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Friday Five Infertility Lyfe

Friday Five! (Winter is Coming… Again)

After a lot of heavy from the heart posts this week, let’s discuss the nonsensical nature of life, shall we? Plus a few updates and things to look forward to!

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Now, let’s discuss five things on my mind at the moment!

Friday Five 2/24/17

Winter is Coming

But first… can we talk about the fact that winter is coming slash returning (seriously, after near record highs this week, and a potential record today, plus thunderstorms). Remember how I said that February was going to basically be a repeat of December? Yeah, pretty much! So, I guess if I’m not going to be able to run anymore (4 weeks starts now!), it might as well be yucky outside. 

Then again, I would love to be able to walk home from the hospital without my quadriceps seizing up. Which did happen during one walk back. I discovered it when I attempted to run across the street (which is allowed) and my legs wouldn’t pick up!

My Animals have Issues

Alex has started to refer to our little clan as a zoo, and I don’t think that he is that far off. Case in point: Wednesday. 

Ridley came back from boarding this weekend (while we were in Madison) smelling to high heaven, so I made an appointment for a legit bath for her on Wednesday. The bath went off without a hitch, she came home all fluffy and lovely (and I had cleaned her bed as well, so she wasn’t then reveling back in ick).  

To make a very long story short… I sit down on the couch to start working on things, and I hear Zoe causing a ruckus–meowing like crazy and scratching. I hear a door moving a bit, but I assume it is due to the air movement in the apartment from opening up the windows. Then I think maybe the cat has locked herself in the bedroom (it has happened before). After 3 minutes of clawing and meowing and whipping Ridley into a frenzy and me trying to find the cat… I finally realize that she is on the other side of the front door. Don’t think she will be “going exploring” again any time soon.

Now, for Ridley. Alex gets home and naps with her for a bit before taking her out… and they both come back in with itchy eyes, only Ridley’s swell shut! He calls the vet, they tell him to give her an antihistamine and watch her, and by the time that I get home, she is doing better. Next morning, she looks better, but apparently when Alex took her out, her eyes got all squinty again, so the little dear had to go to the vets and get eye drops. And Alex got to experience her dislike of the thermometer. 

Never a dull moment.

IVF Update

So far, I’m feeling pretty good! Knock wood. As I mentioned yesterday, I anticipated that I would have a bit more of a reaction to this round of treatment because of the increase in dosage. Then again, it is still early on, so who knows? I have my Day 5 ultrasound and labs today (check here for a primer on what that means) and so will likely get an increase in dosage and maybe some side effects there. To be perfectly clear, I am FINE with not feeling symptoms, just in case you were curious! Lol. But yeah, I am basically planning on spending at least 7 of the next 10 days getting literally poked and prodded at the doctors! 

Fare thee well, Exercise

Day 5 of IVF means exercise and other fun things abstinence starts! Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of some beautiful runs this week, and even though I wish I could have run down to the doctor today (I don’t think I will be able to do so because of Tstorms predicted, but maybe just the run down there), I am also very much at peace with my return to walking for the next 4 weeks (at least). This go round, I will probably keep up with my lifting a bit more (after chatting with the doctors), particularly with regards to my upper body. Then again, I do think that I said that last time…. so again, we shall see.

A Weekend of Beer and then Back to the Grind

Well, I guess that is for Alex. He starts back up on attending this Monday, so this weekend, we are going to use a Groupon for another beer flight opportunity on Saturday and then meet up with Team Challenge at Hopcat on Sunday. While Alex is back to the grind next week, I am going to get myself buckled back down to work on my projects. So CHEERS, BITCHES.


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Update me on something from your week!

Is your home a zoo as well? Or is it just me 😀

Joining up with the Friday Five 2.0!

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