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Friends, Family, and Food Filled Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend and July 4th proper to my fellow Americans, and Happy belated Canada Day and Happy Monday to everyone else! Popping in for a spell to get you up to date on my Fourth of July shenanigans.

Have you entered my Vital Proteins Giveaway yet? I’ve even gotten Alex using them and now I have to fight him off!

Thank you to the lovely Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday and Erin for Weekend Snapshots!

Fourth of July Weekend — Friday

I didn’t really talk about it too much last week, but my foot was giving me a spot of trouble (and did a little bit this weekend), so I took the middle of the week off from running. By Friday, everything felt copasetic, and I enjoyed a nice 6 miler in the morning before training clients. Oh, and I started working on my goals by incorporating heavier weights! #summerstrong

That night, I got to see one of my favorite people for dinner, but there is no photographic evidence beyond that of what we ate. Ellen, I have now realized that we are terrible people and don’t have a single picture of just us. We always take pictures of food. #bloggerproblems

But the food was so gooooood. Back this winter when I met Linda for lunch at Chicago Diner, Ellen had mentioned that she wanted to go, so I decided that since she wasn’t down at UofC (south of the city), this would be the perfect time to take her there (it is slightly north of downtown) as she was staying in my old stomping grounds in the Mag Mile (downtown) with her mom for a girls’ weekend. 

The vegan Reuban sandwich at Chicago Diner on Halsted is a must get for all--carnivores and vegans alike! Review at

I got the vegan reuben again. No shame. Amazing. I could eat this everyday and never be sad or bored of it.

The company who shall remain photoless was equally fabulous. But photoless. #fail (sorry about the hashtags, I swear I’m done now. Maybe.)

I meandered home after to meet Alex, who I basically manipulated (in a sneaky, but loving, way) to clean the apartment. Hey, it is his family coming into town! I helped him a little with his empanadas because I am a team player. Alex’s brother arrived a bit later, and we all hung out for a bit before I went to bed (early start, plus I’m lame) and they went out.

Fourth of July Weekend — Saturday

Up early with the sun, I had quite the excursion with Team Challenge! It was a perfect morning for running, and I ran 10 miles with the team as well as my run-mute there and back. Boy, were my legs TOAST at the end! I honestly think I pulled a groin muscle from the various speeds I was running! Sometimes way slower than normal (which is really, really hard, if you try it for a long time), sometimes faster, then walking… let’s just say that I am going to be kind to them this week!

Not a bad number of steps by 10:00 AM! Half marathon training certainly helps!

I came home and refueled with rice cakes + melty pb and another epic Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides smoothie. Remember how I said I wasn’t a huge protein smoothie person before this summer? This stuff has 100% converted me! LOVE it. No grit, blends perfectly, just the right amount of body…. I could go on and on.

Make the best high protein green smoothie ever with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Could supplementing with collagen peptides help your running as well as your skin and nails? Find out at this week's Running Coaches Corner!

And then we decided to go to lunch early. To get giant margaritas (I guess I was on a green drink kick?). And I got guac (but it was no where near as good as my guac. Alex agreed) and ate a basket of chips myself. Before Alex’s parents arrived. I wish I was kidding. 

After Alex retrieved his parents, we had lunch (and more margs), we stopped by home before going for a loooong walk to the lake and through Lincoln Park. My legs were barking at me–especially my groin–and afterwards, we were pretty beat, so we hung out at home (and several people took naps) before going to dinner at Basil Leaf, a nearby Italian restaurant that was AMAZING.

And then we got Yogurtland. Because it was right across the street, and I hadn’t been already this week. Let’s just say that I refueled in an amazing way this weekend and leave it at that, mkay?

When we got back (at 8:30) I laid down on the couch and “rested” and then went to bed at 9:15 while they all stayed up and played Monopoly. I’m a party pooper, but I honestly was too tired to think at that point!

Fourth of July Weekend — Sunday

I woke up early and had a lovely coffee and breakfast on the patio. It was just so perfect outside. Alex and I went to the gym (I lifted just a little and then just put myself on the bike at low resistance to open my legs back up) and I made another Vital Proteins green smoothie because I (and now Alex) am obsessed.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is my favorite protein powder for protein smoothies. Blends PERFECTLY and no grit, sugar, or nonsense! I love it! Get the review at


Then we went to see Alex’s sister-in-law’s sister, who lives in the South Loop area. We had a great visit with her and then headed back to our old stomping grounds for lunch at Howells and Hood and to show Alex’s brother around a little. The rest of the day was pretty low key–Alex and I both had some work that we needed to do–and we just chilled until dinner. (Alex’s Fish and Chips from Howells and Hood. I might have helped).

Get the Fish and Chips at Howells and Hood in the Tribune Tower in Chicago! They are amazing!

Today, instead of actively celebrating the Fourth, we are having brunch with the family before bidding them adieu and then trying to get our own lives in order. I also have a few calls to make to some VIP’s in my life 😀 Alex and I are so lucky to have families and in-laws that Alex and I get all along with. I hear horror stories about people with in-laws that are combative or not nice, and I just have no concept of it! We are so, so lucky! 

Oh, and tomorrow, I have a 12 hour+ day at the gym and they are ripping the floors out of our apartment. Details.

As always, drooling over @suzlyfe's eats from this weekend #4thofjuly #yum #fitfluential Click To Tweet

I hope you had a great Fourth of July Weekend and have a happy, safe, and fabulous Fourth of July–whether you are celebrating, working, or just doing whatever it is that you do!

Anyone start on their July goals this weekend?

Did you celebrate the Fourth already or are you celebrating today? 

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