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Friday Five (s) : Runner Favorites and Confessions

Thank you all so very, very much for all your birthday wishes! Y’all certainly know how to make a girl feel special, seriously! I spent a larger part of my birthday than originally planned chilling in the airport watching flights get cancelled and delayed as the “severe weather” (my ass) kept messing with everyone’s plans of how to spend Thursday, birthday or not! 

So I am currently doing just that—sitting on my biscuit, at the airport, hoping to get home. But at least I am teeth whitening with my Smile Brilliant trays (review soon but I LOVE them!) and talking to you! so not all is lost. Yet at least. And kudos to Delta for taking great care of us! they brought out snacks and drinks for everyone, which was great. 

delta snacks o hare

I thought I would do a mash up of sorts today, combine some posts, and have a little fun. New friend Laura of This Runner’s Recipes (check her out you guys! she is full of great info and, of course, tasty recipes) tagged me to answer some running favorites. But I feel like being difficult, so I’m going take that and the Friday 5 and “run” with that and do an impromptu Suzlyfe Confessions: Running Addition! So I’m going to take 5 & 5: 5 prompts from the running favorites and 5 things you may not know about me as a runner. For more fun running tidbits, check out this post from last year when Ange tagged me! 

Thank you to Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia as well as Heather and Jill for the link ups!

suzlyfe runner favorites confessions

5 Running Favorites

1) Favorite place:

Oof. That’s nearly impossible to answer. I miss running in New York perhaps the most. But running in Paris in the morning on our honeymoon was pretty spectacular. As was running on the National Mall. Twin Cities was an incredible run too. 

2) Favorite Time of Day:

sunrise over harbor suzlyfe

Another toughie, simply because I’ve had some near perfect early morning runs and some surprisingly perfect midday and night runs. I would say the overarching theme is just whenever my legs are feeling good, my mind is clear and quiet, and so is the air. 

3) Favorite Fuel:

For all about my fueling, see this post

if this doesn't make you smile you don't have a heart

if this doesn’t make you smile you don’t have a heart

4) Favorite Accesories:

Best statement necklace ever:

post mcm bamf

I’m just as happy running with stuff as without, but I nearly always have a hat and sunglasses. I hate to squint! I don’t carry water—I am pretty spoiled with paths that have water stops but I also train without taking in many fluids. Phone is necessary. Well, usually. 

5) Fave Reward:

At the risk of being all awwww, I would say that truly the best reward I get from running is the sense of accomplishment. I still have to pinch myself sometimes like after Phoenix. The fact that I not only ran that far but did it in that time. Holy balls. And then the confidence that it has given me in myself and my ability to feel brave enough to take on what I know will be some difficult battles in the future (as I discussed here and here). 

Food wise? Depends! I love eggs and oats after a good run. Sometimes I want a burger that night, sometimes just a good beer. And ice cream. Duh. 

5 Running Confessions

1) You all will laugh and roll your eyes about this, but I always get a bikini wax before big races. Schedule my Brazilian for 4 days prior. I’ve been getting waxed for about 10+ years now (holy crap) and have graduated from regular to French to Braz. Best wax EVER? Shobha in NYC. You won’t feel a thing, no ingrowns. also tip: exfoliate up to 24 hrs before then NOTHING hit or abrasive (wink hint nudge), not hot showers, no sweating, for another 24 hrs. Then exfoliate and go about your business. and Calamine lotion right after. Good to GO. 

2) I know that many of you think I have been running for a long time, but I’ve only been running distance for 3 years! Prior to January 2012, my PDR was 6 miles.

My first race in Chicago!

My first race in Chicago!

I ran 3 halfs with Team Challenge and then 2 more halfs in Chicago before my first full, Marine Corps Marathon, in 2013, which I did with Runners World Challenge.

That time I celebrated my freedom by running a marathon

That time I celebrated my freedom by running a marathon

3) I am a completely self taught runner : athough I have worked win a personal trainer, I haven’t done so since I left for college (except for a few times) and I’ve never worked with a running coach. Being flexible and no pressure is what works for me!

4) I have worked extensively with a physical therapist, specifically Missy and David at React Physical Therapy. I went from the most wonky, legs akimbo person (hello pronated ankles, Crohn’s joints, all sorts of muscle imbalances from no longer riding, no glute activation, oh and, as Missy once said, “I have never met anyone with such small muscles that refuse to give (as in, muscles like concrete and tightly wound).” They were the PTs for the pro sports teams in Chicago, and apparently I even rivaled some of them haha. It was hilarious with me working out next to giant people. Plus I was working as a waitress then. But I was meticulous about my work, I took what they taught me with what I read and re-taught myself how to run and stride properly. And added in yoga. And it has made all the difference—look at me now!  I haven’t been to the PT in over a year.

5) I was anti fast growing up. Last-ish during the mile, hated running distances, the classic “I only run if someone is chasing me” kid. I would sprint (though I likely wouldn’t catch you) and I was chubby and pretty much the complete opposite of what I appear to be now. After some of the shifts of my body that occurred as a result of the Crohn’s (which I will detail later), I suddenly realized I didn’t hate running as much.


In college I ran for fitness and mostly kickboxed and lifted and ellipticalled. Then I started running midway through, and many ways it has sustained me since. My first race was a 4 miler my last year, and I finished 9th, and it blew my mind. Then I ran a 5k, and an 8k in the spring, and didn’t race again until my first half after I graduated from graduate school. Shamrock was the first time I’ve repeated a distance other than the half and full marathon!

Confess, ye runners! And non runners (really, I’ll take anything lol)! What is a pre-big event tradition? 

What is the longest you’ve ever been trapped at an airport?

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