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Make My Day! Things That Make Me Smile


Last few days to win the incredible sampler of gluten free and absolutely delicious Yummy Health Snack Bars (the healthy candy bar!).

I am writing this on the way to a fun foodie event (that I am certain you will be hearing about in the near future), so please excuse its rudimentary style! Or shall I say that I’m taking it back to basics?

Yeah, we’ll go with that…

Today (Friday), I have the day off (because of the power outage at my office building that I mentioned yesterday), so I am taking my car to the dealership to finally get its ish dealt with so that I can also get the emissions done and not be illegal. Or in a care on the verge of breaking at all times. This appointment will likely cost an arm and a leg, though likely neither Alex nor I’s, as both of our bodies are defective, and thus unlikely to fetch a decent price. I feel like we are bleeding money of late, a feeling that I very much contributed to by signing up for… wait for it… NOT GOING TO TELL YOU. But we shall just say that it puts a big time smile on my face.

Kid eating ice cream and cake smile on face.

Kid eating ice cream and cake smile on face.

Speaking of, Friday 5 this week is all about what makes you smile! (Thus also making this a Friday Favorites post) But damn, if it isn’t hard to pick just 5! I would reach my limit just with my obvious choices (running, ice cream, etc). Consequently, I think I am going to do a two-fer, with 5 often underappreciated smile-inducing pleasures of life and 5 things that make my life whole (and make me smile). Let’s start with the more rarely acknowledged aspects of life, as it is time to give them their due!

Five Under-Appreciated Smile-Inducing Aspects of Life

1) A clean car. I am getting my car detailed while it gets fixed. Likely not going to help the whole $$$ aspect of the day, but it’s been bothering me (literally) for years (I wish I was kidding), so I say worth it. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I don’t even know what the true color of the floor mats are any more, so I’m looking forward to that reveal.

getting tally i love my car rav 4


2) Catching your underwear (or what have you) on the first try when you fling it upwards with your toe. Or having the exact right number of something without even trying. Both are part skill, part luck, all satisfaction.

3) Abnormally-sized things. Miniature umbrellas, giant hats (or small, I’m not picky), blow up bats, small spoons, small or giant pencils, mini food items (because then you can have SO MANY OF THEM), puppies…. I’m ok with being 5 years old. 

Mini fork, mini cheesecake. Perfection

Mini fork, mini cheesecake. Perfection

4) When “my jam” comes on. You know which one it is.

square dancing

5) Something that many people take for granted but which I totally don’t is the satisfaction of a meal that is delicious, satiating, and that is effortless for me. By “effortless,” I mean that I don’t have to think about it–do I have to modify the meal to a great extent? Are other people having to go out of their way for me? Am I coming across as high maintenance? Will my meal even be good? Or am I going to be leaving hungry again because of how I had to order? This is why I love places like Seasons 52 and Lyfe Kitchen–ordering is so easy for me there, and my meal is still delicious and satisfying.

Bonus: Any time someone mentions my beloved Georgia, Virginia, New York City, Paris, or Rome. #feelslikehometome

atlanta crest georgia spring

Ok, so now, on a more serious note, here are….

Five Things that Not Only Make Me Smile but Also Make My Life Whole:

1) Finding new people who just get me, and who I just get right back. (Like my family, my husband, and many of you! I can’t speak to everyone, but generally, I feel like we understand each other)

namascray meme

Soulcycle with my ladies!

Soulcycle with my ladies!

2) Physical movement and exercise (yes, that includes running). Correction–effortless, pain-free movement and exercise. I am always happy when I am moving with freedom.

Running Happy.

Running Happy.

3) The sun on my face, warmth on my skin, the smell of spring and summer in the air. Savoring the moment.

View from Museum Campus, Chicago during CES Marathon Coaching

4) Making someone else smile, or simply witnessing someone else’s unadulterated and pure joy.

funny cat vacuum cleaner

5) Sharing my passions and knowledge with others, particularly so as to make a positive impact on their life, however small that impact might be. It is part of the reason that I loved waitressing: a) I got to play with and talk food, but above all b) because I could seriously make someone’s day or night by engaging with them and maybe even helping them discover something about themselves. I love coaching for the same reasons–it is just with reverence to another passion of mine.

running inspiration marathon training suzlyfe

A relatively short, but sweet, post for you all to take you into the weekend. I hope that you find yourself smiling for all that you are worth!

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What is the first thing that made you smile today? What is the first thing that comes to your mind that makes you smile now? What are you smiling towards?

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