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Fun, Functional Fueling for Fitness and Running

Let’s face it. It takes a lot to keep me going. I mean, you can’t look this awesome all the time.

I decided to have a little bit of fun with this week’s Friday Favorites and Friday 5, the theme of which is fueling. I’ve done something similar to this in the past, but as that was when only Caitlin, Sarah, and my mommy read my blog, I thought that I would reprise the topic.

fun functional fueling running suzlyfe

And thus, I present to you my “Five Favorite Ways to Fuel/Refuel for Fitness Activities,” broken down into legitimate ways to fuel, and legitimate but not appropriate for serious fueling (but if you’re wanting to just have some fun, go for it). Also, if you want to see another previous iteration with a more technical breakdown of the way I used to fuel up the day before I race (I have just been lucky enough to loosen some of these “rules” in the months since), check out this post.

Fueling Suzlyfe (In order of Consumption)

1) Day before Hydration:


2) Race Morning Breakfast: (and what I ate before the marathon)


3) (Non-Caffeinated) During-Race Fuel


4) (Caffeinated) During-Race Fuel:

5) Refueling:


Drink with Protein, Sugar, and Carbs



Now it is time for the fun part of carb loading:

1) Thin Crust Pizza

Thin Crust Pizza

Thin Crust Pizza

2) Crabbies (with lots of water)

3) Sweet Potato Fries

d4 sp fries2edited

Refueled with these after (not from D4, but just as delicious)

4) Oats

5) Ice Cream (DUH)

chocolate shoppe collage


And on a cheesy, but totally true note? The best fuel is a great crowd, some motivating tunes, and good friends to run with. And the promise of the later 5 things waiting for you at the finish line. Yeah. Mostly that ;D

What are your favorite serious and fun ways to fuel your life? How do you find balance with what you eat so that you know that you are getting your body ready for whatever is coming next?

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