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Favorite Halloween Costumes from my Past


Good luck to everyone running NYC this weekend! I hope to be one of you some day when it is time.:D Jen, you better run it again then. And Erica, I know you will, haha. Have an amazing romp through some of my favorite streets!


Happy Halloween to all! The day with people dress up in crazy outfits, eat candy all day and night, and make every excuse to act a fool all night long. Also known as my life.  Except my “acting a fool all night long” means eating ice cream, torturing my cat by shrieking in a shrill voice, and then watching Bravo on the couch. With a pumpkin beer. Speaking of, you better know that I am prepped and ready.

I tried to look somewhat festive.

I tried to look somewhat festive.

Hello, my friends. Please meet Angry Orchard Ginger Apple (maybe one of the best things ever next to Crabbies), Abita Pecan, Shock Top Pumpkin, New Holland Ichibod (pumpkin), Blue Moon Pumpkin, and Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. I will be dressing one or two of those bad boys up in a koozie and popping their tops. See? CRAZY!!

This is why I can't be unleashed on these nights.

This is why I can’t be unleashed on these nights.

But that said, please be crazy somewhat responsibly. For a few really simple tips to make your Halloween the best night possible, please check out my post on Halloween Mistakes to Avoid! Alternative Title: DON’T BE THAT GUY.

halloween safety mistakes avoid chisignature

So, shall we relive some glory days? Halloween Costumes. I am honestly not a big dresser-upper. I tend towards the side of laziness. Unlike this badass gal Jen–can we agree that this is a seriously amazing costume? 

Halloween Costumes that I remember dressing up as:

  • Power Ranger (twice, the blue and red)
  • Princess (the dress from HELL. Seriously unraveled as I wore it. To this day, I still hate tulle with an ever loving passion)
My mom sent this to me the other day. The dreaded, falling apart dress. Still won't go near tulle

My mom sent this to me the other day. The dreaded, falling apart dress. Still won’t go near tulle

  • Genie (teal harem pants hooollla)
  • Princess Leia (with wig, which I then undid and kept)
  • Mel C from the Spice Girls (I needed a costume for the school Halloween Parade STAT , I was into the Spice Girls at the tim (5th grade), and we could make it from what I already had. Then we sharpied the tat on. Totes badass.
  • Blue M&M (crispy, thank you)
  • One of the Charlie’s Angels
  • A badass cowgirl (from what I already had)
  • For senior year Halloween, I essentially went as myself–a rider, but in all my horse show stuff (I have picks for all of the follow, but they are locked in my external harddrive, so one day, if you are good, I will find them)
  • I was Shaggy for favorite childhood character (I loved Scooby, and it was an easy costume for me, plus I had a stuffed Scoob)
  • In college, I was a medieval guard–which is one of my fave costumes ever, but no one got it. I also wore my tall boots for the costume.
  • Then I was a vampire victim (an idea stolen from my mom)
  • A playboy bunny (Alex was Hef)
if I remember correctly, Alex spent much of the night wearing these ears.

if I remember correctly, Alex spent much of the night wearing these ears.

  • 4th year, I was a Team Pink baseball player (I had VS Pink tube socks and a Team Pink baseball t-shirt)–funny story, Alex tore all the ligaments in his ankle the day before. I think he wore a football jersey and sat on a couch!

Other costumes that I have donned (thank you, sorority):

  • Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl
See? I do know how to do make up!

See? I do know how to do make up!

  • Megara (from Hercules) (Disney) (pre Alex)


  • Mardi Gras (Alex was an outlaw)
  • Chick-fil-A cow (Throwdown for your Hometown)
Alex was JJ Redick

Alex was JJ Redick

  • Trophy Wife (pre Alex, my “husband” was a nerd. It was actually hilarious.

Many more, but these are some of my faves.

Thank you for reliving some memories!

Thank you to Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney, Nicole, and Heather for enabling this waltz down memory lane! I’m sure more pics will surface in the future. And you know I will share 😀

Favorite Halloween Costume you have worn? Do you coordinate costumes with your significant other or wear what you want?

Would you rather get beer or candy in your trick-or-treat bag (assuming you are of age, obvs)? I just thought of this, but how awesome would it be to get Baileys???

Any particularly fun plans?

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