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Sing to Shoes (Friday Catch Up 9/14)

Friday Catch Up Time! What else have we been up to this week ASIDE from buying baby girl shoes?

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Friday Catch Up

1) It’s another work through the weekend situation for me, but my schedule is a little different at least–I’ll be working Saturday lunch and then Sunday dinner, which will be nice so that I don’t have to work back to back dinners. Being on my feet for that long was find on Tuesday, but the next morning I woke up and my legs were just completely shot. So I rested that morning, went to work, and then ran home, which was absolutely the right decision because a) my legs felt way better, if without any power and b) it helped the edema in my legs.

I also work at a restaurant and have a husband who is a doctor

2) Speaking of edema, my pregnancy edema is getting rather annoying–I can’t hear out of my left ear because of it! The sensation of my left ear being underwater is likely a combination of allergies and pregnancy edema (remember when it happened in May right after my transfer?) but taking a Benedryl did nothing for it, so I think it is just Yoshi rearranging the fluids in my body. No matter what or why, it is hard to work in a restaurant under those conditions!

3) Wednesday night, Alex and I watched the animated movie Sing, which was SO cute. My and Alex’s only problem? The big, climactic, you’ve been waiting for this number the entire movie and here it comes song? Our least favorite of the entire movie. Sure, the vocal range exhibited during it was impressive, but the song did nothing for either of us. But the movie is still SUPER cute, and I highly recommend it!


4) Look out world, I cooked multiple times this week!!!! I KNOW. Nothing complicated, but hey, at least I did it! And we didn’t have to wash our dishes in lake water, like my parents. They lost power for a few days at our lake house (where they live full time), which means they also lost water (the house uses an electric well pump), so they were washing dishes in the lake! Back to the good ol’ pioneerin’ days, right?

5) Everyone was all, “Fall is here!” And yet this weekend, it is going to be a (blissful) 80 degrees. I CALLED IT. I’m not going to lie, either–I’m pretty excited about it. I still only have 2 pairs of pants that are acceptable outside of the house, and it is just so much easier if I can exhaust Ridley with a trip to the dog park when I am single furparenting. Just like in April, Chicago gave us a sneak peak of the next season, and then is going right back to the season that we are leaving. So hold on to your PSL’s people. I’m still eating peaches and tomatoes and summer lettuces. Squash will come, but I’m not ready for it yet!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Don’t forget about the Jaybird Wireless Headphones giveaway! It ends tonight.

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Are you ready for fall? Are you sure?

If you are in a hurricane affected area, how are things? What can we do to help you?

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