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Celebrating My Blogiversary with Foxtail & Moss Workshop


Thank you so much for your well wishes and welcoming me back to the world of the living yesterday! I also am glad to be back and functioning (as best I can, lol). And you know what I am even more excited about? GOING BACK TO GEORGIA! And no, this is not proof that I am the devil, though I might be going down there. I am just looking forward to a little east coast loving, even though I sadly won’t be getting as much time in the city proper as I would like.

So, what was all of this big news that I was talking about yesterday? Well, friends, yesterday was my 300th post, and also the one-year blogiversary of Suzlyfe. When I started this blog one year ago, I was at such a different place in my life, my mentality, and my maturation. I was unhappy, felt like I was floating without roots; this blog was my attempt to try to find myself and to get my story out there. In short, I needed someone to talk to. And so, one day, Sarah and Cailtin convinced me, and I signed up for WordPress, started writing, and here we are today.

I am going to talk a bit more about the evolution that I have undergone over the past 365 days on Friday, but first and foremost, I wanted to tell you all how happy I am to spend a (rather sizeable) chunk of my day with you. I still don’t know where I am going with Suzlyfe, but I am so unbelievably blessed, lucky, grateful, and just gratified by what it has brought me: myself, and you all. More on Friday, but for now, thank you for putting up with (and let’s be honest, encouraging) the nonsense. And there will be some special thanks on Friday as well!

For now? Let’s talk about an amazing workshop that I treated myself to this weekend!

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

I”m also linking up with Sara a) because she’s my girl and b) because, as you will see, I was totally out of my element, Donny!



If you follow the_suzlyfe or ChiSignature on Instagram, you got a sneak peak at a great event that I attended: A phone photography and Instagram workshop held by Lauren and Claire of Foxtail and Moss. If you aren’t acquainted with F&M, I urge you to check them out–it is a lifestyle blog that isn’t just pretty, tasty, and crafty–these are useful ideas for you to incorporate into your life!

foxtail and moss workshop 1

Lauren and Claire were fabulous (seriously, so awesome), and it was great to meet other local bloggers and instagrammers with so many different and varied interests. Lots of fashionistas, but of different ilks, as well as lifestyle and just general life curation. If you are looking for some new IG accounts to stalk, I have some great new people for you to check out!

We talked about using our phones, IG, general photo strategy and technique, and of course, apps, before we were unleashed to play around with and eat the props that were provided for us from Whole Foods, Stan’s Donuts (which just opened up its second location 1.5 blocks from my apartment), Asrai Garden, and Lauren and Claire.

asrai foxtail moss workshop 2 suzlyfe

It was so much fun for me to indulge in my “creative side” as it were, and to take the kind of photos that I always love to take, but don’t necessarily find a place for in my blog. I was always the person taking pictures of inanimate objects and such, and people would be like, did you seriously just take a picture of a coffee urn? But I love it. I need to find a place for these outlets in my or ChiSignature’s Ig, but I don’t know how to yet.

tablescape foxtail moss workshop donuts suzlyfe

Ok, the props. If you were wondering. Holy Frack, Stan’s Donuts are slap preschool children amazing. Personal faves (though very different) were the 3x chocolate (I’m calling it that because it was a devil’s food chocolate with chocolate pieces (I think, I may have blacked out) and then covered in chocolate) and the lemon pistachio. Devil and Angel. How I like it.


This week is gonna be a bit all over the place because of the holiday but Alex and I are gonna do our own Thanksgiving this weekend, and he has made me promise to make him my enchiladas.

turkey pumpkin cranberry chipotle enchiladas suzlyfe

Here’s hoping I can update those pictures, finally!

Holiday Health & Ftiness Giveaway Hop

And, if you are still wanting to join up with BlogHop Giveaway that I am hosting with Runaway Bridal Planner, you are entering the home stretch! The Blog Hop Giveaway starts Monday, so sign up now!

Please say hi, introduce yourself if you never have. I hope that you all know how amazing it is to have you all out there, and I would love to have a name to the virtual face!

Who else is a still life photo junkie like me!?

Create a donut flavor.

Have you ever attended a photography workshop?

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