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Food, Fests, Friends, Fall (32 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 9/10)

It was a fabulous weekend, full of great friends and soaking up the new fall weather! Also… DONUTS. Weekend Catch Up time!

Did you see the Friday Catch Up last week? Emmie was a sick little baby last week…

Weekend Catch Up 9/10

I just realized something pretty cool, and that is that this weekend was a great mash up of friends who knew Mama to Be Suz and those who know Mama Suz. Also, SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD. Because, you know, I like food.

1). Donut Fest was this weekend, and it was the perfect excuse to get all of the moms and our kiddos and hubs together to hang out, especially because we had to miss out on Labor Day festivities because of Emmie’s fevers.

I have to be honest, I was expecting a little more pomp and circumstance from a fest that takes over part of the Zoo exclusively for paying festival goers, but whatever. They did have someone dressed up as a donut, at the very least. And there were tents. But there was very little signage, for both the participants as well as the event itself. I was pretty surprised by that. We were there midday ish and there was a pleasant amount of people–some lines, but we had little waiting to do. I think it was filling up more by the time we were leaving. 

There were 11 donut companies, and you got 9 tasting tickets (so for a few you had to choose which one you wanted). We “gamed” the system by being partners, so we got to try them all (except for a few at the beginning, but that was because we just skipped them). 

My favorites were 1) DB3 donuts (chocolate with vanilla glaze and blueberry with blueberry glaze–really, I would take that blueberry glaze on ANYTHING. The donut was meh, the glaze was EVERYTHING), 2) Stan’s (because, lemon pistachio), and 3) Firecakes (which was actually my personal favorite and now I will have to go an try their vegan donut because #daYUM 

I will now have to go live at Firecakes. Will they overtake Stan’s as my go-to?

2) To answer the question that is, at the very least, on someone out there’s mind, I did end up having some of the donuts (obviously) and no, I did not ascertain whether or not dairy or soy was present. I honestly assumed (I know how donuts are made) that these were not compliant with my breastfeeding diet… and I had some anyway. This was my first well and true giving in, and ironic as I had just posted on IG about how worth it going soy and dairy free has been.

I think that this might be part of my weaning process. Or I just have no willpower. Take it as you will. We will see how it continues to play out. I am back to soy/dairy free for this week before we start to cut her off this weekend. I will still be pumping, after all. Except for the fact that I threw out my pump because it was nasty and even still after putting it through the dishwasher on sanitizing cycle. 

So I’ll be looking into that today. Because otherwise my chest might explode, lol. 

3) Ok, back to fun things. Barbecue time

Em needed a nap (and we needed to eat something other than sugar) so we stopped by home for a little before heading to Ali’s for our postponed barbecue from Monday. 

I don’t think we took any pictures. Because we suck, but we had an awesome time! The kiddos played, adults did adult things, and we all ate and drank to our hearts content. Ultimately, we had to bring Emmie home for a legit nurse and to go to bed.

Hopefully the first of many to come! Shout out to Ali for hosting, shout out to Holly for making it patriotic AF, shout out to us for…. eating more than everyone else combined. More or less, lol. 

4) Sunday we headed out to the near burbs for a baby shower for my friend Maria from my restaurant days! The last time I saw anyone from the restaurant in person, I was very very pregnant (I think a week or two to go? i had just hit my pregnancy goals status of being able to rest my coffee on my bump). Maria was one of my best friends at the restaurant, and I am so so happy for her and her husband.

They have a fabulous new house to welcome their baby home to! The weather was perfect, and Alex and I sat out in the sun and grass with Emmie and some of my other restaurant friends (so great to catch up with them) and have more delicious food. We had to leave because Emmie was getting very cranky pants and we still had to get home, but I am so thankful for the invite to her shower and to be able to go. 

I can’t wait for her to be a mama!

5) On another note, Alex and I used the Getaround car rental service/app to get out there. It is a peer to peer car rental service. We rented a newer RAV4 and the app actually unlocked the car for us! Then we got the key and drove out. Something that was great was, when we realized that we wanted to stay at the shower for longer, we were able to extend our trip by up to 23 hours (we just did an extra hour 15 minutes, lol). It ended up being the perfect amount because we left as Emmie was starting to break down, she got a nice nap in, and we relocked the car with 30 seconds left on the clock. 

We are going to a wedding in Michigan in a few weeks, and we will be coming back in the middle of the night, making something like this a much better option than a traditional car rental. And MUCH cheaper. 

I’m really into this outfit. Get over it.

6) This week

Is going to be another jam-packed week! Today, Emmie and I are taking Alex’s cofellow’s wife and her kiddo for their first Fit4Mom class! I convinced her to at least try it when we saw them last weekend (the day before Emmie got sick). The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and I am really excited to introduce her to the community. 

Tuesday, Emmie and I are trying out another physical development baby class at My Gym (which I haven’t done anything with yet). Wednesday, I think we are going to go over to Whole Foods on Kingsbury for a music concert with Bubbles Academy (they do free concerts there on Wednesdays) as well as making some returns/exchanges to Carters. Thursday is the big End of Summer Fit4Mom Bash with all of the Chicagoland Fit4Mom groups, and Friday may be dinner with friends! 

And then we start really, truly trying to wean this child. Who has refused to drink anything from a cup for the past few days. But we will deal with that later….

Have a great week!

Have you ever used a car sharing app? HOW COOL IS IT THAT APPS CAN UNLOCK CARS. Also terrifying.

What is your dream food fest?

Has the cooler weather hit your environs yet?

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