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Friday Favorites! I RAN!! (ish)

Today, I have nothing informative or knowledgeable to tell you. I simply have some fantastic Friday Favorites for you. Stick around though, you might still learn something 😀

Thank you to Heather! Now, on to the show!

Friday Favorites 2/12

1) My First PT Session

Thank you all for the good lucks and texts for my first physical therapy session yesterday–I really was pretty nervous about it, and those nerves only got worse when I woke up on Thursday morning and could “feel” my sacrum. No pain, no achiness, just could feel it–you know what I mean. Cue even more nerves. I went down and did the bike and tried the elliptical, and all was well, but still. 

One thing that I will say, as much as I wish I never had to see her, I love my therapist, Melissa (Missy) at React Physical Therapy in the West Loop. I would refer anyone to their team, but Missy is all mine 😀 She has worked on me multiple times since we moved to Chicago (this is my 4th ridiculous injury!), so she knows my body well, she knows my story, and we are just kind of ridiculous together. 

She did a full eval of me, released some muscles that felt soooo much better after, and then I started doing my exercises.

2) RUNNING, or, well, “Running”

Missy thought that it would be a good idea for me to get on the Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill and walk/dabble in running after. I hesitated, and then decided, why the balls not. AND IT WAS FINE. Felt kind of like doing an elliptical. We had me at 65% of my body weight, and we are going to work to increase the load over the next few weeks. 


I raaaaaan! Sure, it was 65% of my bodyweight and for 8 minutes but it was painless and AMAZING after 3.5 months #runchat

A video posted by Susie @ Suzlyfe (@the_suzlyfe) on Feb 11, 2016 at 2:19pm PST

Guys. I know I will get emotional when I finally run my first mile again, but this was different. This was just pure exhilaration. I felt free. I felt… maybe not strong, but I felt so hopeful again. Like I was not only going in the right direction, but that I had made the right decisions. It was so gratifying–like a high five, you have done this correctly, you might have more time, but you will get there. Sure, I’ve known that I would run again, but I don’t know if I even really believed it, to be honest. But this made it feel possible. Really, truly, possible. 

And I needed to FEEL that. Not just to say it. 

3) My 15 Minutes (Podcasting and Bitchy Resting Face)

I really had the best time chatting with Denny for the upcoming podcast. Not only were we chatting about a favorite subject for both of us, he did a great job of leading me through the hour. I could not have asked for a better host to pop my podcasting cherry! THANK YOU DENNY.

In other all caps news, Olena and Ange found my bitchy resting face moment on Jillian Michaels! Here I am, in all my BRF glory:

15 minutes of fame: making bitchy resting face at Jillian Michaels |

That is just the face you make after a 16 mile run + coaching and being in the middle of Jillian Michaels workout. But at least my shoulders look good.

4) Epic Mail Day

Thursday, I had a seriously epic mail day: 

Love Drop from Love Grown Foods from Itz Linz’s Giveaway

My first love drop! Thank you Love Grown Foods and Itz Linz!

New awesome running clothes from Zulily (I’ll model them later)

My new unicorn journal

Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome, therefore, I am a unicorn journal!

My shipment from Green Blender! To help me stay satisfied and healthy during my colonoscopy pre-prep. Use code SUZLYFE to get 20% off your order!

The opening of my Green Blender Smoothie shipment!


5) Alex

Last, but never least, is my husband, Alex. Not only has it been amazing to spend a bit more time with him before he has to do some coverage in CCU (cardiac critical care) for one of our friends, he continues to be such a rock for me during funemployment and a rockstar for me during this injury and recovery. Thank you, baby, for supporting me and keeping me afloat, even if that means just shaking your head and looking the other way. You are always my Valentine.

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And he brought home an epic apple fritter last night. #idie

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What are your favorites for the week?

What are you up to this weekend?

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