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Fueling for Injury Recovery: What I Ate Wednesday


Well, you all have pretty much only ever seen me fueling for during marathon training, so I thought that I would put together a post about what I have been eating during this period of forced rest. Have I changed my eating habits?

The answer? Yes and no. Remember–health is a lifestyle, it isn’t a fad! But I have changed a few aspects of my daily diet and I thought that I would share!

How has my diet changed during injury recovery and forced rest? Check out some of my eats from the past few weeks at @Suzlyfe

Eating for Recovery: Forced Rest Period Diet and Nutrition

Did you miss the update on my stress fracture recovery? 

A few things that I want to make very clear from the outset:

  • I am not obsessing about or restricting what I eat. The changes in my diet are the result of the change in my activity levels over the past 2 months.
  • The changes in my diet, from amount consumed to what I am consuming, did not happen overnight. In fact, this has been a gradual change as I have transitioned from running to biking to rest from cardio.
  • I am not yet working with the Certified Clinical Nutritionist to increase bone health or to right other nutritional deficiencies as the nutrient panel tests have just gone out and will take a few weeks.
  • These dietary changes are the result what feels good, makes my body feel good, and supports my nutrition goals of a balanced diet, both fun and nutrition. This is what is working for me!
  • And as I said: this is what is working for me, but if you are looking for dietary recommendations, please consult a professional!

Observations about Changes in My Diet and Cravings

I think that the biggest change in my diet and cravings is apparent in the breakdown of the structure of my eating. My Marathon Training Diet is predicated on the fact that my body MUST get at least a certain number of calories, if not more, every day, and that number is rather high. In order to get those calories in, I have to have some semblance of a schedule, as you simply cannot just inhale all of that food and a) absorb everything properly and b) move.

So the biggest change is that other than the fact that I still have a little bit of a familiar diet during the day, it is highly variable after lunch. sometimes I will have a larger lunch and not really have a snack in the afternoon. Plus, I tend to get full much faster. We are not in the day of my gigantic omelets at the moment!

Cravings have also been up, down, and all around. This weekend was obviously very much a weekend of sweets, but sweets are happening a bit more during the day and not as much at night. In fact, I haven’t really had all that much ice cream over the past 3 weeks! That isn’t to say that I haven’t had it, but it is definitely less a need/want. SO WEIRD.

Alright, enough info, let’s talk food!

Typical Diet During Forced Rest

*some of these pics are a bit older, but lighting is not so good these days. Hey, it just was the winter solstice!

Breakfast still starts with my half caff coffee but now, instead of my typical multigrain English Muffin with PB and jam + cereal, I have gone back to an old favorite!

Apple Cider Vinegar Egg White Oats with Mighty Nut pb, pumpkin, and maple syrup (and sprinkles, obviously)

Oatmeal with pumpkin, peanut butter, and maple syrup is just the ticket on winter mornings!

 Right now, because Alex and I are getting up at the same time (he’s on inpatient rotation at the moment), I steal some of his Kashi before he leaves and I go down to lift.

Mid-morning, I am all about my Siggi’s and a snack!

Siggi's Icelandic Skyr is the my absolute favorite protein packed snack! @suzlyfe

We have so many treats and options around the office that the “snack” can be anything from a bag of popcorn to a full on sugar rush of treats. My work is doing this thing called the “Chow-down,” and so people have been bringing in a pantheon of desserts.

Long story short, it is a good thing that I can only go upstairs to the kitchen so often!

Lunch has stayed a bit more consistent: Veggies, Protein, Carbs, (and a treat). This weekend I had another killer homemade omelet and bowl of Kashi. We got some killer deli sandwiches last week at work (Chowdown/holiday party), and I grabbed a Turkey Pastrami and have split that up over a few days.

The Turkey Pastrami Sandwich at Eleven City Diner in the South Loop is AMAZING

This picture is only half of the sandwich–these were legit Jewish deli sandwiches and each was about 12 oz of meat 😀 and the past few days I’ve gone by Whole Foods to get a salad for a base and a bag of popcorn and usually something else.

The new Market by Beatrix at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is my favorite salad bar in Chicago! So many healthy options. This one was 1.5 lbs of healthy goodness.

Another recent creation!

Then I have to get some chocolate or Garret’s Popcorn from the downstairs kitchen, because OF COURSE we have to have things everywhere!

I always have some more tea in the afternoon, and I’m sad to say that I’ve just about finished off my favorites from the holiday dessert tea sampler that I got from Stash. But I found a new tea that is SO DELICIOUS–the Almond Biscotti flavor made by the same company that did that Gingerbread Tea that I was so obsessed with last year.

Gingerbread Tea! I love this flavor!

Midafternoon, depending on my hunger levels, I will have a protein bar or yogurt. As I mentioned, I’ve been tending to eat more during the middle of the day and during lunch and less during the mid afternoon. Some of the snacks that I’ve had recently have been the holiday flavors of the Think Thin Lean Protein and Fiber bar, yogurt, or an Oatmega bar.

Oatmega Healthy Protein Bars Review Suzlyfe

I’ve also tried out some Think Jerky (heads up for a promo that I am doing with them starting next week!), which is excellent! 

Dinner has been all sorts of things! I’ll share a beer or a glass of wine with Alex and then have anything from zoodles with my pumpkin sauce to butternut squash sauce pizza and arugula salad, even a few days last week that were basically 2 bowls of cereal and cottage cheese because of my schedule. But regardless, I am making sure to get in protein, fiber, and carbs in. 

My gluten free vegan creamy pumpkin sauce over zucchini noodles is one of my family's favorite recipes! So delicious, and this time we added chicken for extra protein. Get the recipe at!

After dinner snack:

Old habits do die hard–unless Alex and I have had a seriously big dinner (like our epic sushi date the other weekend), I still want to get in a snack that will keep me satisfied throughout the night and also satisfy my need for a treat. What am I loving right now? 

Greek Yogurt, Pumpkin, and granola make for a perfect healthy snack!

Greek Yogurt mixed with pumpkin, spices, and maple syrup, and topped with some Sweet Potato Sunshine or Toasted O’s.

Kashi Organic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine migth be my new favorite cereal! Slightly sweet, crunchy, and delightful!

The biggest changes are to portion sizes and the level of RUNGER that I experience. I am trying to listen to my body and eat intuitively, but with reason–if I know that I need a bit more, I will eat a bit more. By the same token, I just as guilt of eating emotionally. Sometimes, you just need to nibble. 

Healthy is a lifestyle! A look at what @suzlyfe is eating during injury recovery #wiaw #fitfluential Click To Tweet

So, am I eating differently? Yes, and no. Like I said at the beginning–healthy is a way of life for me, not something that is seasonal. And my goal is to heal quickly, so I am trying to give my body all the tools that I can to encourage that healing!

How differently do you tend to eat during the “on” and “off” seasons? 

Do you have holiday treats EVERYWHERE at your office? HOW DO YOU RESIST THEM??

Favorite holiday tea?

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