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PSST you want to read all of this post, I PROMISE!
This week has been a bit of a lull for me, honestly. I’ve been working at the studio, working on the blog, working on myself. But there have been a few real standouts from this week that just make me happy. I think that each day has had something really stellar (and I’m not just talking about #teamstellar) that have just brightening my life, and I want to give shout outs to each of them. Thank you to Heather for hosting this party!
The Little Things. They are life, after all. Like affordable blueberries, having ACV back in my pantry, and the return of spaghetti squash pancakes. And unsolicited generosity.
THIS PICTURE: I literally almost got to the point of being unable to breathe because I was open mouthed silent laughing so hard. A perfect follow up to my post about my past life as a rider. Equestrian humor. But for those of you who haven’t ridden, just know that lunging means something different for us riders, and please take a moment to appreciate the guy’s intensity.
Courtesy of Ange

Courtesy of Ange–I love the dude’s intensity. Dinner with Alex. I was honestly pretty pissy about a situation with taking my NASM test. Basically, I have been ready to take the test for about 2 weeks now, but I haven’t had my CPR card (from getting certified 2 weeks ago; you need the card to take the test). Well, they SENT the cards on Monday. Clowns. So I called, got my test scheduled, but it is going to be way longer from now than I feel comfortable. To make a looooong story (that I’ve already told) short, I just want to take the darn test. And it is affecting my mood and attitude. I needed to vent, so I did, and then I needed something comfortable–D4 was just the ticket. So were the sweet potato fries and the marg. d4 burg fri chop suz Collage People owning their races this weekend, and celebrating major life events. Graduations, first marathons, first 20 milers, PR’s… I was so proud of everyone, and I loved that you all shared your victories! Little things that pissed me off, and reinforced my direction because they did so. I got an email on Monday from someone close to me that really incensed me and actually quite hurt my feelings. It was from someone that I expect nothing but support from, and it hurt me to feel like she didn’t trust me. And it made me question everything that I am doing with this blog. It made me question my voice. But it also reminded me of the love that this person has for me, of how much I miss being able to just pick up the phone, because this is something that could have been taken care of, and with minimal issue, had we been able to just pick up the phone. All is fine, but it shook me.

Sometimes, we just get pants'ed by life.

Sometimes, we just get pants’ed by life.

Tuesday This post, and your response. Fear, expectation, and nerves are all major emotions, and ones that I continue to struggle with. But it takes one to know one, and I was so, so appreciative that you all were able to connect with the message. And I want to continue to remind you all to remember that you are not alone when you are struggling-sometimes you need external support, but sometimes internal re-conceptualizing of the situation is what you need. See Monday. foodprepforalex2 Food prepping for Alex. I am not what you would call a completely “traditional” wifey. But I certainly have some traditional aspects–one of them is that I adore cooking for Alex when I feel like I am distant from him. It is my one moment of connection with him, and it helps me to feel connected with him when I get to see him for 10 minutes/day for a few days in a row. Plus, I get to exercise my creative muscle, clean out the fridge/cabinets, and saves us a little money. Wednesday Going back to my favorite yoga class. It just felt so good. And to run on the same day? Winning. And so necessary as I battled with trying to transfer my site, which is not going well, and the holding pattern of the job situation. ETC. running meme This post. While, on the one hand, I hesitate to link to it because I don’t want to call more attention to the post than she may be ready for, I have to call out this post by Laura. Both of her posts that day, actually, but this one more than perhaps anything else I have read recently, and even more so following my train of thought coming off of Tuesday’s post. I don’t want to take anything away from her words. If you are interested in my commentary, please feel free to read my comment at the bottom of the post. Beautiful Laura. Just like you.


Getting the self hosted thing to work. I was majorly sweating getting the site up and running in time for the giveaway! If I come across any issues (currently there are a few with comments going to the wrong site) I will contact the necessary posters!

My new book The Goldfinch. Can’t put it down.


Alex being done with this ridiculous stint of inpatient med, and especially this week of crazy nights. YAY! Wait, does that mean I have deal with him more now?

Getting to see one of my very best friends. I haven’t seen her since the marathon, and I can’t wait. It is so rare for me to see and have a real conversation with people.

But WAIT! Didn’t Susie say something about a giveaway the past few days?

Crap, I was hoping you all would forget so that I could keep it for myself. BAH.

479 chipotle 2 suz
Well, one this is for sure: I adore 479 Popcorn. I have spoken of it on multiple occasions, and it is absolutely one of my favorite little treats to myself. As a sort of flavor purist and lover of seemingly stranger flavor combinations, I am an ardent fan of  the complexity but also simple deliciousness of each flavor of 479. The founder’s story tells it all:
Over the years, I experimented with making my own organic popcorn and flavoring it with exotic seasonings inspired by my international upbringing and training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. In the process, I came upon the discovery that 479 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for popping corn. I knew immediately that this would be the name of my popcorn company, because it reflects the careful attention to detail that I work so hard to incorporate into every single element of the business, from the pristine ingredients to the beautiful packaging to the avid dedication to customer satisfaction.
In short, this is high brow, precision food made for anyone to enjoy. You don’t need the most educated palate to enjoy this popcorn. You need a mouth and taste buds. The rest will follow. This is the perfect way to treat yourself to a gourmet snack that tastes indulgent but will satisfy your sweet or savory tooth and your appetite without overdoing it.
479popcorn giveaway suzlyfe
The people at 479 have generously offered to send a variety case to one of Suzlyfe’s followers! OMG I WISH I FOLLOWED MY BLOG. I should get Alex to enter…. Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget, and then investigate the other offerings of the Shape Up For Summer Giveaway Blog Hop. All of the giveaways are “shape up” themed and open until May 25th at midnight–enter as many as you like! You know I am! A huge, huge thank you to the Runaway Bridal Planner and Fit Running Mama for hosting. Good luck to all!
Don’t forget about the Long Run tomorrow! 
Shape Up For Summer Giveaway Blog Hop
Runs: May 9th – 25th


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