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Friday Favorites (Puppy Love, Mommy Time, DEENA KASTOR)

 From puppies to running legends, this has been a pretty freaking stellar week, and there is no other way to celebrate it other than with Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites and the DC Trifecta (Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia) for Friday Five!

Friday Favorites September 16

1) Saturday (in total)

We knocked it out of the park! Don't miss this recap and review of the Chicago Run Mag Mile Half Marathon and 5k! This flat fast course is perfect for a PR! Get the full review at

My first half marathon after Sacral Stress Fracture!

I had an amazing Saturday, and I am counting it because it happened in the last 7 days. I rocked my half marathon, Alex rocked his 5K, I got to hang out with Marcia, and then we finished it all out with brunch at Eggy’s.

With Mrs. Marcia of Marcia's Healthy Slice, who won one of my giveaway entries!

With Mrs. Marcia of Marcia’s Healthy Slice, who won one of my giveaway entries!

After a nap wearing my Unicorn Running Team shirt, compression, and Crocs, I put on real clothes and Alex and I went to Adobo Grill for all of my favorite Mexican foods (jicama, salsa, ceviche, chips, margaritas!) enjoyed al fresco and finished with froyo. 

Unicorn Running Team forever! The best way to recover!

Basically, it was an amazing day.


Hi, I'm Ridley! I am Susie and Alex's new fur baby daughter, and I was rescued from PAWS Chicago! @suzlyfe

If you can’t tell, I am slightly in heaven and obsessed with our dog! After finding out that we weren’t going to be able to adopt the puppy that we had our hopes set on, I was really upset, and we almost didn’t go to look for puppies/dogs. Obviously, things fell into place, and I am freaking over the moon. I love being a mommy! Have you met Ridley yet? And you better be following us on Instagram Stories!


Running with my husband is one of my favorite things ever. Period.

With all of the interviewing and work commitments–oh, and the fact that I had to sleep on the couch, lol–it was lovely to have my running buddy back for a few miles, to have my dinner buddy back and to cook for him a few nights, and to have few nights in the same bed. I’ll be happy when all of these trips are over!

4) Having a Beer with Deena Kastor!

Deena Kastor and I sharing a beer at Goose Island Brewery thanks to the Abbott Marathon Majors!

SOOOOOOO if you follow me on IG, you a) are getting so much Ridley time you can’t stand it and b) you saw that I got to have a beer with Deena Kastor! Perfect timing, as I had just listened to 2 podcasts featuring her!  I’ve met her a few times before (at shakeout runs for the Chicago Marathon), and she is just awesome and such a great spirit and representative of women’s running (unlike the spoilsport that I talked about on Wednesday).

PS She sneezes if she drinks an IPA because of the hops. #nowyouknow

Remember when I met Joan Benoit Samuelson last year? Here’s the advice she gave me!

Puppies, Races, and what makes @DeenaKastor Sneeze #fridayfavorites #runchat #puppies Click To Tweet


Mommy is coming this weekend! We planned this trip a while ago, but now it is even more perfect–Ridley gets to meet her namesake (Ridley is my mom’s maiden name)! I am just so excited. I’m going to fix dinner for us at home tonight after a few clients, but otherwise, we get to do what we want without any boys interfering. It is going to be amazing. 

Happy dance version, not post-spin version.

Happy dance version, not post-spin version.

I hope you all have a supercalifragilous weekend. Good luck to those running their big 20 milers for the Chicago Marathon! I will be cheering and coaching from afar!

Tell me one of your week’s highlights!

What is your favorite type of beer?

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