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Friday Favorites, Being Social, and New Balance Girls Night out

A few fun moments from the week that made me feel like a real person. I think they qualify as favorites. I know that I have said a few times how up and down this move here to Chicago has been, most particularly with regards to finding a group of girlfriends. I feel like I really cemented that this week.



I will always love and adore my old friends, who I have known for years and years, but it just the best feeling to know that I have people that I can talk to for hours on end (regardless of the many dead cellphone areas that try to kill it for us, haha), that text/call/email me to make plans (and vice versa), and also that I can make longer term plans with (#blogbucketlist). It is lovely to start to find this balance between these different aspects of my life, my different interests, and my past, present, and future. I think I really do owe blogging a deep debt of gratitude for bringing me “back,” as it were, and pushing me forward.

Ways I was social this week:

Saturday, Alex and I went out, and then I went with him to a resident shindig to watch fireworks, and further discovered the other residents/residents’ significant others that I really respond to.

Sunday, I had an hour long conversation with someone who I didn’t know a year ago (beyond her writing), and had never spoken to beyond emails in February. She has become one of my best friends, and there are few people who understand these errant parts of me like she does.

Monday, I headed to Roy’s with Alex and Leah to celebrate the continued success of Social. Leah is someone who I deeply believe in, as both a businesswoman and as a person. She is so smart, and just one of the most genuine people. It is always a pleasure to be around her, and I see her as someone who could become a great friend in the city, as well as someone that I can learn much from.

At the bar at Cantina Laredo

From another night, but same dress. Hey, it’s a good one!

And I wore a fun dress πŸ˜€

Tuesdays, I have a standing phone conversation with a guy on our digital marketing team. We get along really well, and we are both super easy going and our sense of humor is pretty similar, so we spend the majority of the time having a hilarious conversation and we’re like oh wait, we have work. And then we sit down, make a plan, and I spend the rest of the day cranking out work, and he does the same. And don’t worry, Mom, he just moved in with his girlfriend of several years (we were discussing the move this week). (I know that is the thought going through her mind, lol).

Also on Tuesday, the Justin Bobby piece cracked all of us up, and reminded me of just how hilarious you all are, and new people joined in on the conversation, which you know I love! And Mo and I continue to text/tweet hilariously inappropriate things to each other. It is what we do.

Wednesday night brought an opportunity to really solidify the presence of some amazing people in my life, as well as meet a few more! Sara covered this in a post of her own yesterday, but Wednesday night, New Balance Chicago hosted a Girls Night Out event (apparently, Asics also held an event that night, that Leah was working with Social, and we thought we were going to be at the same event, but alas!). I got home from work, and then laced up and ran up to the store, arriving nice and sweaty already (it was way warmer than it had been when I left the office!).

GNO Suz and Sara together

Immediately found Sara (I am obsessed with her height–she is a hair under 6 feet, and I LOVE it!), and we hung out and chatted for a bit before it was time for a group pic, and then I found ERICA! Which was a lovely surprise! Erica and her friends that I met at Zooma were there as well, and the 5 of us ran over to the lake together, discussing typical runner things, like well fitting apparel and transferring race entries, haha.

runchi new balance girls night out suzlyfe

The workout in and of itself wasn’t anything crazy, it was more a a good stretch, but I could feel some of it by the end, especially since I had worked out (lightly) that morning. I loved the outfit of the head trainer, but they didn’t have it in the store (le sigh). Also, one of the other trainers was JACKED. And a girl. It was mesmerizing. She could have broken me in half, easily. And one of the participants was in love with Dave, the head dude trainer. There was also a guy that basically just acted as portable speakers. It was hilarious. The workout was done as 5 sections, warmup (with dynamic and some static stretches), 3 circuits of 2 rounds of 4 exercises (30s on, 15 s off), and then finisher round with 5 exercises 30 seconds each. Lots of planks, squat/lunge variations, punctuated by jumps.  Sara and I confirmed that neither of us have any vertical leap capacity–she due to screws in her ankle, me due to ineptitude. But the scenery was gorgeous, and it was nice to be out there with friends.

Chicago Skyline suzlyfe 2

We returned to the store, tried some drinky dranks, and chatted with Maggie, the doyen of the Chicago Running Bloggers (#runchi), and Erica, and discussed a hilarious number of things, from the obvious to the inexplicable. Ultimately, it was time to depart, and I, being a good date, walked Sara home. And then we made big plans. Let’s just say, it is so on πŸ˜€

And then I had this for dinner, with a dessert of eggs, turkey, toast, and popcorn. Keep it classy.

yogurtland froyo

Thursday morning, I went to a C2 class with my girl Elyse, who I just adore. Seriously, there are few super structured things I can do at that time of day, and she understands that, but we still leave acquiver. Also, Compass 2 is such a cool pose and so much harder than it looks. Thursday night, I hung out with Alex before returning to the yoga studio for my cleaning shift, which is always a great moment to connect with others.

green tiger maxi (800x452)

And I wore another fun dress πŸ˜€

Alex and I also as of yesterday (Thursday, already have our first vacation of next year planned! We are going to spend a week on the east coast with Alex’s brother and family and other friends (and a little foray to Atlanta SQUEE).

I don’t know what this weekend will bring, but I am really happy with the direction that everything is going–I don’t feel overwhelmed, I feel balanced. The social, the private, and work, the fun. I hope that I have appropriately balanced my training as well, as I increase to another full scale long run this weekend.

In the midst of summer, how are you finding balance, or where are you finding that you need balance? 

If you have made a big move before, how did you find a new social circle?

Have a fantastic weekend, my favorite fools! I’ll be out and out on Twitter, IG, etc, so check you later!

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