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Five Easy Pieces: Essential Summer Wardrobe


Buenos Dias, mi amigos! No, I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m not very well going to be all Salvite, omnes! (Latin)

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What with the start of summer, the brain lag of coming back from vacation, and the plethora of sales that we are being bombarded with for Memorial Day, I’ve got sun, fun, and cute clothes on the brain. I don’t shop much, really–I window shop online quite a bit, but really, I don’t buy much overall (a. I’m cheap, b. I’m picky, c. I don’t need much). But over the past few weeks, I’ve picked up some great new pieces as well as unearthed some favorite (and little used) togs that I am excited to get back into! So I thought that I would chat for a bit about my must haves for the summer season (Non Running Edition).

Suz’s Essential Summer Wardrobe Pieces


1) Bottoms other than jeans

1a) Maxi Dresses and Skirts

prana skye dress suzlyfe 2

green tiger maxi (800x452)

I am not a “dress girl,” per se–I am a Maxi dress girl. Otherwise, I’m in jeans or shorts. Maxi’s are my JAM. I have a few that I have been wearing for years, but I picked up a few new ones last summer and this spring that I am itching to take for a spin! 

1b) Fun shorts

bridesmaids lunch flower girls wedding

I love fun shorts. All the prints and colors. 

2) Hats

Rose DeWitt Bucater taught me that big hats are always a good idea.

Rose DeWitt Bucater taught me that big hats are always a good idea.

Wrinkles don’t look good on anyone. And I’m pretty lucky–I wear hats well. This was exceptionally fortunate when I rode horses. Though I didn’t start out that way–I have a pretty large sized melon for a girl, and it grew first (well, my head, my shoulders, my boobs, and my hips. Otherwise, nothing else really grew). But I looooove hats. I still mourn the loss of my favorite fedora from our trip to Mexico last year (when I left it on the plane). I got a new one, but it is too small. le sigh.

3) Sunglasses

Couldn't find a pic of Alex and I in our matching Ray Bans, so here is me in my Coach frames

Couldn’t find a pic of Alex and I in our matching Ray Bans, so here is me in my Coach frames

I have been wearing aviators since my senior year of high school. Specifically, the rectangular Ray-Bans, because they followed the arch of my eyebrows well. Alex even inherited a pair from me! SO MATCHY. Then I got my Coach aviators from Nordstrom Rack, but they are pretty well spent by now.

suz nautica sunglasses summer essentials

We went to the Nags Head outlets last week, and I took a complete departure from my aviator ways, and went a bit more glam this time. But I dig them!

4) Sandals

Compression wear under maxi skirt. But the focus is the sandals

Compression wear under maxi skirt. But the focus is the sandals


Marathon Runner + Problematic Feet and Ankles + Summer Clothes + Lots of Walking = Problem. Finding cute sandals that don’t also mess  up your feet horrifically is like finding chupacabra. Finding cute, supportive sandals that don’t blow the budget? Next to impossible. THANK YOU TARGET. My two favorite affordable and comfy summer shoes are from the Bullseye! My DV Dolce Vita wedges (that I’ve had for nearly 5 years) and these:

mossimo birkenstock knockoff sandals suz

Mossimo Birkenstock knock offs that I am digging (and supportive enough for me while coming off of injury!)

5) Accessories

Is it weird that I like watch tan lines? I think I like them because they are marks of time spent outside in the sun, thereby reminding me of my horse days and running and spending time with friends. Like I mentioned yesterday, Alex’s and my watches have been broken for nearly a year, and even though I have looked and shopped for watches over the months (and I even bought myself a watch for Christmas, but it was stupid big, so I returned it), I’ve never found a watch I’ve liked better than my beloved Skagen. 

skagen chronograph womens watch.jpeg

Summer also makes me want to bust out the dangly earrings and fun necklaces (to wear with my maxi dresses, natch). As marathon training ramps up (and thus I’m running more), I often take off my everyday necklace, giving me the perfect opportunity to have some fun!

You know I love me a statement necklace

You know I love me a statement necklace

Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain the majority of this weekend and then cool off for a few days, so the likelihood of me getting to wear any of these things is slim to none. But I will dream my dreams (does that make any of you think of Dane Cook? So dream your dream, you f***ing dreamer).

I thought this appropriately summery.

I thought this appropriately summery.

Have a great weekend, y’all, and I hope that some of you get to enjoy some fun in the sun for me!

Bring on the sun! These 5 Easy Pieces are must haves for summer #fitfam #friday5 #fashion via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

What are your NON FITNESS must haves for summer? Are you a dress or shorts person? Loud colors or neutrals?

What are your go-to brands for affordable fashion and accessories?

Linking up with Friday Five, Fit and Fashionable, and Friday Favorites! Thank you all!

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