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Five Blogging Resolutions to Maintain Integrity


In true Suz Fashion, It seems that I am a day late and a dollar short to the conversation! Today’s topic for the Friday Five is Blogging Resolutions. Well, I seem to have been discussing all of that quite a bit in the past few weeks! I am sure that you all are quite over me talking about me and all that stuff. So, in a nutshell, my BLOGGING resolution is as follows, as consensus from my post yesterday:

Suz, don’t become a “professional blogging ho.”

I can do that.

I thus present to you Five Blogging Resolutions to Maintain Integrity.

blogging integrity


  1. And the most important rule in life, love, blogging, fitness, everything:
Totally Sober. NOT KIDDING. From NYE 2014

Totally Sober. NOT KIDDING. From NYE 2014

1) Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take what you DO seriously. But not yourself. But do take yourself seriously enough. Blogging should not keep you up at night, or interfere with your life. Whether you blog as a hobby or as a career, it doesn’t matter. Find the balance, don’t get lost. Nobody likes someone who is too intense about themselves, but don’t understate yourself. Be a presence, but not a weight.

  1. Say what you feel, but with tact.

I have no intention of not telling it like it is–with candor and tact, of course. I won’t be slamming things just for the sake of shock value, but you know that if something doesn’t work for me? I’m going to tell you. Because I have juuuuuuuuuuust enough of my Southern Belle mama in me to be able to tell you that your petticoat is showing and you don’t know how to make a suitable Arnold Palmer, but all without you ever feeling like I just soiled all of your dreams.

crushed dreams

3. Don’t be insincere.

No one likes a worm or a greaseball. Don’t just sit there and suck up to someone so that you can get their attention, or get attention by proxy. And don’t say things just for shock value.

To combine #2 and #3 and give an example: If I don’t like a product, or I don’t think that it is right for me, I will say so, but I will note both its pros and cons. There have been times (and you all remember them), when I have said: I can see where this product might work or be necessary, but it is not for me at this time. Maybe later, but not now.

Case in point, both Alex and I used to hate whiskey.

Case in point, both Alex and I used to hate whiskey.

4. Never say never when it comes to experiences

Almost exactly a year ago, I stopped reading a blogger that I had long followed. I thought she was funny, we had a decent amount in common, and I respected her voice, as well as her “I’m not one of the big guys and I don’t care to be” stance. But then, out of nowhere, she took part in a challenge that was sponsored by a major company. I have no problem with taking opportunity, but all I ask is that you give voice to your own evolution. That is important–you are allowed to change, but we need to understand it, as readers and people that trust you.

5. Have your own voice.

When I was at the Windy City Bloggers Holiday Party, Lauren and Cara and I  were chatting about how plagiarization seems to have become a big problem. My question was, simply, how people find out? To be honest, I still have no clue! And then either Lauren or Cara, I don’t remember which one, made the best comment ever: that it would be hard to pass off my writing as someone else’s, because I have such a distinctive voice and way of speaking and presenting my commentary (and this being a good thing, not that I speak in code or something). AND THAT MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME. When you read a post, a paragraph, even a sentence from me, I want you to know immediately that “this is Suz.” My voice is my brand.

An extra one for good luck:

Be ok with _____. And this goes with #1. Something is gonna have to give. You can’t have perfect SEO, perfect pictures, perfect comments, fit all the diets, fit all the fitness trends, lalalala everyone likes me and I am so popular. Play to your strengths, don’t dwell on your weaknesses (and if you can, strengthen them), and  admit when you mess up, and know that it is ok to make mistakes.

screw it meme

I hope that you will make a resolution to maintain your own Blogging Integrity with me, and to help each other do so in a constructive and supportive way. This isn’t about tearing people down, but enabling the best community possible.

Happy New Year, Happy First Weekend of the Year, and here is to a fantastic 2015 of blogging and life!

How do you stay true to yourself? What is your blogging resolution?

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