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#FlatsFriday Crohn's Friday Faves Lyfe

Five times the Friday Favorites and #FlatsFriday 3!

We are going to bust this out 5×5 style, because why the freak not?


5 things making me very happy

1) Alex

First off, congrats to him for being a full-fledged resident as of yesterday. He has been an intern-resident the past year, but as of yesterday, he has MINIONS. Congratulations, babe. Now haze the crap out of them.

Postcard from Ursula, flowers from Alex, my wedding, and Wimbledon. A corner of happiness.

Postcard from Ursula, flowers from Alex, my wedding, and Wimbledon. A corner of happiness.

If you missed it, on Wednesday, he got off early and I texted him around 4 that I wasn’t feeling great. (see yesterday and this tiredness/cold/stomach whatever that he was wrassling with too) So he just up and went to the store and got me flowers. Just because he knows that I love flowers and he just wanted to cheer me up. CUE THE AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Then again, he did get me sick, lol.

2) Cara (+ other Alex)

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3) Chocolate

I found this in a coworker's office. They don't need all of them by themselves. Thus, I am provide a charitable service. And they are Almond M&Ms. #WINNING

I found this in a coworker’s office. They don’t need all of them by themselves. Thus, I am provide a charitable service.
And they are Almond M&Ms. #WINNING

4) Flowers

If that doesn't make you happy, you have no soul.

If that doesn’t make you happy, you have no soul.

5) Wimbledon


I am not a big tennis person historically, but Wimbledon to me is synonymous with summer. And it takes me back to making my scones, so insta-happy. And I love Murray.

5 things making me not so happy, but I will be happy when they are replaced

1) Fog.

foggy chicago

Pop quiz: Which picture was taken at 7:30 AM and which was taken at 7:30 PM?

Summer. Sunshine. Skylines. Chicago is just mad that its name starts with a C and not the expected S (for shicago). Also. Summer Solstice. We haven’t seen the sun for a legitimate period of time since LAST Friday. The summer solstice, as far as I’m concerned, didn’t happen, because the sun never came the freak out.

2) Stomach Issues. And now apparently a summer cold. Alex, you are starting to undo all of the good that you did. Now I really know why you cleaned the apartment and got me flowers.

3) Tiredness. Worth it though.

4) Sleep sweating. I haven’t had a non-sweaty night in about a week. I think it is a combo of fighting something and also sleeping hard. Still, dumb.

Not worth going into the 5th. UNHAPPINESS YOU AIN’T WORTH MY TIME

Be great.

Be great.

5 Posts You (yes you) Need to Read NOW

1) Nostalgia. Running Around the Bend. Nokia. Backstreet Boys. Mondo. CheezPuffs. Dunkaroos. Umbros. Freezepops. Anything from an ice cream truck. No Ad suncreen. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic.

2) Overreaching is not Overtraining The Gluten Free Treadmill. Just read it.

3) South Africa: Cape Town Part 2. I Run He Tris. Totatl. Wanderlust. Moment. And you also know that I totally would pet the penguins. I don’t care if they bite. Can’t be worse than that soccer player Suarex.

4) Take a Self Love Selfie. Shameless plug, I know. But it was a proud moment for me, realizing that I really felt like I was in a place that I could speak genuinely about that part of my life. It might be one of the hardest and easiest posts I’ve written. But it was time.

5) DIY Hand Painted Coasters. Northern Ambitions. Ursula is one of the most talented and humble people I know. And sure, these are super simple, and I would probably butcher them if I attempted them, but they just make me happy. I would love them as canvases up on a wall. Also, that postcard that sits on my desk? SHE MADE IT.

5 Foods that Made Me Happy this Week

1) My scones.

saanas bridal shower

I’m pumped that I was finally able to get you all the recipe, and also I just love the reminder of that time. I was so happy to do that for her, and that she loved them so much. It is also when my Wimbledon thing started (it was on in the background as I prepped).

2) D4. How could this not make you happy.

d4 jalamango bbq chopped salad suzlyfe

3) Summer peaches and summer corn.

peach suzlyfe

It doesn’t look like summer outside, but thank goodness I have something that tastes like it.

4) Kettle Corn.

I try to portion it out by putting it in bowls. But it just makes me go back for more bowls of it.

Gasp I haven’t had tons of popcorn in my daily life of late. I’m trying to focus on more nutrient dense foods of late, but I had some TJ’s Lite Kettle Corn this week and yay 😀

5) The roasted salmon with kale chip seasoning salad that I had at lunch with Alex on Tuesday after we moved my car. It was really, really, stellar.

salmon salad kale suzlyfe

Big time favorite? #FLATSFRIDAY OF COURSE 

flatsfriday3 suzlyfe

Link up with your flats and tell me 5 things that make you happy right now.

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