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34 Weeks, Gem Show, and More! (Weekend Update + Friday Catch Up 12/15)

Well, I have a lot to catch you all up on–last weekend was busy, and this weekend was productive! Let’s dive right in and get up to date on the haps in the Suzlyfe at 34 weeks preggers!

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Weekend Update 

I had planned to do a second weekend post after the Meal Prep post, but eh, it didn’t happen, lol. So the first half of today’s post will be a little mini Weekend in Review, because I was pretty productive!

1) The Gem Show that Landon and I went to was so interesting, and really fun to spend the afternoon with her. Do not take small children; not so much because of safety hazards, but because they will want ALL THE THINGS. 


We managed to find most of the items she was looking for, as well as a few new things for her line. We are trying to keep to the things that we really need, but… so.. pretty…..

After we were finished with the wholesale area, we went out into the general floor and searched for fun things for ourselves (as well as more things for the collection). I wasn’t really finding anything that was super grabbing me, but just having so much fun looking at everything from furs to animal keepsake figurines to fine jewelry at dealer prices. Ultimately, I decided to get a backup (to my back up) wedding ring. I found a silver ring that looks like my wedding band but that doesn’t make me panic when I try to take it on or off!


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After hours spent on my feet, my hip was starting to talk to me, and I knew I needed to go down to the Starbucks and take a rest. Plus, Yoshi was/is starting to get heavy, and I was just feeling fatigued. 

I discovered downstairs that my order, which is one of the easiest things ever in terms of actual work, is apparently really, really hard. I ordered a decaf Americano with an inch of Christmas Blend. It took 3 tries of making (and trying to understand my order) before one of the employees, who was going on break, got back there and made it. Next time, I will raise my high maintenance game and then it might be easier?

After Landon was done, we headed home in traffic, and I honestly have no clue what we did for dinner, lol. OH we went to Nandos. And then we got a little treat after…

2) If you do nothing else with your life, get a Stan’s Donuts Blueberry Fritter. I’m actually really mad because I got an awesome picture of the fritter that didn’t save (I discovered the next day), but Alex and I lived up to our dedication to being garbage human beings with a blueberry fritter and swirl soft serve.  #AMAZEFRITTERS Maybe one of the best things that I’ve ever put in my mouth (yes, that is what she said, and proudly so).

3) And that wasn’t my only Stan’s moment last weekend! Saturday morning, the restaurant had a holiday breakfast for employees, and I went down to officially tell them that I am not coming back to work. The risk of refracture just isn’t worth it, and soon the kiddo will be here, and then it is SAHM after that. It was so, so lovely to see my friends, to have round #2 of Stan’s for the weekend (this time lemon pistachio and peppermint chocolate glazed), and to crash the picture. 

I am going to so miss them, but I am going to have a get-together with them after the holidays (and the super busy time at the restaurant) are done and everyone is back in town. And I will be that person with the stroller when I come back to visit!

4) I was Susie Homemaker on Sunday, and I #gotitdone. From laundry to recycling, to vacuuming to swiffering, to groceries, to cancelling subscriptions and changing other memberships, from selling clothes to figuring out where to take donations, I conquered my to do list, even making Alex’s food for the first half of the week. There were still things left on the list, but all of the upfront needs were taken care of. 

5) The only sadface moment was that, after a Saturday night were Alex didn’t get a single call (he was on call), he had a rough Sunday and it was a long day for him. AKA he is back to tired face Alex.

Ok, so this week!

Friday Catch Up (official)

1) It is my first week being Ridley’s sole walker (other than Alex at night). It’s been a little tricky, because we did get snow (and ice) over the past few days, and a few times, I almost wiped out and somehow caught myself. I’m also really focussing on working with her on better behavior while we are walking (as in, not throwing herself after squirrels, or bolting left and right, etc). The walkers and Alex have been godsends over the past two months, but truth be told, she has developed some bad habits that are NOT going to be ok with a stroller. So she’s been in bootcamp this week. 

It’s going really well.

2) I’m 34 weeks! That means next appointment I will be full term, which is crazy pants. Yoshi is staying to the right, per usual, and on Tuesday she was legitimately tiptoeing on my rib cage. It was very very weird. Sleep has been spotty, but at this point, I don’t know if I would believe it if I slept through the night?I’ve had some better days nights, though, so that is good. Sometimes, I feel like she is going to pull an Alien and just come out of my stomach. You know, just bust loose. 

Picture this in a different shirt.

And she is still totally obsessed with the right side, just like Ridley is obsessed with my belly button.

We had our last baby class–Newborn and Infant CPR. So now we are “prepared.” (snort)

3) If you have not invested in stock in the Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa O’s, do so now, because I am about to buy out their entire stock for the rest of time. Just the right amount of sweet without overdoing it, decent nutrition (lower sugar and higher fiber), and HOT CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOWS. 

Also, I have to give props to Halo Top for their pumpkin pie flavor. I have not had ANY interest in Halo Top pretty much this entire pregnancy, but that flavor was on point. I would love to try the gingerbread flavor, but I’m feeling like I’ve hit my Halo Top quotient. 

But if you want to make your life whole, find some pumpkin yogurt or ice cream and cover it in Hot Cocoa O’s. And then eat a dark chocolate PB cup from TJ’s. Life is complete.

4) The baby shower is Sunday! I’m so excited about it; so many friends are coming, and it has come out to be just about the perfect size and amount of people. One of my best and oldest friends is flying in from Ann Arbor and is staying with us, too! I feel a little bad, though–my snoring right now is SO BAD. SO BAD. She’ll probably be able to hear me from the other room. I just have so much pregnancy congestion + dryness in the air and nothing seems to be able to fix it (and I’ve tried it all). Poor Alex sleeps with ear plugs (he has for years, not just because of this), and even he can’t handle it. 

But anyway, about the shower: we are going to have awesome local sweets, I’m making a special little cocktail mixer, and we are just going to have fun. No diaper games, just sugar (and the requisite veggie tray) and hilarious advice and a mixing of all sorts of people who are all dear to us. I wish our parents and families could be there, but we’d rather they save their airplane trips!

5) Today is another day that needs to be filled with productivity: I need to clean the apartment, do the first run of groceries, I REALLY need to practice my PT exercises, take care of the dog (she should probably go for a bath), and I need to just do other things. Do the things, with the people, and the stuff. That way when she-Alex arrives tomorrow, we can just play!


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And a happy anniversary once more to my parents–39 years!!

I’m off to go pretend that I do actual things with my life (not true), but really? I’ll probably be online shopping, much to Alex’s chagrin. 

Happy weekend!

Favorite cereal of all time? Other than these new Trader Joe’s O’s, TEAM CHEERIOS



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