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Chicago Running Blog Lyfe Treat Yourself Tuesday

Fulfillment , Philanthropy, and Summer Running Survival #treatyourself

EXCITING NEWS: The Chicago Signature Properties Blog has just published 2 new blog posts–Surviving the Summer Running Season Part A (for the Runner) and Part B (for the non Runner). I hope that you will take a moment to check it out–lots of great information and maybe even a few people you might recognize COUGH TINA COUGH MEREDITH COUGH Another great one is coming tomorrow!


So. Something super cool happened yesterday. I got my first paycheck. Cue SSSSSSQQQQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEE.

brad pitt dance

This job has been a godsend for me. In so many ways. I feel like a new person, or maybe not new, but I feel…able? again? I don’t know if able is the world. I don’t feel invincible, I’m not rose colored (dur, have you met me? As soon as the blood sugar goes down, it is still on) or naive. But I think for the first time, in a long time, that I feel past the point of content to happy, and capable of handling what is going on in my life. Before it was like OH CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. And now it doesn’t feel like a challenge. Life certainly ain’t easy, and I’m tired and still worry about things, and Alex and I still have times that we wish we saw more of each other, but I feel fulfilled. That is the word. Now if someone would fulfill my wish and clean the apartment again. COUGH ALEX COUGH. Oh wait, I guess it’s my turn, rats.

The past few weeks, I’ve definitely gone back to spending money on things that I want, as opposed to just need, again. It began with the trip to Charleston–more just money spent on food and such.

husk punch pimento suzlyfe

Escalated when Mom was here and I got my job.

cicchetti carpaccio pancetta nonna suzlyfe

PS I still haven’t gotten to wear the outfit that i picked out for my first day. SAD FACE.

I’ve been getting treats that I normally abstain from like:

Froyo the night before long runs

sweet cece froyo suzlyfe

Protein Frappuccinos

frap suz

Salad Bar Salads

marianos salad second day suzlyfe

Delicious Alcoholic Libations (Ciccetti)

cicchetti drinks suzlyfe

Eating out.

coast entrees suzlyfe

Snacks that I order rather than make.

food drawer suzlyfe

Spending too much money at the grocery store (ish).

I need things

I need things

I’ve been internet shopping for clothes.

Like a denim jacket.

Maxi dresses.

J Crew Factory (ps this needs to be hemmed sooooo badly).

And I’ve been treated.

By my mommy.

By my Alex.

If that doesn't make you happy, you have no soul.

If that doesn’t make you happy, you have no soul.

By my job.

lunch view suzlyfe

By my friends


By new friends.

Technically, they don't know about this.

Technically, they don’t know about this.

By my legs (please don’t let me down legs!)

My after-flatsfriday-flats

My after-flatsfriday-flats

These are huge things. But you know me, the little things are life. And each of these little things is just a kernel, but together, and with enough critical mass, I have a big ole bag popcorn. Maybe even Cracker Jack.

wrigley cracker jack suzlyfe

Zoe is definitely one of the nuts in my bag, ahahaha.

Basically. I've become Zoe.

Basically. I’ve become Zoe.

One of the greatest treats I gave myself this weekend was as much a treat for me as it was for the recipient of the gift. You all know how much I adore Laura of The Gluten Free Treadmill. Well, Laura is gathering herself to embark on an incredible journey where she will run across the country to raise funds and awareness for Sexual Violence Awareness, Rape Prevention, and Victim Support. I am so proud of her decision to do this, and I am also proud to say that my very own SwirlGear has come on as one of her first official sponsors. I know very personally what it is like to run for a cause, and to have others run to benefit a cause that happens to affect you very personally (see my thoughts about Team Challenge here).

Running my second official half marathon--Women's Running Nashville Women's Half Marathon 2012

Running my second official half marathon–Women’s Running Nashville Women’s Half Marathon 2012


I know that many of us don’t have a lot of money to expend, and that is okay. But I ask you to consider a gift, however small, to her campaign. Foregoing your guilty treat in support of your fellow man and woman kind is, I feel, an amazing treat, and far better. And your donation will help Laura to be an even greater contributor to the big picture–you will help her gain the momentum and critical mass to secure larger sponsorships, thus enabling her to realize her dream and more of her funds to go towards her campaign, not just logistics. Click here for her Go Fund Me page and here for her RAINN page.

Start off July with the ultimate display of what it means to be in a democracy–in support of your fellow citizens.

Or, at the very least do it as a treat to me, because I like to be spoiled. And it makes my soul happy.

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

How are you closing out June and starting out July?

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