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Friday Favorites: Marathon Training Must Haves Edition

Yay hooray the Phoenix Marathon is tomorrow! Wanna track me and all my crazy friends? Use this little form here for updates!

lt’s been an interesting few months since I made the decision to run Phoenix (check out my final thoughts going into the race here), and an interesting time to train for it, so I thought that I would give shout outs to my marathon training superstars! 

suzlyfe marathon training must haves

Marathon Training Must Haves and Favorites

You guys

Seriously, your support and comments from yesterday mean so much to me. Speedy legs or not, thank you so much for thinking about me  

Running Partners in Crime.

Last year, I started running with other people for the first time when I started doing some races and long runs with Mo and Erica. Though Mo and I never got to make up for our missed run from January, Erica has graciously brought me into the fold of the Saturday morning run group, and I am forever thankful. These ladies have gotten my booty out the door when I just didn’t think I could, have kept me running consistently at the paces that I should have, and just in general been a fantastic change of scenery. I hope to continue to run with them after I am recovered post marathon!

The Lake Front Trail.

running lake front suzlyfe

Speaking of, big ups to the Lake Front Trail. Though I desperately wish your bathrooms were open during the winter (I’ve had some issues with my stomach netting through my long runs during this cycle), you are nearly always cleared and usable, and there is always someone out there to keep you going even when you think you are the only one stupid enough to be running. Hooray for friendly faces!

A Mild Winter up Until Taper.

I think that we can all agree that the crazy January that Chicago experienced last year was wreaked upon Boston this February (record cold, record snow, canceled everything). However, winter up until that point was virtually nonexistent, save for a week in the beginning of January, until February, which TOTALLY worked for me because February = taper for me! So while yes, Old Man Winter seems to be a drunk, he at least is a benevolent drunk who stays at home or, at the very least, doesn’t drink and drive. But I still vote in favor of rehab for the poor dude.

Cross Training that Works for Me + Figuring out the Treadmill

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana updog

Though my tenure with Class Pass was fun, and I had an amazing time trying out reformer pilates and spin, continuing with that or my Core Power commitment was just not feasible with the holiday schedule that we had. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise–I don’t think that I would have I gotten my act back together and delved back into my yoga practice as wholeheartedly otherwise. Though the treadmill and I had some difficulties after a few weeks of footloose and fancy free runch and treadmill runs, I realized that I couldn’t rely on it because of my innate activation issues and old habits.


Being smart and pulling myself back from my runs when I had strains and things. That meant less running in Charlottesville, less speedwork, and downgrading back to a 3x a week running schedule. It also meant a few weeks of not running at all, but you know what? I am better for it, and it forced me to rest.

Proper Clothing

yaktrax run review suzlyfe

Oh, winter, you silly bitch (apparently I am in a saucy mood, writing wise, today. I speak with a far more foul mouth, but I try not to write with one!). Having the right clothing has proven to be invaluable for this winter, and I have to say that the mildness of the winter, with its few dips, has also helped me try things out for subsequent years. I essentially have 2 different versions of everything: tights, vests, jackets, long sleeve layers, tanks vs short sleeves, footwear (until I sent back one), socks, gloves, hats, etc. Depending on my plans for next winter, I might invest in a pair of big time mittens, but that will wait for now. Curious about what I wore? See my “run” down of my winter running layering strategy, my must have winter running essentials, Yaktrax Running review, and my Christmas Presents. I have ended up loving my Saucony gloves, but had it been colder, they would not have been sufficient.

Newton Kismets

newton kismet review

I continue to stand by my review of my Kismets, and I will be racing in them tomorrow and running in them in the future. I love them. I purchased the BOCO AT’s for Christmas, and I ran in them for about a month, and unfortunately, due to a more minimalist construction and less responsive platform/cushion, they ended up not being right for me, though I loved how they felt, looked, and responded. I returned to my old Ravennas for a bit to give my calves a rest as they returned to normal, but I have been able to return to my Kismets, and Newton Running allowed me to return the BOCO’s for a full refund. Great product, great customer service.

Compression and New Tiux Compression Socks

With this desk job of mine, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without compression socks. Beyond Flats Friday, this winter was Compression Sock Friday. I traveled in my socks on my plane rides (a good idea for runners, but also because of my medications). Recently, I have actually been trying out a new compression sock company, Tiux, which will be going public with their socks this coming month. I gave you all a sneak peek of them on Instagram after my last long run, but I wanted to give you a bit more info on them!

tiux compression socks

Tiux Compression company is a start up that sells directly to you from the internet with the intention not only of giving you a superior product and customer experience, but also so as to help keep the cost of the socks low. They are only $35!! 

My review of Tiux socks:

tiux compression socks review

HOLY BANANAS the fabric is absolutely incredible. Silky smooth and dare I say it, luxurious. A word that I never thought that I would use for a compression sock. I like the fact that there is a left and a right–I always feel like you get a better product performance with something is tailored like that (I mean, shoes are meant for particular feet, why not socks?). The feet are lightly padded, contributing to the luxurious feel and, in my opinion, preventing blisters. Also, they feel a bit warmer, but the tech fabric deals with sweat efficiently, so you don’t actually sweat in them. I will be curious to see what happens in summer, though. Something else that I am particularly fond of? Targeted calf stabilization. They aren’t as tight as the ProCompression socks–but they are going to let me try a size down and see if that makes a difference–which was definitely a change for me, but I couldn’t tell a difference in their effectiveness. Also, the height of these socks is much more in accordance with normal people–no bunching!

Overall? Big fan, and I look forward to seeing this company grow! I also want to mention that a small percentage of their sales goes to help landmine affected areas–love that they give back! Check them out and preorder some for yourself today!  I seriously want the pink…

Random extras: Spotify, Oyster (all the books), and All the Granola and Healthy Snacks. Seriously. We have a problem with granola. I’m not kidding. 

sperience chicago eleni egg white omelet

Oh and this huge thing.

There isn’t too much that I would change about this training. I was smart, I enjoyed my running, I ran with friends, and I get to run with even more friends tomorrow. Cheers to that! Oh, and I will be running #likeaSuz. You know it.

Have a happy weekend, and (for those of you who are interested) I will keep you all updated! And if you don’t give a what, then

Have a great weekend! Think good thoughts for me!

What are you “marathon of ____” favorites?

Do you like to run in the rain? 

Thank you Heather and Jill!

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