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Labor Day Weekend, Default Running Outfit, and more! Friday Favorites

We’re gonna keep it simple today, and I’m gonna round up some good old fashioned Friday Favorites. Part of the reason for keeping it chill is that I’m really trying to focus on my work right now (and nailing down my future) but also I’m at a little bit of blog/social media overload at the moment as I figure all of that ish out! 


What’s up this weekend? Tonight, I am going to Candlelight Yoga with Lole as part of the Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon Weekend. I’m more than a bit bummed that I’m going to be missing tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) shakeout run with Lauren Fleshman and Summer Sanders…. but I can’t be too bummed, because I’ll be shaking it out with my trainees! Maybe I’ll do a hilarious mock Fleshman Flyer picture or something. Or not. My ego isn’t THAT big. 

After training I am planning on going to the expo and hanging out with the Luna Bar peeps (Thank you for my entry!) and then hanging out with Erica, who I have seen far too little of this summer. Sunday is the race and spending quality time with my girl Erin. It is gonna be hot as balls and humid to boot, but we’ll survive. I hope.

Alex actually has Monday off. I won’t say just how many hours he has worked of late, but it is too many. I have no clue what we will end up doing, but I just hope that he gets some sleep and some time to himself. He so deserves it. I’m so proud of him, every day. I’m keeping things under control (ish) here and prepping food for him, but I still feel helpless when it comes to making things easier for him. I see him intermittently, and it is actually kind of nice that he gets up earlier (not for him) because I get to see him for a bit in the morning!

OH and his mother confirmed to me yesterday that his birth certificate does indeed say that he is cyborg. No joke. She texted me that and I almost died. 

So this week, what are my Friday Favorites?


Bright Pink Fit Fest

Perfect Summer Peach

  • Remicade. I am so thankful every time that I get my drug. Every time. Thank you, Remicade, thank you, Body, for giving me the gift of freedom and health. 


  • My hot and humid weather running outfit. No lie, it seems that every time I find myself in ridiculous weather I am wearing this outfit! And it is classic Suz #Idontdoquiet
  • Zoe being incorrigible. Home girl is being ridiculous. Alex and I have woken up to her on our chest, right between us, next to our heads, laying on my arm as I type (which she is doing again, by the way)

Zoe the Cat Curled up On the Couch

  • Bravo TV. LADIES OF LONDON IS COMING BACK. I. love. them. Also, Million Dollar Listing. 
  • Reading about living in the early 20th century in Britain. Mostly memoirs and based in 1910-1930s, my current obsession. 
  • PUMPKIN O”S Zomg I forgot how magical they are. I’m not ready to drink and eat all things pumpkin, but that doesn’t mean that I”m not also excited about Pumpkin Beer (I have a Southern Tier Pumpking in my fridge next to a pumpkin Chobani. I think more so than anything it is the novelty, but I’m fine with my pumpkin and peaches coexisting. 

pumpkin o ice cream

  • An awesome mail day! I won a few giveaways, I got the Bosu, I got another product to review…. I FEEL SO POPULAR
  • My Mother in Law’s comment about Alex being a cyborg. I DIE
  • Talking to my own mommy about my mental things earlier this week. Sometimes I keep things from her for a little bit until I know what is going on because I don’t want to worry her. But then it comes out on the blog and she gets worried, lol. But I had a great chat with her and it was everything.
  • Incredible support from all of you. Thank you for everything you had to say, and all the support and help you have offered. It means so much, and it pulled me up and gave me a new perspective. 

you the real mvp kevin durant meme

  • Making eBibs. Seriously, I’m having too much fun with this


All sorts of fun, and I’m hoping that this weekend will keep the good going! Have an incredible day, my friends, an incredible weekend, and make sure you follow (@Ilovetorun2009 on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter; @ebibs on Instagram!) and Suzlyfe (@suzlyfe on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat; @the_suzlyfe on Instagram!) on Social Media to stay up to date on my shenanigans!

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What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Do you have a particular “outfit” that you end up putting together again and again?

Tell me a favorite from this week!

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