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Friday Five Lyfe Pregnancy

24 Week Bumpdate, Nerves, Chicago Marathon, MOTY (Friday Catch Up 10/6)


For the first time in a while, it has been a trying week not because of work, but because of my body. Today’s Friday Catch Up gets a bit serious, but also there is so much to be positive about!

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Friday Catch Up

1) If you follow me on IG, you know that I am dealing with some pelvic groin pain on my left side. At our 24 week appointment (which was on Tuesday), I asked about it, and the doctor said that such pain is to be expected, but I was in pain the entire rest of the night, and not in a ligament-pain way. The pain changed slightly, and I immediately got worried.

As we all know, I have a history of stress injuries, even with healthy bone density and a proper training plan, and my last major injury was on that side. Combine that predispostion with the major changes that are coming to my pelvis and the possibility of pregancy related osteopenia thanks to Yoshi and the fact that I spend so much time on my feet… well, you know where my head is going.

Trying to remember this.

Suffice it to say, my post Wednesday might have been a bit of my subconscious speaking, and I scheduled an appointment Monday to be seen. I don’t know what they could tell me other than to rest, so I’m already planning on resting from running for at least 1-3 weeks. I’m ok with the not running. That I can TOTALLY deal with! But I am in sufficient pain walking that something needs to be done. I can live without running, but not without activity.

2) 24 Week Baby update! Everything else with Yoshi seems to be going well. She is measuring properly, belly wise, sounded great on the doppler, and HOLY FREAKING COW she is moving like BANANAS.


It is like my food poisoning gave her permission to go nuts. I haven’t felt great since, honesty–every time I eat or drink, I feel like I am full-up, and I just generally don’t feel 100%.

I talked to the doctor about the likelihood that I am dealing with anemia, and she agreed that I should probably start extra iron supplementation again. I’m just tired beyond the typical recovering from food poisoning feeling. I think it is just one of those weeks!

How I feel after eating. On a side note. THOSE ARMS. On another side note. COME BACK TO US


Also, I’m getting the linea negra. Which makes me badass (??).

3) The Chicago Marathon is the weekend, and my heart swells with nostalgia about it, and also other feelings. That was my last marathon, one of the best marathons I’ve run, and one of the best days ever. Then it ended weeks/months later with one of the hardest but most transformative periods in my life.  The fact that I’m having these pains in my groin/pelvis this weekend is irony not lost on me.

But this weekend isn’t about me–it is about the tens of thousands of athletes and volunteers who are coming out and giving their everything all day long. I have friends and clients running, and I plan on being out there to cheer them on. I have no excuse, as I live feet from the marathon course!

Approaching the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon starting line. Find out more with full Chciago Marathon race review and reap on

Best of luck to all running this weekend, and best of luck to my special people (you know who you are). 

4) I’m going to keep it to four this time, because the fourth is really worth 2 if not 87 points. 

I have to give the biggest shout out to my husband. I know that he would say that we are a team, that we support each other and that I do plenty, yadda yadda yadda. But I continue to just be in awe of him. He is an incredible doctor and gives his all to his patients, and then texts me in the middle of the day to tell me that he is sorry I’m feeling so crummy but that he is so proud of me for how hard I am working and handling all these things going on. 

I would probably still be sitting in the bathroom, covered in puke (both me and the bathroom), if not for him. The crib certainly would not be built (and we know how much he enjoyed that). 

I just love him and am so proud of him, and I am so sososososososososo thankful that I get to call him my partner in crime. He is just kind of the best (for me. He might not be the best for everyone, but he is the best for me). 

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I’m out of here. I will be working a double today, and then brunch with my lovely lady Caitlin and Joe tomorrow before a fitness event (I’m just going to go, but obviously right now I’m not going to be doing anything), then a baby shower tomorrow night. Sunday is Marathon Sunday, so I will be cheering on my friends and clients, and hopefully I won’t be recovering from food poisoning…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Should I be looking out for you on the course?

Your homework for the day: Text someone and tell them that they are awesome!

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