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Pregnancy Funnies: Pregnancy Cravings and Food Aversions


When people find out you are pregnant, one of the first questions asked invariably has to do with food aversions and pregnancy cravings. While mine haven’t been super strong in either direction, I definitely have some quirky pregnancy food proclivities to share on this edition of Pregnancy Funnies!

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When people find out you are pregnant, one of the first questions asked invariably has to do with food aversions and pregnancy cravings. Find out what I have been graving and staying away from! @suzlyfe

Pregnancy Cravings

Let’s start with the pregnancy cravings, because those have been a bit on the thinner side and far less particular than my food aversions. 

Basically? If you want to make me happy, make it a grainy carb, a salty starch, or a fatty (read: fried) carb or starch, and I am your girl. I still don’t want fatty meat or tons of butter/oil on things, but I will definitely help you out with those fries and that loaf of bread and ALL OF THE CHIPS. 

This wouldn’t stand a chance

And we thought I needed a carbtervention before?

GIiiiiiiiirrrrllll (or booooyyyy), if I could have only seen me now. 

I was already helpless/hopeless around those types of things (pizza, chips, popcorn, bread) but now I seriously want those to be the foundations of my life. Admittedly, they kind of have become just that. 

Crack fries make everything better.

I have to remind myself to be careful about going too crazy, because I have made my stomach very uncomfortable (remember, my body doesn’t like rich foods!) on a number of occasions. The problem? I still can’t stop myself!

I’m also much more into fruity candy rather than being a strict chocoholic. There have even been times when ::gasp:: I haven’t wanted chocolate at all!!!!! 

I know, right? But I’m much more into the citrusy gourmet jelly beans from Whole Foods, or Skittles, than I usually am. 

Speaking of, citrus has saved my life on multiple occasions, especially during the first trimester. There was one morning when Alex and I were doing our grocery shopping, and I just did NOT feel well. Just kind of overall nausea mixed with who-knows-what. We finished at Trader Joe’s, and I got a lemon lollipop from them.

Within 30 seconds, I started to feel like a new person. By the time we got home (5 minutes later), I fell completely fine. At the restaurant, limes and lemons have seriously saved me on multiple occasions.

Fruit is also very much in style with me, especially peaches. I’m reverting back to my southern self 😀

Citrusy soda like Sprite and 7 up and Fresca has also saved me. La Croix is a no go, and we still have one in the fridge from a few months ago that I just can’t get involved with. But it isn’t just citrusy soda–I also want root beer and diet Coke, though I know I have to watch my caffeine consumption. 

Speaking of caffeine and dark drinks, coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. You already know that I love my decaf coffee, but I now pound it like water (well, not really, but I do have more of it than previously). I’m just not that into tea!

Pregnancy Food Aversions

Ok, now, this is where things get a bit silly. Let’s just say that it is difficult to have a CSA when you can’t be around a decent amount of what comes in the box!

These gluten free easy zucchini fritters are delicious, healthy, and adaptable to your favorite flavors. The perfect summer side to use up your CSA summer produce! @suzlyfe

These were made out of necessity (but were quite delicious!)

For example, particularly during my first trimester, I couldn’t be around or smell whole cucumbers, zucchini, or squashes, particularly after 3 PM. I don’t have a super strong sense of smell, but for unknown reasons, the smell of the skin just make my skin crawl and made me feel blllleeegghhhh. It was particularly back in the afternoon. 

Thus the fritters.

Interestingly, I LOVED/love cucumber slices with even partial skin removed. I just couldn’t deal with the full smell of the skin on the entire vegetable!

I’m also turnt on mushrooms if am the one who has to cook them. Like with cucumbers, if someone else handles them? I’m good. But don’t ask me to do it.

Another don’t ask me to cook it moment? I would periodically be totally unable to be around home cooked grilled chicken. I seriously couldn’t stomach the idea of the smells of chicken cooking on the stove. You know that browning smell? NOPE. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. 

A pregnancy aversion that really surprised me was my aversion to diet ginger ale. I went through about 2 months this spring where it was all I would drink, and now? I cannot touch the stuff. A sip of regular ginger ale is ok, as are other ginger products, but I cannot do the diet version.

Two complete staples of my diet that I am really not into anymore? Hold on to your hats, guys….

Almond milk and ice cream. Yep. I don’t want it. I really don’t. I sometimes don’t even want to help Alex with his cereal (hello, carb lover) in the evenings because of the almond milk. This coming from someone who has been known to chug it from the carton.

And what has happened to the girl that had ice cream every night? No desire. I’ll be into froyo, but that is about it. Greek yogurt, I can handle, but I’ve become ambivalent about ice cream. That doesn’t mean that I won’t eat it if it is put in front of me, though. I just have no inclination to start with it.

I only wanted a little bit of Alex’s but was more interested in the pistachio brittle.

Who would have ever thought that they would see the day???

I’m not someone who has powerful reactions to foods–the only foods that I REALLY don’t like are cooked egg yolks, custards, lychee nuts/fruit, and summer squash. So having these aversions has been very interesting!

As you can see, I’m not a really crazy food aversion or craving person, but my aversions are definitely particular (3 PM, really?) and the whole lack of ice cream thing means that most people feel the need to take my temperature ;D

Silly #pregnancy food cravings and aversions, @suzlyfe style. Do you share any of these? Click To Tweet

What have been some of your weird food cravings or aversions, pregnant or not?

Does time of day factor into your predilections?

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