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Friday Five: Favorite Fall Activities

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I know, I know, more fall things, more f words. Well, if you don’t like it, you can ggeeeettttttttt out!

DC_linkup_ friday_5Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-Glamour

We are officially in fall, so I thought that the Friday 5 prompt was quite appropriate: Favorite Fall Activities. I’m going to take a little liberty with theme (gasp), as these are more favorite fall memories, less activities, as I don’t think that the majority of these things are likely to happen this year.



1) Engaging with the flavors of fall. Cooking with pumpkin and squash, that smell wafting through the air. Bonfires + mulled apple cider (alcoholic or not, hot or cold) + s’mores. Self explanatory. But here are some awesome picks from my 4th year sorority bonfire.

alex dancing bonfire 2009

cara alex bonfire dancing 2009

I married him. She was my Maid of Honor. And you wonder why I am the way I am.

I will always love Virginia.

I will always love Virginia.

2) Being out in nature enjoying the colors and doing things like apple and pumpkin picking. Just being outside, with a scarf on, a good jacket, my arm in Alex’s, doing whatever it is that we want to do. One of my absolute most favorite memories of New York City is from my first year, when I spent much of the fall running through the various parks watching little kids learn to play soccer with their parents. Families out with their dogs and just frolicking about. I’ll never forget it.

Tgiving 027

3) Party planning and cooking for others. I loooooooved planning out and cooking our Thanksgiving feast last year. And then baking cookies for the staff in the building, and extra cookies and creations for my coworkers at the restaurant.

Yes.  That Good.

Cranberry Cupcakes From Thanksgiving.

There is just such a range of things to cook and to share, and you are often happy about the extra warmth in the apartment!

All of these pics are from fall finals shows!

All of these pics are from fall finals shows!

4) Athletic Finals/Goal races/etc. This was the season of prepping for horse show finals, traveling for the big end of the year horse shows, and then doing the same for running. Also, galloping across the fields of Virginia with that incredible smell of fresh air, lush soil, horse hair, leather, and freedom.

thanksgiving alex susie roanoke 2011

5) Festivities and excitement for all. Fall and the very very beginning of winter are, in many ways (at least in my mind), months for the kiddos. So much excitement–first with school, then with Halloween, then Christmas. Summer is about kids playing while the adults tipple. Fall is about family to me. Lights get strung up, you walk amongst the trees in the pleasantly chilly weather, or you cuddle on the couch. As commercialized as many of these holidays have become, in my mind, fall is filled with a warmth of love, family, and connection. I don’t really get all that into decorating for fall–we don’t really have the room, but I did buy a few mini pumpkins! My family used to get into decorating when I was a kid. You better believe that we got the pine cone wreath out.

fall decor fashion food

I recently did a blog post for my work blog on Fall Decorating, Fashion, and Food/Recipes that I think you all will really enjoy if you are looking for ideas, and particularly if you are living the apartment life!

What are your favorite activities or memories of fall? Are you able to continue them this year?

Is fall a crazy time for you, or do you find a bit of a respite from the madness? After years of applying to programs, planning a wedding, studying, last year was the first time I haven’t had something huge hanging over me. Oh, well, I guess I did run a marathon! Does that count?

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