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Friday Favorites: Eat, Run, Read, Meme, WINNERS Repeat


Well, talk about coming home and hitting the ground running! It certainly has been a full past 7 days since I returned from Georgia. But there definitely have been some highlights that I want to recap! So, five-ish Friday Favorites that have provided the structure of my week while surprising me with their simple winning status.

DC_linkup_ friday_5 Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-Glamour

1) Food

Having fun eating. From Enchiladas (recipe here)

The ones for me are sans cheese

The ones for me are sans cheese

–I have a problem. I’ve had them 4 times in the last 7 nights. I made myself 2 for Thanksgiving, and then 2 with turkey pepperoni rather than the turkey and they are magical. And take 10 minutes, max–

nomi pumpkin beignets

NoMi Pumpkin Beignets (filled with pumpkin cream and covered in cinnamon sugar. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

to a ridiculously sumptuous brunch, to sushi and froyo (as Alex said, go big or go home. And I say a) solid argument and b) hashtag balance)

friends sushi collage suzlyfe

to cranberry maple egg white oats, the food this week has been beautifully simple, but so incredibly delicious. Just the way that I like it.

2) A new take on my schedule

Recently, I have just lost my motivation to workout early in the morning. I don’t know why, but I’ve just lost that mojo. I can’t say that it is weird, though it is definitely a change, but what is weird that I have had 3 “runch”es this week. I love the treadmills at the gym of the building I work in (they are hella nice, and I don’t feel sick from the air circulation like I do at home, so #winning), by then I am well awake and in need of a break, and I can shower there after. I even did a speed pyramid run yesterday (WHAT). Spoiled status.

happy panda

I’m not really sleeping in (surprise surprise) but what I am doing is taking care of all of my blog stuff and then going into work super early, taking a few hours midday, then working like normal (or staying and finishing a blog post) for the rest of the day. I will say that I am pretty tired right now, but I think that it is just the normal, I’m home, I’m relaxed, I’m zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3) Social social social

Shirtless hot guy yoga

I miss those days

Alex has had some social engagements this week (interviews and fellowship match parties), I went to something last night, and next week I have one night without someone requesting my awesomeness in their presence. Then we go to Virginia!

4) Class Pass Bottle

classpass bottle

This is a small thing, but I would be lost without my Class Pass water bottle right now. I am hydrating like water is going out of style, and this things is huge, but cute, and sometimes, you just need to chug the heck out of cold water.

5) Reading. 

Specifically, Scandinavian police/murder mysteries. A la Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Over the past few months, I have torn through an entire series, started another, and now am trying out a new app that is considered the “Netflix for Books.” Unfortunately, the series that I just started is not available, so I have tried another one. But I have really missed reading, and it has really come back into my life in the past few months. And it gets me through treadmill running. But I need to find a balance and not shut myself off just for reading like some people do with their TV watching. I guess there are worse issues to have.

prostitute gilmore girls

2 last things to share:

Renee brought up the “meme” game, where you put in your name + meme into Google search. These were some of my faves:

poke-me-again-susie-i-dare-you susie meme

And, in case you missed it from Wednesday:

nomi chocolate quote

Lastly, a big favorite for me is the opportunity to announce the winners of the Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaways! Did you win??? Don’t forget to enter into the Blog Hop Fitness Swag Giveaway too!

What made up the back bone of your week? 

What is your name meme? 

What are you enjoying reading these days?

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