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Friday Favorites: Corgis, Delicious Food, Running and More!

It’s that time of the week: time for Friday Favorites! After the more serious posts, let’s end the week on a fun and happy note!

Friday Favorites 4/15/16

 1) Love + Support from all of You

The Biggest DNS: How it feels Not Running The Boston Marathon. Uncensored thoughts from a runner who qualified, registered, and cannot run the Holy Grail of Marathons. @suzlyfe

I feel like this is a recurring theme! Thank you all so much for all the love and support throughout the week. From my birthday, to my need for a marathon of life training plan, to my post yesterday on dealing with a DNS at the Boston Marathon, you all continue to be there for me, to hear me out, and, so importantly, to not judge me for my feelings. I am so truly privileged to have an incredible readership: knock wood, I have been able to stay away from trolls (though I know they are out there, snarking away). How am I so lucky to be surrounded with such fantastic people? So thank you. I put my heart and soul out here on the regular, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that if I though that I would be walking into a firestorm.

2) Easy and Healthy Food, Fast (also, Shrimp!)

If you haven’t already, go and enter my 80Fresh Healthy Meal Delivery Giveaway. This is truly a fantastic service, and I am so excited to try 80Fresh again this weekend! This weekend, I am going to enjoy the Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits and the Turkey Chili. And Alex won’t be here, so it will be alllll mine 😀 I can’t emphasize enough the ease of preparation, convenience, and nutrition of these meals! Something else that I love? That I still get to prepare them–makes me feel like I am doing something, the flavors are fresher, and the product is just superior.

80 Fresh Apple balsamic meatloaf is a fantastic healthy meal delivered ready to cook! Love the veggie sides! Get the review at @Suzlyfe

Can’t wait to see if you won the giveaway? Use the code SUZ20 for 20% your purchase through next Thursday April 21!

Why am I talking about shrimp? Because not only am I looking forward to having my Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits this weekend, I was pretty impressed with myself for a Green Curry Shrimp Stirfry that I threw together on Wednesday night. Another recipe to add to the recipes to make for the blog! It was seriously 5 ingredients, and AMAZING. This is totally happening again (thank you, Whole Foods, for shrimp going on sale!). 

A picture didn’t happen because I was ravenous (I had a late client) and I didn’t care how it looked lol. But it was amazeballs.

3) Running

Of course, you know that I immersed in the honeymoon phase of returning to running, and so every single run is a joy. Seriously. Wednesday, I had my longest cumulative run yet (I am still doing intervals, but I am lengthening them): 6 miles total of running and walking (running is 6-6.4 mph and walking is 3.8 mph @ 5.0 Incline for warm up and then 4.0 mph; all but the warm up done at 1.0 incline). Running feels delicious.

Running isn't just about running! You gotta do your injury prevention as well!

I could feel that I was having a little soft tissue ickiness a few times when not running, so I just did the bike yesterday, but I plan on running today, and then I am leading the run solo tomorrow for Team Challenge while Coach Bill is running the Disney Star Wars Dark Side weekend of races. I couldn’t schedule in PT this week, so I am being really really careful about my selfcare and massage!

4) Sunshiney Days

After a crazy bananas weekend of weather last weekend, Chicago gave us the gift of tons of sunshine and steadily increasing temps throughout the week. As I said on Facebook, I am just waiting for Chicago to pants us and run away laughing. Nobody likes that. After the anxiety I have been wrestling with the past few weeks, the sunshine this week was as delicious as the running, the shrimp, and the love!

5) Corgis Galore!

So if you have read the blog recently, you know that Alex and I are planning on expanding our family, both the baby baby route as well as the furbaby route. Close friends, and, well, random friends on Facebook, know that I am obsessed with Corgis. They are like little walking ottomans! I just can’t even with the cuteness. 

Well, Alex gave me a birthday present of an all about Corgis book so that I can learn even more about the little guys! We are now pushing off our Corgi shopping until later this year because of the moving costs, our schedules, and just to give us and Zoe time to settle into the new apartment. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.

I leave you with this Corgi awesomeness. I want to teach our Corgi to do the limbo!

Lastly, I have an exciting announcement to make! My friend Don, who I met through Erica and who ran with us in Phoenix last year, is expanding on his blog Habit Engineering and writing a book! In fact, he is enrolled in Beth’s Blog to Book course! Don and I had similar trajectories career-wise this winter, both of us getting laid off in interesting fashion, but he is turning lemons into applesauce and writing a book “to teach recent a college graduate who is about to start his/her first job how to save for the future and more generally how to manage his/her personal finances.” Find out more here!

Think of me, explaining finances (but from someone who actually understands these things). I think all of us, starting out or otherwise, will find his book useful and furthermore should get to know Don and his book because he is awesome.

That is all that I have for you lot! To all those racing this weekend or on Marathon Monday, best of luck, may the course be with you, and put your heart into it. 

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Let’s celebrate the weekend! What is making you smile??

Thank you to Heather for hosting Friday Favorites and Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for the Friday Five!

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