mini Mom’s Night Out action. We went to Dao, where Ali and I used to go for Thai all the time, and it ws fun to hang with them and so nice to get my old fave Naem Sod. I called our night a little short so that I could come home and see Alex before he went to bed, and also because I new he had to get up early and if Emmie had a fussy night, I needed to be there.

After Strides with our friends on Tuesday, Emmie and I got treated to visit from one of our friends at our place. Strides on Wednesday gave us more social time, and Daddy was home in time for dinner, so that was lovely (our first fam dinner since Sunday). Thursday, we skipped Strides for a very good reason (the heating in the main room finally got fixed!!!!!!) and went over to our friend’s house that afternoon for some fun!

Both Ryan (Ali’s daughter) and our friend’s daughter are walking, and Emmie seemed to be overwhelmed. But they must have inspired Emmie, because after we got home, she did her first solo trip across the room of her own accord! Of course, when Alex got home, she was too tired to show him, but I was thisclose to tears just rolling down my cheeks watching her.

And then she had an emergency landing (onto her bottom), and had atotal meltdown. She also had a meltdown over the dog sitting in my lap rather than her, so I think we had reached her brain’s max capacity.

Today (Friday) we are planning on Strides and then hopefully some shopping, since we have a number of returns to make.

5) Pretty chill weekend “planned”

Really, all we have on the agenda is swim tomorrow morning. Alex requested a low key weekend, and I am all to happy to oblige. We are hoping for some good family time, a UVA win, and enjoyng our heat!

What are you up to?

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