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FREEDOM and Friends! (Almost 15 months + Catch Up 4/22)


The new addition to our family has meant so much freedom and time with friends!

Did you read about Emmie’s milestones (and other exciting news!) in my last post?

Catch Up 4/22

1). Quick Health Update

Last Monday I saw my GI and then got Remicade and an iron infusion on Tuesday. We had gotten me down to 25 mg of Prednisone, but I wasn’t doing great at it during the week preceding (I was having a recurrence of symptoms), so we moved me back to 30 mg over the weekend, and after seeing my doc and discussing with her, we decided to keep me there for the rest of the week and see how I did after my Remicade infusion (at the new dosage).

We checked for Remicade antibodies as well (which were low, so my body is still accepting the medication, thank goodness) and a few other things, which were negative. A side effect of having an incredibly sensitive digestive system is that lots of things can feel sensitive, so I thought I had a UTI, but it turns out that once we upped my steroid and my infusion med, I did much better!

I was also supposed to have an appointment with my dermatologist to have my annual skin check (safety first!) but apparently he moved to a different office within the practice last June (I saw him last April) and I definitely didn’t pay attention to that fact! #oops So that will have to be done again at some later date.


I went out Monday afternoon to pick up our car!! It is crazy that we decided that we needed a car right before I went to Nashville, we researched the week following, test drove that weekend, and now we have a car! One of our friends let us use their extra parking space for a few nights until I could get the licence and registration done, which was so helpful.

We got a 2017 Ford Escape SE

Even more helpful? Discovering that you can get title and registration done for your car at currency exchanges, and there is one just a few blocks from us! Emmie and I went and picked up the car from our friend on Wednesday, stopped to play with Ryan and Ali on the way home, and then went to the currency exchange (no line, tiny office so Emmie could wander and entertain herself and I was 10 feet from her the whole time). It was still a lengthy process (probably took 30-45ish minutes to get everything done), and Emmie was tired and hungry (thank goodness for snacks!), but we walked out with plates, city sticker, and $1500 lighter thanks to the City of Chicago.

We are going to have to play the parking game for the next little while, until we get our parking spot at the start of the month, but we have had decent luck + have 2 great friends in our parking lot that will enable us to have parking during the day if I can’t find anything. So we will make it work.

And having the car was a LIFESAVER when it rained Thursday and we wanted to go to Strides! Plus, it took us 10 minutes to get there, instead of 35 (best case with the bus) or the 45 minutes and hour it took us going and coming home, respectively, taking the bus on Friday. #magical

3) Fun week with friends and family!

Emmie, Alex, and I had a super fun week with our friends and family! Mom was still here on Monday morning, and I met the fam for sweet potato fries and yummy Irish pub food after picking up the car on Monday.

Tuesday, Landon saved my patootie (literally and figuratively) and watched Emmie while I got Emmie and the iron infusion. She took Em to the zoo, played with and fed her, and they had such a great time that Emmie was sad when she left! She was also ready for a nap–Em had a little snack and then passed out for hours!

Before I forget, all of the Strides classes this week were super fun, Spring/Easter themed! We even did a bunny hop dance as cardio and egg over/unders in a side plank 😀

Wednesday we got to go to Strides and do craft, and Holly had an adorable funny foot craft for us to do. We jetted out so that we could go get a nap in before we did our car errands. Then we saw our friend (briefly, when picking up the car) as well as stoop playing with Ryan and Ali (for the second time that day) at their place.

Thursday we had Strides with our friends and playtime after (Emmie was obsessed with the squishy dodgeball balls that the kids in the court next to us were using) before lunch with Erica at Maison Marcel. It had been FAR too long since we had seen her! Em was exhausted, so she was a little fussy, but we at least got the start of a catch up in.

Friday we had Strides again (we were on pulbic transportation for almost the same amount of time as public transportation). Don’t get me started.

Saturday was another epic Emmie and Ryan day 😀 We started the day with a family walk and then it was off to swim (Emmie barely participated, lol).

Then we had bestie playtime that afternoon before dinner at a fantastic mediterranean restaurant. Emmie didn’t have a great nap that morning so she kind of melted down at the end, but playtime was great and the girls are playing more and more with each other as they grow older, which is super cute. And we always have the best time with Ali and Justin.

Hooray for having a car so we can just DO things!! Like just go to the grocery store on the way back from swim (we needed flour and milk to make muffins) or make plans for playtime and dinner with friends and not have to worry about getting back for anything other than Emmie’s bedtime.

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day.


We had an amazing family run that morning in the fabulous weather, then got cleaned up and headed to Holly’s for Easter Brunch with so many of our friends!

I made cornbread muffins and banana muffins, Holly made Monte Cristo’s (mmmm) and baked oatmeal and cheesey potatoes, Ali made cinnamon coffee cake, and so many other delicious things where there (COOKIE CAKE). Plus Holly made goodie bags for the kids and had an Easter Egg hunt! We got to be outside and enjoy the day with friends and our kiddos, all of whom we have med through Fit4Mom. So thankful to that organization!

Also, both Emmie and mommy wore dresses!! REAL CLOTHES, PEOPLE

4). Fun Emmie things

Currently, Emmie is very into using the bopper to get us into and out of the apartment building. So much so that she was trying to use the bopper to open the candy dispensers at the currency exchange! It was hilarious–I gave her my keys to play with, and she kept going up to the silver doors and bopping them, and then being confused while they didn’t do something (like light up, beep, or give her all of the gifts within them). We are pressing buttons in the elevator (sometimes bopping that as well), too.

We are still loving to show off our sitting skills into our chair, especially now that I’ve moved it away from where she can hold on to something as she lowers herself down. She is also having fun walking her pull doggie!

We are very into balls and throwing right now, and feeding the dog what we don’t want, which can happen randomly and rapidly. As in, we are eating all the things (girlfriend ate a can of black beans in 48 hours in addition to everything else) and then NOPE throw it to the dog.

So Mom has been eating extra this week as she intercepts. WHOOPS

5) It is going to be another fun and busy week, and I think this is just the start of being social, now that we have a car and spring/summer is gearing up. We have lots of Strides (the last week indoors!) in the schedule, a few music and movement classes, Broadway and Me, and Emmie’s 15 month well child visit. I also have to go back in for a second iron infusion, and then we have Fit4Mom Mom’s Night out on Thursday!

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