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Friday Catch Up (Cinco de Mayo Memories + Bum Pain)

Time for the Friday Catch Up! This week: bums, indispensable friends, snafus, and driving tests!

Friday Catch Up 5/4/17

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Last week I was having some blog problems, so check out this post for a catch up of the great posts from that week you may have missed. I have waited on replying to comments until I knew that they would stay, but I am going to get to replies this weekend!

Friday Five Catch Up

1) MKAY Y’ALL. Time for some realness up in here: my ass hurts. I’m doing the progesterone in oil shots right now, and while they really don’t hurt at all going in, your bum seriously aches and is sore the rest of the day. It was actually pretty funny: the other day, I did my shot, and it wasn’t so bad… until that afternoon, when I demo’d a lunge for a client and HOLY MOLY it was like getting punched in the glute with an axe. And then it hurt for the rest of the night. 

I went to dinner with a certain special someone (one second) after training, and at the end of the meal, I got a hot water… which I drank half off and then put to my glute to try to relax the muscle! Don’t mind me… just applying heat to my butt over here 😀

2) I got to have sushi with Tiffy (gotta get my sushi in while I can!). I was exhausted–I honestly think that I was telling her nonsense–but I needed to see her and talk about some things that were on my mind. Turns out, so did she. I feel like we both really needed that talk more than we knew, and it was perfect timing. 

Sorry for the less than desireable wordage

3) Speaking of friends, this evening two of Alex’s oldest and best friends (and his roommates when I met him) are coming to visit! Unfortunately, I won’t get to see tons of them because I training, coaching, work, and then an appointment Sunday morning (they leave that morning), but I am so excited to take them for a giant marg tonight!

And it will be great for Alex to have a boys weekend with his closest friends. They never ever make me feel like a 4th wheel, but even so, I am glad they will get the chance to do boy things, have boy talks, without worrying about me and not even my feelings, but my bedtime! LOL!

4) Yesterday, I took Ridley up to daycare because I was scheduled for an entire morning at the gym, the weather was crappy, and I wanted to get my workout in before my clients… except I ended up turning right around and having to take her home because it turns out her negative fecal (testing for parasites) had expired two days before! For some reason, I didn’t get a reminder message about it, so she couldn’t stay. I am really lucky that I had built in that workout time, because it took me the same amount of time as I would have worked out to take her home and get back to the gym! 

Daycare called and apologized–I understand that they have policies and can’t compromise them. Shit (pun intended) happens, I got a workout in later, Ridley got a romp and a walk in later, so all’s well! 

5) Fun story about Cinco de Mayo: it is the day that I got my driver’s license! The reason I remember it is because a) the day is easy to remember and b) it was a necessity that I get my license THEN and not fail! My parents were going out of town for the annual lawyer continuing education credits weekend, which took place every Mother’s Day weekend in Florida; my sitter (who had been a family sitter and friend for years) couldn’t drive on the highway because of neuropathy and my brother was in college. I was riding every day after school an hour+ 3 major highways away… so if I hadn’t gotten my license, it would have been a very different weekend indeed!

We chose the DMV in Canton GA because we had heard that it was an easier test and less crowded, but it turns out that I was the first person the tester had passed all day! Guess I really impressed him with my backing into a parking spot and stopping at railway crossings talents.

What can I say? Baby Suz in a Mini Van, taking over the world.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Who is going to watch the Kentucky Derby?

Do you remember taking your Driver’s License test?

What’s something random from your week?

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