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Food Should Be Fun #NEDAwareness #RecipeFriday

I would like to dedicate this post to the NEDAwareness campaign.

Hey Chibes! (remind me to tell you the origin of that work, k? not going into now

Well, it has been a week since I parted ways with the restaurant, and I must say that the week has been rather different than I had anticipated. I had great aspirations of cooking, and baking, and cleaning…. and then other things arose. Dare I say it, LYFE?? Monday was Alex’s wisdom teeth, Tuesday was dentist/PT/meeting. Wednesday I spent git’er’dun-ing, with resume/cover letter writing, laundry, epic emails, (and something else, that I honestly don’t remember), and Thursday I honestly feel like disappeared in a black hole.

Nothing truly outstanding happened in the culinary world this week, but I realized on a walk to a coffee shop (ie GET YOU PATOOTIE OUT OF THE APARTMENT EVEN THOUGH IT IS 7 DEGREES OUT) what I wanted to highlight for this weeks 5 Favorites. It is DUH OBVIOUS by now that I like to mix and match and discover original and creative ways to fit things together in new ways. (I also HATE to waste pretty much anything. I don’t even like throwing old rice away, even though it plentiful in supply and cheap to boot). Next thought was: what am I going to feed Alex tonight (actually, this was thought more from Wednesday, when he was still shirking from major solids because he is a wuss). Next thought was: I don’t have things thawed/I don’t want to buy things. Many other thoughts progressed, and I will share my solution shortly.

And then, as I was catching up on my 2-week absence from Feedly, I came across a post where someone mentioned combining 2 things out of desperation, and that combo was precisely what I had thought about creating!! What other flavor combinations have I been enjoying that are #strangebutgood?

Food should be fun. Fun necessitates play. Play keeps us young. Too often, we get caught up in ways to take short cuts, to take out, or add, just one more thing to our diets so that something will be even better. I am as guilty of this as the next person. That is why I enjoy just keeping staples in my pantry and creating my own disasters. How else would I know that TVP can go sweet or savory? Or that PB goes strangely well with mint ice cream? That Cool Whip is totally delicious on oats? That cinnamon is actually pretty good on Jello?

So here are Five Favorite Possibly Strange but Definitely Good Flavor Combinations for you to try! And unfortunately, there are few pics, as though these might be novel to some, they are normal to me, and a part of my everyday lyfe!

1) Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream + Nut Butter + Cayenne/Cinnamon/Sprinkle of Salt + Sprinkles

This might weird some people out, and I will admit, Mint + Nut Butter (was using Earth Balance Coconut+Peanut last week, this week it is Sunflower Seed Butter) is actually quite tasty! Mint + Chocolate is a big ol check plus, choco + NB is a go, and together, well, it hits kind of everything, really. Now the Cayenne/Cinnamon/Salt aspect–they work great with chocolate (***also, I am talking a DUSTING. Like a tap of the shaker with the non-shaker-holding-hand). And I particularly like it with mint cookie crunch (basically, cookies & cream with mint ice cream) because you get a more even distribution of the chocolate with every bite.) The spice mix works really well with the mint, actually–the mint is so refreshing, and the cinnamon gives it warmth and depth, the cayenne a bit of heat, and the salt brings out the sweet, the chocolate grounds it, and the NB gives a touch of sweet. Bonus points with the sprinkles for a little extra sweet!

Obviously, this isn't a picture of the flavor combo in question, but it IS a crapton of awesome.

Obviously, this isn’t a picture of the flavor combo in question, but it IS a crapton of awesome.

Basically, imagine stacking a Thin Mint with a Tagalong (or a Samoa, depending on your NB) and dusting a little cinnamon/cayenne on it. Or having an Andes mint with some PB and a Mexican Hot Cocoa. Trust.

2) I know I harp on it, but my ACV Oats (with the cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne in it) + Nut Butter + Sprinkles + Berries. 


3) Pumpkin + Berries (Cranberry, blueberry, anything really) + heat + creaminess

Tgiving 024edited

3.5) Lemon + Beets + Muffin


4) Feta + Jalapenos


I was a little skeptical, but Mexico made me a believer.

5) Hummus (Chickpeas + PB + Lemon + Miracle Whip + Garlic + Sweet Potato) + Roasted Mini Peppers + Honey Wheat Bread

hummus2edited hummus3edited

Basically, this is simply a call to play with your food. You might realize, hey, peanut butter and bananas? pretty solid! Peanut butter, jelly, and eggs? I can dig it!

Zucchini, Pumpkin, Goji Berries, Protein Powder? Why not!!!

I came to cooking first as a child–baking for the sheer joy of it. Then food became this thing to be corralled, and controlled. Now food is a curiosity to me. It is like make up is for many–I want to play with it.

Just like when you were a kid–mix all the flavors of fountain soda together. It really is awesome. Enjoy each bite, each sip. The texture, the flavor. And know that in doing so, you are respecting yourself with nourishment of the soul and the body.

I missed out on pretty much all of NEDA Awareness Week. Many others, however, have answered the call. Please take the time to visit their blogs, where they have shared their stories.

Above all. Love yourself. Seek support.

I would also like to thank my lovely link up party hostesses. Clare, Heather, Kierston, and Laura.

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