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Foodie Problems, Sports Widows, and Getting Published

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A real assortment of winners for you today, folks.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Alex and I keep eating in places with dim lighting, resulting crappy pictures. #foodieproblems. It is getting really annoying and is messing with my chi.

Also messing with my chi? ALEX IS STILL STEALING MY ICE CREAM

get out. Now.

get out. Now.

When Eataly Chicago opened a year or so ago, I remember seeing a hilarious line around the block with people waiting to get in (I was walking to work). Then Shake Shack opened a few months ago, and there are still lines out the door most days. Considering the fact that we already have a Whole Foods Market not too far away, you wouldn’t think that there would be people waiting in line at 7 AM in 24ish degree temps for a 9 AM opening and a line around the block with people waiting after the store opened (and already in the cashier lines by 9:05), right?


Well, if you did think that, you’d be WRONG. #foodieproblems. But don’t worry, I went back later, as those of you who follow on Instagram saw!

Not going to lie though, I am pretty pumped to have a WFM with an in-store full-service restaurant, wine bar, juicery, and alllllll the good stuff (um, I have a feeling this might become a new dinner spot for Alex and I, the fine diners that we are) 1.5 blocks from my apartment. DANGER DANGER ALERT ALERT.

sweet potato nachos suzlyfe

I mentioned this yesterday, but if you are looking for a Super Bowl party idea, my Sweet Potato Nachos would be perfect! Even if you have picky eaters–do a Build Your Own Sweet Potato Nachos Bar. Make the chips in the oven that afternoon, lay out the toppings, make sure that people have oven safe plates, and let people build their own! Then pop the plates in the oven to melt the cheese and reheat things, and voila! Gluten free/dairy free/vegan/vegetarian/sausage/chicken/paleo/extra spicy/not spicy…. any and all diets and allergies can be catered to! I know I’m a genius.

Speaking of, what are you all up to for the big event that only a few of us care about? Since neither Alex nor I are all that invested in the game, we are actually doing a bit of an inverse Super Bowl and going big for the UVA basketball game Saturday night and then keeping it chill most likely on Sunday. Heather spoke of Football Widows, but I’m a UVA Basketball Widow.

But at least I'm supportive!

But at least I’m supportive!

I actually have no real issue with watching sports (I know more than most ladies about the subject), but it is hard to watch him watch UVA basketball. They had a bit of a nail-biter on Sunday (Sara can attest, both she and Heather can now bare witness to my strife), and this Saturday is a BIG deal: we are playing Duke, we are undefeated and #2 in the country, and we are hosting ESPN College Game Day for the first time ever. I hope that it goes well, not just for our boys, but for my own personal boy, and the state of my marriage. Otherwise, I might actually become a basketball widow…

It’s really weird when people you grew up with are trending on Twitter. Gordon Beckham plays for the White Sox, and he was trending yesterday. He was the year ahead of me at school in ATL.

sweatworking erin sara suz

So proud of my friend Erin for her article Breaking the Stigma: Honor Role Heroin Addict. Not only is she published on Huffington Post (which is awesome), but she is sharing her story, and one that is so important to tell–addiction can be in the places you least expect it. Please check it out.

Speaking of, I have a lunch date with that pretty lady today! I thought about taking her for a geek out at the new Whole Foods, but they are say to either get there at 11 or 1:30, so not so sure about that yet.

Last thing: So this finally happened last week:


I’m a published editor. I worked on this mostly right after Alex and I moved to Chicago. I was asked by the author, Richard, to act as an intern/editor on his revision to his original memoir, which I used as a reference for my graduate school thesis. This time around, I was acting as the expert! Still not breaking my promise of never getting paid for anything in my originally chose career field, but at least it looks legit.

Any Foodie Problems to report?

Do you know anyone who has ever trended on social media?

Fellow sports widows?

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