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Friday Favorites: Logos, Bacon, Pumpkin, Music, More!


Once again, I’ve foiled my own plans a bit by  giving away some of my favorites in yesterday’s post! By the way, did you enter my giveaway for Bogg’s Trail Butter yet? It is open to the US and Canada and one winner will get all 3 original flavors! Let’s talk about my five top Friday Favorites for the week, from food to fitness, healthy to indulgent! 

Thank you Heather, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney!

Favorite Debut: Coach Suz Training Logo

My favorite “thing” this week? My new logo for my coaching business, Coach Suz Training. 

Coach Suz Training offers running coach and personal training services for all levels of fitness and running goals! From marathoner to bikini competitors, let Coach Suz help you live beyond expectations! Find out more at

Thank you all so very much for the compliments! I had a couple of people ask about where I got it done, and I used Fiverr, (affiliate link if you make a purchase) a marketplace site for creative and professional services (like all sorts of design and development needs, from graphics and marketing to videos and so much more). I worked with Diplomadon to create both my Suzlyfe and Coach Suz Training graphics, and I am so happy with both graphics. Services on Fiverr start at $5 (there might be additional costs), so you can get great deals on the services! In the interest of full disclosure, I spent about $75 total for both of the logos, and that includes the source files (so that I own them).

Favorite Not So Healthy Eat: Bacon Marmalade 

I wouldn’t suggest them both together. But then again…. You never know. After the epic free bar snack candied bacon of this weekend, who would have thought that there would be another sweet savory contender for the bacon crown? Well, enter Eat This Bacon Marmalade. 

Eat This Bacon Marmalade is one of my favorite artisan spreads. Delicious, sweet, savory, and amazing on sandwiches or just as a dip, this is truly decadent! Find out more at

Good Sweet Baby Jesus (actually a beer made by Duclaw Brewery in Maryland–a Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout), this ish is bacon-bananas. Unlike the bacon jams that I’ve mentioned in the past, this bacon marmalade is closer to a bacon chutney, a fusion of marmalade and bacon jam. There is orange peel and giant chunks of bacon and omg if you got this on your face I would lick it. I’m not kidding. I used the cheese, bread, and bacon from a leftover Panera Bacon Turkey Bravo + grilled chicken breast and sauteed onions + bacon marmalade to make bomb diggity chicken sandwiches for Alex the other night and holy CRIPES go out and get this stuff or order it. We brought it home from Grand Rapids, that mecca of awesome eats. 

It might just change your life. 

Favorite Healthy Creation: Vegan Pumpkin Sauce over Zoodles

Alex requested the zoodles, I delivered, and I made the vegan pumpkin sauce again last night. Seriously, it is the easiest sauce ever, and you can make it as healthy or as unctuous as you want. Seriously, make the pumpkin sauce. It. will. rock. your. world. 

My gluten free vegan creamy pumpkin sauce over zucchini noodles is one of my family's favorite recipes! So delicious, and this time we added chicken for extra protein. Get the recipe at!

Favorite Healthy Purchase: Kashi Sweet Potato Sunshine Cereal

I tried the Kashi Sweet Potato Sunshine cereal this summer at Blogfest, and I loved it but for whatever reason haven’t bought it since. Well, that is, until this weekend, when I bought a box “for Alex” and quickly commandeered it and zoomed through that sucker like, well, #likeaSuz. #sorrynotsorry honey.

Kashi Organic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine migth be my new favorite cereal! Slightly sweet, crunchy, and delightful!

So delicious. You get more of the molasses than an outright sweet potato taste–think how Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s aren’t overly pumpkiny. The texture is fantastic as well, think of Raisin Bran Crunch. Ooooooo amazing idea. Add raisins to it. 

Tthe Sweet Potato Sunshine (and the Sprouted Grains, which I also tried at Blogfest and loved) are on Ibotta (another referral link ps). So get some cashback, fools!

Favorite Ear Worm: Betty Who Pandora Radio Station

I needed a break from country and some of my other favorite music channels, and I returned to an old favorite: Betty Who. I love her, I love this station. If you like Ellie Goulding but wouldn’t mind a little bit more pop in your life, give Betty Who a try, and then do the Pandora station for some awesome other songs. 

Favorite Feeling: Feeling a bit Like Suz Again

As I mentioned on Wednesday as I discussed the emotional and physical aspects of my injury, I have not really felt like myself that much over the past few weeks. Activity-wise, I’ve pretty much done nothing but do the bike in the morning, walk to my appointments or work, sit, and do my exercises. No lifting, no variation in my routine, no desire to lift or change said routine. Well, starting Wednesday, I decided that enough was enough. I started doing some weights again (upper back) before the bike and then Thursday I did triceps before the bike. I changed up the type of bike as well, and it has enabled me to take some of the pressure off my back while on it and also has let me work on my leg turnover and running cadence. 

Motivational life quotes: Remind yourself never to give up.

That has been great, but the real icing on the cake? The pain has been rather consistent throughout the week (not necessarily throughout the day), but for me it is an improvement because it isn’t worse! And then, yesterday, while at the chiropractor’s office, I even had a moment without pain while walking. Not necessarily completely without pain in all movements, but for those few seconds, I walked like normal again. I still won’t be running for a long time, but it was just a lovely little moment of freedom.

HUGE shout out to George at Spine and Sport of Chicago. I will speak more about them at a later time, but if you are in Chicago and need someone who will help get or keep you in fighting shape, I cannot recommend him enough!

Bonus: Favorite Anticipation of the Weekend: Winter Warriors’ First Official Practice!

This weekend, I get to prove that a running coach who can’t run is still a coach. I got to work on with my virtual client during the week, and this weekend I get to see my trainees. And laugh at them as they go and get freezing 😀 LOVE YOU BOOS.

Those who can't do, teach, and those who can't wed, plan!

Let’s get out there and have a great weekend! Best of luck to all of my Route 66 Marathon-ing friends!

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What was your favorite healthy and indulgent eats this week?

What music are you jamming to right now?

Tell me a favorite from the week or what you are looking forward to about the weekend!

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