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Friday Favorites from My First Week At Anytime Fitness!


WOOOHOOOO I made it through my first week at Anytime Fitness Chicago! And what a week it was. Not bad by any means, but certainly a learning curve.  I had several fantastic things that helped get me through that I wanted to share with you all to celebrate the week and go into the weekend with a smile!

Friday Favorites From My First Week at Anytime Fitness!

Linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites! Last day to win Smartypants Gummy Vitamins!

My New Job and Your Support (and the Keurig)

It was from last week, but I definitely have to say that a favorite of this week was my first full week at work! I can’t tell you how much it also met to have you all congratulate me, and also to tell me YOU GOT THIS on Wednesday, as I try to settle in to this new position. Not only am I starting a brand new job, it is also a brand new business, the first time the owners and GM have done this, and a brand new market. But step by step, piece by piece we are getting there. Nothing like learning on the go! And I am glad that you all enjoyed my “day in the life!’

But first, coffee. @suzlyfe

But we still don’t have a fridge or microwave. #thestruggleisreal and thank goodness for the Keurig, which I swear I use more for hot water than for coffee!

Momentum #SharetheSpark Wrap from Melissa

A few weeks ago, my friend Melissa posted on her Facebook asking friends and followers to share something that gave cause for needing motivation and support. Well, it just so happened that she posted this on the day of our first fertility appointment, I was in the midst of unemployment, and I was dealing with a number of freak outs about my back. In short, I was having a moment. I was shocked when Melissa messaged me and told me that one of the other ladies that had put her motivation moment in the comments had seen my comment and asked Melissa to give me the wrap!

This Momentum Jewelry Wrap was the perfect motivation I need to help keep going through my first week at work! #SharetheSpark and find out more at @suzlyfe

It was one of those moments that humbles and lifts you up like nothing else: women supporting women. I received my wrap earlier this week, and I have been wearing it and drawing strength from it ever since!

Thank you so much, Melissa, and the friend who asked that I receive the wrap!

Also, you can win the Moto 360 Sport Watch that I am wearing in the picture!

Prana Willa Top

If you missed yesterday’s post, first of all, you missed Running Coaches’ Corner, but you also missed on my review of one of my favorite new tops, the prAna Willa top from their new spring collection.

As you transition to spring running and activity, make sure that you check out these tips for staying comfortable and injury free! @suzlyfe

If you are a runner, this top will be a great all-in-one top for you–the hook and eye closure and adjustable straps make for a fantastic secure fit! And don’t forget the discount code!

Transition to Spring Post Swap with Kelli of Hungry Hobby

Kelli and I set up our post swap a few weeks ago, but little did I know how much it would save my behind! Kelli did a great post on Tuesday about Salt, Sugar, and Electrolyte needs for Athletes based on your activity levels, something that we all need to start thinking about as spring (and, dare I say, summer?) start to approach. Do you know how to measure your hydration needs? This is a must read for everyone, whether you got to hot yoga or run for miles.

Kelli of Hungry Hobby is here talking about how much salt athletes really need! Need to know if you are marathon training or a runner. @suzlyfe

For my part, I took on the March Madness theme of Running Coaches Corner for my guest post for Kelli yesterday with a post on how to Transition to Spring Running and Outdoor Workouts happily, healthily, and injury free. Anyone who has had shin splints and a face of pollen would tell you it isn’t as easy as just stepping outside.

Having fun on a cold and blustery day is the mark of a true Chicagoan!

Thank you for serendipitously saving my butt, Kelli!


And we come full circle back to blends and the very reason why, even after I warned you all that I might be a bit in and out from the blog this week, I just can’t get away: you all, and the relationships that I have developed via this blog. After my crazy day at work Tuesday, I actually almost canceled on Ellen because my head was so a;dgijpagija, but I decided to stick with it, and I am so, so glad that I did. Not only did I have a lovely time with her, it was so nice to be out in the city and to go down to Hyde Park along the lake–a run I used to do often, but obviously haven’t done in a long time. 

Blends + motivation that got @suzlyfe through the week #sharethespark #fridayfavorites #sweatpink Click To Tweet

And then to have a calming, genuine connection with someone (over sushi and pizza, no less)? Just what I needed. BEST OF LUCK ON YOUR FINALS GIRL.

A busy, chaotic, wonderful week that is helping get back to showing myself just how much I can handle when I settle down and put my mind to it. I hope you all take that idea into the weekend! 

You are capable of more than you think #nevergiveup @anytime324 #anyfitchi #motivation Click To Tweet

What are some of your favorite things and moments from the week?

What is the thought that you want to take into the weekend with you?

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