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Friday Favorites 11/4

There was a lot to love this week, so picking just five Friday Favorites was a challenge! What did I end up with?

Big ups to our new Friday Five hostesses, Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy and to Heather for Friday Favorites!

Good luck to everyone running the New York City Marathon and all other races this weekend!

Friday Favorites 11/4

This week’s theme was “about me.” As I’ve already done a number of these (and I’m an open book, lol), check out these Suzlyfe Confessions if you want some fun and silly facts about me, or read on for my Friday Favorites!



Let’s get the obvious one covered. Fun fact: My baseball team has now beaten the Cleveland Indians twice in the World Series. I am from Atlanta, and we beat the Indians in the 1995 World Series! Ironically, John Smoltz, who was won of the commentators of the game, was one of the Braves best pitchers for years and a major part of our winning bullpen that year!

Yes, I am a Chicago transplant, and no, I haven’t been a Cubs fan for years and years and years, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cubs (Rookie of the Year??), and I love their team spirit. I am proud to be a Cubs fan!

2) New Arctic Zero Flavors

Obsessed with the Key Lime Pie Arctic Zero! These new flavors are incredible! @suzlyfe

I am conflicted. I got sent a few more pints of Arctic Zero, and now am so conflicted as to which is my favorite flavor: Brownie Batter, Cookie Dough, Cake Batter, or Key Lime Pie. I seriously can decide. I want them all. Too bad the Brownie Batter is really the only one that I’ve seen around here. But maybe that is better for me, as otherwise I would basically live off of it. And yes, stay tuned for a giveaway to come!

3) Beautiful Outdoor Runs

The Sunrise during this morning run was incredible!

I was a good girl and took my own advice and got my booty outside for some late fall runs! That meant that I started out in darkness, but then I got the most beautiful rewards. I beat the rain on Wednesday and got all my miles in outside, though I was prepared to take it indoors. Layering was key in both of these runs!

4) Daycare for Ridley

Ridley passed out on my lap after daycare! Love Urban Pooch on Damen!

As much as I love spending time with my little girl, I am happy that we have a daycare that we are really happy with. When I take her to daycare, I don’t have to feel bad for having clients or whatever, or need to rush home, or have to worry that she is barking and annoying our neighbors. I know that she is getting supervised socialization with other dogs and puppies her own size, which is so important. Plus, she passes out, and then we just get to cuddle later 😀

5) Being a Unicorn at Work

Suzicorn sighting! Unicorn onesie for the win!

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I crack myself up. I had so much fun walking through the gym totally nonchalantly and seeing how people reacted. Some burst out laughing, some did double takes, and some… had no reaction at all. Literally said nothing. One of my clients was one of those–but then, he is a lawyer, so he knows how to keep a straight face! My clients that didn’t come in on Monday have made me promise to bring it back 😀 

Suzicorns, Cubs + new @arcticzero flavors: check out Suz's favorites this week! #sweatpink #flytheW Click To Tweet

What are you loving this week? 

Who ran outside this week!

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