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What a Full Sized Dishwasher Really Means

Alex and I have finally graduated to a full sized dishwasher. We keep talking about our favorite aspects of the new place, and I think the full-sized dishwasher might be mine.

Now, come on, it isn’t really. I love the hard surface floors, the balcony, the fact that we have a real bedroom (not a converted studio), the gorgeous lighting that comes in throughout the day, the street noise that ties us to and gently reminds us of the world and neighborhood around us, the granite counters, the neighborhood… we love so much about our new place. But I think, in the midst of all of these things, I love the full sized dishwasher the most. 

What a Full-Size Dishwasher Really Means in Your Journey to Adulthood. @suzlyfe

Why do I love the dishwasher? It isn’t like I didn’t have a dishwasher before. In fact, I haven’t not had a dishwasher since I was at Columbia. But I love that this apartment has a full sized dishwasher because, in so many ways, that dang appliance means that Alex and I have graduated. We have graduated to the next level of adulthood (I think having a full sized washer/dryer is our next step. And a disposal. But with city living, you do what you can!). 

Even with all my anxiety attacks over the weekend (which we think we have nailed down a cause for, and it was WAY more than just the move), this apartment just feels right with our things in it. It isn’t because Alex demanded that we go balls out and get completely moved in within 36 hours of moving in. This apartment feels like that place we have been waiting for. 

Our new kitchen.

Our new kitchen.

Our last apartment, with as many memories as we had in it, felt like a place that we were waiting in. Waiting to bide the time.

Was this move the most financial smart choice? Likely not. But that full-size dishwasher. With it, I can experiment, clean up, play and let bygones be bygones. That full-sized dishwasher forgives my sins and supports my exploration into a great culinary world, one that I had largely left behind in that kitchen in which we were biding our time. 

Is the our forever home? No. But I no longer feel like I am waiting for the next step. I feel like I took it. 

The anxiety, the depression, the pains of life; they won’t go away. But with a full sized dishwasher, I have more allowance to play and discover just what helps assuage the complications of life. 

Kitchen Storage

I can use all of my cups and not the same one over and over again!

And that might just mean firing up my stand mixer, food processor, blender, and grill pan. And pouring myself a glass of wine and a bowl of oatmeal, screw the clean up. Who cares? I’ve got a full sized dishwasher. They’ll fit.

Even if the kitchen looks like a bomb went off. Because as long as I made something delicious and enjoyed myself, the dishwasher will take care of the rest.

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On second thought. Alex might have been my full-sized dishwasher all along. 

What is one kitchen appliance that changed your cooking (beyond the microwave)?

What was the signal in an apartment that you moved into that you finally “made it” to adulthood?

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